Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 14

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Time was passing with a blink of an eye twinj were coming closer to eachother , twinkle was falling hard in love with kunj , his care , love , affection , respect and possesivness towards her was making her fall hard for him.

While on other hand kunj’s situation was no less but his past was holding him from accepting his feeling’s , he was scared to lose her , he felt himself as a bad omen for everyone whom he loved , he don’t wanted to hurt her but little did he know she was the only one who can heal his wounded soul , the scars and wound’s his past has left on his soul and body only she was the one who can heal him.

Twinkle was waiting for kunj to take a step and confess his feeling’s but now it was getting on her nerves as he started avoiding her , he was trying his best to be away from her , he was hurting himself more by doing this but what can he do when his past has became a dark shadow on his life.

The pain it inflicted on him , he wanted to keep her away from that but little was he awared of his destiny , he had to bent against her , her determination to get him was more stronger , her love had an eternal power which invaded them both but in the most beautiful senses.

Twinkle decided it was enough and now she will take the first step and confess her love for him though a great breakdown was awaiting them but just to heal them.

Twinkle set up a beautiful yet simple date for him to confess her love for him , she prepared his favourite food for him and gave off to all the servants , twinkle was excited and nervous to confess her feeling’s for him , she wished that he will accept his feeling’s for her will finally let emotions sink in him , she knew it was difficult for him to do so after what he faced in past but she knew she will always be there by his side to stand by him , if for her he was her REHNUMA than why not her ?

Twinkle dressed herself in beautiful pink and grey Saree , it had beautiful pink and grey mix shaded stripes with pink shimmery blouse , she was looking irrisessitably beautiful and pretty with light makeup.

She had everything prepared and soon the door bell rang , kunj who was standing outside the house was scared and confused seeing no guard or maid around the house and lights switched off , he was scared what if something happened to twinkle , his breath hitched at the thought of looking twinkle , his face was pale and his whole body went numb and cold at the thought.

Kunj with trembling band’s opened the door of the house , he ran inside and shouted for her but no response this was making his state more vulnerable , he was searching for her in whole house shivering with fear , he went on terrace yo search for her , everything was dark there.

Twinkle who was hiding behind the door when saw him so vulnerable , his voice trembling with fear was shocked , she immediately went towards and voiced out for him who without thinking anything hugged her tightly trembling out fear to loose her like everyone else in his life.

“Kunjjj” twinkle spike shocked seeing him so vulnerable.

“Tw…twi..twinkle” kunj spoke in a trembling tone sweating due to fear and on verge of crying.

” Where you went ? I was so scared ? You..y…you will also leave me like other’s ” his voice trembling pain and vulnerability visible in his word’s.

Twinkle hugged him tighter and rubbed his back to calm him down , she felt fear drops on her shoulder , she could feel him completely numb and cold.

After few minutes twinkle broke the forcefully as he was still not ready to leave her , she cupped his face and wiped his tears with her hands , lights were still switched off only moon light falling on them.

Ever so slightly twinkle leaned in capturing his lip’s in a passionate kiss , kunj was still to numb to understand what was happening , twinkle’s one hand was on his neck pulling him closer while other was caressing his hairs softly to calm him , she was kissing him slowly and passionately.

Her passion was invading his senses , his eye’s closed and he was bit calmer than before completely out of senses kunj pulled her closer by her waist and kissed her back with same passion and love.

They were so invaded in eachothers passion that they forget about their surroundings , kunj pulled twinkle a more closer to him , they were snuggled against eachother as a jigsaw puzzle , his hands made their way to her bare waist and caressed her ever so slightly and sensually making her moan between the kiss and that’s when kunj realised what he was doing.

‘ NO ! He can’t do this to her , he can’t destroy her life by allowing her to become a part of his miserable and painful life , no he can’t be selfish enough this time to become again the reason of someone’s death he loved most , he was a bad omen and his existance will ruin her innocent soul ‘

Kunj sperated himself from twinkle in shock , twinkle herself was shocked , embarrassed and completely red due to shyness , she kissed him , she was wondering when did this much courage came in her to kiss him than confessing her love.

” No ! I.. I have to stay away from you , I.. I am not good for you , I am a bad omen ” Kunj spoke in a daze..

Twinkle cupped his face making him look at her nodding her head in to stop himself from speaking all these words but it seems he was yo much effected by the words he had been hearing since a tender age when children enjoys their life with their parents he had suffered with the worst.

” No kunj you aren’t a bad omen ”

” No twinkle I am , I am a bad omen , I…I will kill you to , I…I have to stay away from you ”

” Kunj you can never be a bad omen for anyone , please don’t do this to yourself , you can’t blame yourself for what you haven’t done , I.. I can’t see you suffering like this , for whole world you might be a strong , stone hearted and arrogant person kunj but no one knows the vulnerable and broken kunj behind it accept me , please kunj I can’t see you like this , I love you , please give me a chance to heal you kunj ”

Kunj was shocked by her confession , he loved her to but he can’t be selfish enough to kill her , those words were hitting him like a cold water , his soul was ripped apart that day but he can’t do this to her.

