Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 13

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Vasundhara : Tell her name.

Deep : Tara Kashyap ..

He said while dreaming .

Vasundhara : I want to get ur relation fixed with her .

Deep : Nahi Maa..Let us understand each other . It’s our first meeting only.

Vasundhara : Hmm…As ur wish .

She said to him but something going in her mind.

On the other day , she visit to Kashyaps regarding their relation & on the top of that they agrees immediately without discussing to Tara .

When Raichands are leaving , she enter in the house . She bid goodbye to them as she think them as guests.

Tara : Who are they ? I never see them before .

Riddhi : This is surprise for u .

Tara : Which surprise ?

Riddhi : We fixed ur marriage . They are very nice people.

Tara become mad after knowing this that her family fixed her alliance without her consent .

Tara : How can u do this to me ? Tell me Bhaiya …Tell me . You don’t ask me anything . No one can take my decision.

She run upstairs with tears while Aarohi follow her.

Aarohi : Relax …..Calm down.

Tara : How do u expect me to calm down .Are u serious , they don’t think about me.

Aarohi : Because that’s a good family.

Tara : Can u please stop Aru. I want to follow my dreams & here my family decided to planning for my marriage .

Aarohi : They just want ur happiness. They are like our parents.

Tara : Jhoot hai sab kuch ….Sach toh hai ye Aru ki jinke maa-baap mar jaate hai na unke liye logon ke dilon mein koi jahan nahi rehti .Bojh ban gaye hai ab hum in par. (Everything is a lie …Truth is that whose parents died , there is no place of those people in anyone’s heart. We are burden for them)

Aarohi : Nothing is like that Tara ….First of all , see the picture of Boy . Go & meet him , Try to understand.

She said while giving the photo inside the packet.

Tara : I don’t want to see . Hell with this photo . Now, I will do as Bhaiya said . Remark my words , they will going to regret for this.

Aarohi see the photo & get shocked . Tara turn toward her & snatched the photo from her hand.

Tara : Let me see the person who destroyed my life.

She see the picture & burn in anger.

Tara : This jerk ….I will not leave him.

She said while smashing his photo in her hand.

Aarohi : Tara ….What are u doing ?

Tara : Ssh….He start this game , let me finish it.

She said & her eyes get filled with anger.

Tara : I swear Aru …I will not spare him.

Aarohi : Don’t take any decision in rage.

She said & leave from there.

On the other side , When he get to informed about that proposal is accepted . He is on cloud nine.

Few days later, He met her but Tara happily met him & Aarohi is confused that what is going on her mind as she is not one of those who easily accepted her defeat.

Aarohi : Don’t know What she is going to do . Hope she don’t do anything wrong.

Deep start dreaming of her while Tara is start irritating & Aarohi is confused about her feelings because she is feeling bad for him as she know that her sweet looking sister is going to do very wrong to him but she don’t know what’s her plan.

On the wedding day, Deep is really happy for this day . Aarohi enter in Tara’s room who don’t get ready till yet.

Aarohi : What’s all this ? Why are u sitting like this ? Go & get ready .

Tara : Why ….There is no need .

Aarohi : Have u lost ur mind ? Today is ur marriage & u are telling me what’s the need of doing these arrangements .

Tara : Accha ….Don’t start ur lectures . I am going . You go & I will come after sometime.

Aarohi : Not at all ….I will come after sometime, till then u get ready & we both go together .

Tara smile & she leave from there.

Tara : I am sorry but I have to do this . There is no option remain for me.

After sometime , she went to her room & found it empty .

Aarohi : Tara….Where are u . Don’t joke with me.

She called out her names several times but there was no response .She searched the whole room but she is not nowhere.

She get shocked & runs downstairs to inform her Bhabhi.

Aarohi : Bhabhi , Tara….

She stutter because of running.

Riddhi : What happen to Tara ? Why are u running ?

Aarohi : Bhabhi … Tara is not in her room .

Riddhi : What do u mean that she is not in her room. Today is her marriage .

She get panicked.

Aarohi : Bhabhi , You can also check.

She said while tears in her eyes.

Riddhi & Aarohi check every corner of house . Finally , they understand that she elope from her marriage.

Riddhi : Hey Bhagwaan ….Ye kya kar diya is ladki ne.( Oh God …What she did)

She said holding her head.

Aarohi : How can she run from her marriage without informing us .

Riddhi : Now, what should we do ? How is ur Bhaiya react ? All guests are present downstairs.

Aarohi : I think we have to tell the truth to them maybe they understand us .

Riddhi : Are u going mad ? Firstly Tara is decided to disrespect in front of everyone & now u also want to involve in this . Don’t know how ur Bhaiya have to tolerate people accusations .

Aarohi : Bhabhi …Please …All become fine.

Riddhi : How…Don’t give me false hopes .

Riddhi : You do anything for ur Bhaiya & Bhabhi ‘s respect .

Aarohi nods her head with tears.

Riddhi : Then sit with Deep in mandap in the place of Tara . No body can recognize u as u both are twins.

Aarohi(shocked) : What are u saying Bhabhi ….This can’t happen.

Riddhi : There is no option other than this … Please do this Aarohi for your family ‘s sake.

She pleaded her while she is in dillemma .

She has no other option & at last she get agree . She sit in Mandap with Deep & both get married. On the wedding night , she ask some space for her & he gives her time as a gentleman . Aarohi is not able to decide on her fate . She is not in condition to cry on her fate. Next morning, She get ready for going back to her Bhaiya’s house.

Deep : Tara ….

He called out her name but she don’t pay no heed .

Deep : Tara … I am talking with u .

Aarohi ( Tara for Deep) : Haan….I don’t listen.What are u saying ?

Deep : What ! … You don’t hear ur name .

Aarohi : No, I was busy ….You are saying something.

Deep : I will pick u from ur house in evening .Don’t worry much.

Aarohi just smile & nods her head in positive . They both sit on the car . He dropped her there & leave from there.

He suddenly notice that she forget her mobile & turn her car for giving her the phone .

Riddhi : What happen ? I told u that no one is going to doubt on you.

Aarohi : Bhabhi ….I don’t want to start this relation with a lie Bhabhi . I have to told Deep that I am Aarohi not Tara.

Riddhi : You are not going to do this….I told Aniket & Niku that Aarohi have to go out of the city for some hospital work.I manage this .Please wait for sometime.

Deep get shocked. He feel betrayed but he silently leave from there.

Riddhi ,Aniket & Nikki is talking with her while Aarohi is feeling restless.
Aarohi is calling Deep in evening as he told to pick her .

Riddhi : I think he is not coming to pick u .

Aarohi : But he told me that he will come.

Aniket: Maybe he get busy . I will drop u .

She nods her head.Her Bhaiya drop her outside the mansion . She enter & find the mansion in darkness.

Aarohi : Deep, Where are you ?

Deep : So, u came here.

He said while struggling to stand.

Aarohi : Deep….Are u drunk. Alcohol is not good for health.

She said trying to hold him but he throw the glass & it landed beside her feet. She get scared after seeing him angry.


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