” No ! No you can’t love me , you can’t love a bad omen like me , you have to be away from eachother twinkle , you are innocent , pure soul but I am not , I will kill you and I can’t do this , we have to be away from eachother ” Kunj shouted with teary eyes , he want to run away from those worst memories that makes him vulnerable , he don’t wants to hurt her but she wants to become a part of his dark life.

Kunj walked away leaving a crying twinkle but his own condition was more vulnerable and miserable , he feared this would happen if he let his feeling’s sink in him.

Twinkle was crying badly remembering how he was blaming himself for something he never did , how could fate so cruel to him , he was innocent yet a culprit in his own eye’s.

Kunj was sitting in a bar drinking as much as he can to forget every pain of his life , he had never drink in his whole life but now this pain was like bursting his head , his head hurts , his soul is wounded badly , it needed to be healed but he feared what if he let someone into his life and then loose them again like he lost his sister , his bebe ?

” She was right ! She says correct I am a bad omen , Maa papa you were right ” Kunj mumbled in a broken tone and yet again gulped a whole glass of drink as past memories hit him hard.


(As it’s just three shots I can’t describe whole of Kunj’s past in detail but I promise even this small and quick glimpse will leave you in tears)

(Here Kunj’s mother name is Neyonika played by keishwer Merchant)

” Manohar Sarna ” Biggest buisness man of his time was happily married to model Neyonika Khanna with two kids a daughter and son for the world but who knew reality was exact opposite ”

Neyonika is woman full of greed for money who can go to any extent to get money and fame , partying , gambling and getting laid for money is what she knows to do well , she married manohar only to become famous and have money , she was never agreed on having children but on insistance of manohar and to keep him in her control and blind from her actual reality they had a daughter ” Swara ” whom manohar loved more than anything while Neyonika never cared to look after her.

She was happy that now she can be free enough to enjoy her life and can do whatever she wants , manohar had always loved her truly but she was less concerned towards them , When Neyonika’s career was at peak according to her , she came to know she was expecting second child of manohar which enraged her , she wanted to abort that child but before she could do manohar came to know and she unwillingly had to give birth to their second child Kunj , she was more than worst towards the little soul and never cared to even look after him even when he was crying for her he was the one who ruined her career when it was at its best.

Manohar looked after swara and kunj both gave them love of a mother and father both , slowly and gradually Neyonika’s true face was unveiling and with the passage of time she was more harsh with her both kid’s.

Kunj was just 5 years old when due to Neyonika’s carelessness towards her children Swara died but what impact it left on that little soul was indescribable in fact to worsen it more Neyonika started making that poor soul realise that it was due to him why swara died.

Swara was 11 years old and kunj was 5 years old , manohar was out of town for business purposes and Neyonika was at home with both children , they are hungry and asked her to serve food to them but she was to busy to do so and kunj being just a 5 year old kid started crying so swara thought to herself heat the meal but during that due to leakage of gas kitchen was set on fire though kunj was somehow saved by guard who rushed after hearing blast in kitchen but failed to get swara out on time and she died due to suffocation.

But this was not just the end that little soul had bared , he had seen his parents fighting and abusing eachother , shouting on him for no reason , manohar was shattered after swara’s death and Neyonika with her evil plotting made manohar believe that kunj was he reason for Swara’s death which made him rude towards that innocent little soul.

He had grown up baring his parent’s rudeness and harshness towards him with a guilt that his sister died due to him , bebe (his father’s sister) was the only one who had loved him unconditionally but even date decided to snatch her from him but even for her death he was blamed and called bad omen.

She died in a car accident in which kunj was with her but was saved though was injured badly and once again he was called bad omen by his parents and then disowned to lead his life in an orphanage even after having his parent’s.


Neyonika made him believe that he was just a mistake for her and a bad omen , his past has badly inflicted his life , his wounded heart and shattered soul is what’s hidden to everyone in the fake mask of stern , rude and arrogant person.

His life is just a burden for him , he is a mere lifeless body , his soul is shattered , his heart is broken , his soul is full of scars and deep wounds that seems impossible to heal , his exisitance is a mere question mark ? His Smile lost behind the darkness his life had invaded , there seems no possible way out of that darkness.

He been living as a corpse in those years working as a machine with no emotions and feeling’s , his routine was what a person says how a machine works he sleep barely few hours to recharge himself to again stress and hurt himself.

But then she comes to ignite the fire of emotions and feeling’s in him , she is the one to guide him out of the darkness though her own past had left such scars on her souls that had no one to look after and heal them but those scars makes her more beautiful , her past is heart wrenching but that still isn’t successful to snatch her beautiful smile.

But why don’t she understands his existance will ruin her but did he knew that his existance had become her reason of survival ?

As kunj had never been ever drunk in his life or never even tasted it , his body started giving away within minutes , he was feeling bit uneasy and the bar tender who saw this decided to call someone from his contact list so they can take him.

The last dailed number was of twinkle and he told.her everything on call making her shock , twinkle composing herself immediately made her way to get her kunj , she went inside the bar and felt puking due to the strong smell of drinks she hates most , she wondered how was kunj baring this when he himself never drank or came to a place like this before.

Twinkle saw kunj sitting on the bar chair resting his head on the slab of bar , his hair dishevelled , eyes red due to crying and continuously mumbling something , she went near him and held him by his shoulder , when he again mumbled the same making tears rolled down her eye’s.

” I am a bad omen ” Kunj continued mumbling same while twinkle with the help of bartender took kunj out , bar tender left them to their car and as soon as he left twinkle saw kunj being uneasy , she opened the car gate , kunj came out stumbling due to hangover and within seconds he puked out all the drinks he had , she knew this was bound to happen as the person who never drank in his whole life was this vulnerable and drunken.

Moments later when he felt better as she made him drink water after that , she made him sit in car and drove towards his mansion , on the way he was intoxicated due to drinking but was much better than before as he had been easy after puking it out all but he was continuously mumbling same which pierced twinkle’s heart but she knew it pierced his soul more and more.

After reaching home twinkle lead him towards his room with great difficulty as no one was at home to help her , she made him lay down on bed and was about to go when she felt a tug at her wrist and saw kunj holding her hand within seconds she landed on him as he pulled her.

Kunj sided her strands of hairs with his figures that was disturbing his view and spoke in a bit childish tone.

” You won’t ever go leaving me twinkle ? ”

” How can I ever go leaving my kunj ? ”

Twinkle spoke in same tone making kunj smile and kissed his forehead assuring him her presence , he was in his senses by now but slightly dizzy due to some effect , they were completely lost in eachothers eye’s.

This time both leaned in closing their eye’s , their lip’s met in a passionate kiss full of affection , love and care , there lip’s moulded against eachother as a jigsaw puzzle while kissing kunj rolled above twinkle and now twinkle was beneath him both kissing eachother slowly yet passionately , she was caressing his hairs while he was caressing her bare waist making her moan.

They broke the kiss breathing heavily and rested their heads against eachother closing their eyes cherishing the moment , twinkle opened her eyes and looked at Kunj his eyes still closed and a contended smile playing on his lip’s.

She cupped his face and spoke with so much love and care trying to make him understand which did worked and she was finally successful in making him confess his feeling’s.

” Kunj ! Look at me and don’t say anything while I talk , look kunj you are not at all responsible for anything happened in the past it was fate who was cruel to you and not you the reason to all happenings , for your mother you was never important and she used all the happenings to make your father against you and think when bebe and swara di might see you this vulnerable and broken what they might feel ? They might feel they failed to make their kunj happy for whom they were ready to lay their lives , please don’t hurt yourself for those who never cared and start living and loving for those who love you , please (childish cute tone) please maan jao na meray sadu sarna (teasing) I Love you Sadu ”

” I LOVE YOU TOO ” came the reply , twinkle was shocked he really confessed , she wasn’t believing on her ears and spoke teasing him.

” OMG !!!! Sadu Sarna confessed his feeling’s finally or Am I hearing wrong ? ” twinkle spoke dramatically.

” You will pay hard for it Siyappa Queen ” spoke kunj naughtily caressing her bare waist sensually making her moan his name.

” K…k…kunjjjjj ” twinkle moaned as he increased his sweet torture , he started making patterns on her bare belly with his fingers slowly and sensually.

Kunj nuzzled his face in crook of her neck placing wet kisses on her neck and and bare shoulder as she was wearing strapless blouse , he failed to notice that time how divine and beautiful she looked in Saree.

” You look beautiful twinkle ” kunj muttered in a husky tone making twinkle blush while looking at her.

” Love me Kunj , Mark me yours ” twinkle spoke in a bold tone looking into his eyes shocking and surprising kunj.

” Wh..what ? ” kunj stuttered at his word’s seeing her boldness.

Twinkle pulled him closer by his collar and yet again spoke but this time with a peck on his lip’s.

” I said Love me Kunj , Mark me yours ”

Kunj smiled this time and kissed her forehead , they were looking intensely at eachother , their faces had contended smile , he intertwined his hand’s with his and pinned them to bed while leaning in for a kiss , their lip’s met in a passionate kiss , screen blurred showing their intertwined hand’s.

Here ends the shot : 2 ?

Wait for the climax as a storm is awaiting their lives but this time they are beside eachother , strong as a shield for one another , their love the best weapon against this world.

See you all with the last part ?

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