Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 12

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Undying Trust

Part 2

“Sameer, I want to drink” Naina spoke in one breathe, with her eyes shut tight.
“Haha.. You’re joking when it’s time for romance” he slid his hand around her waist but she moved away.

“Sameer, I’m serious. I want to know how alcohol smells, how it tastes. So that if, by mistake I’m about to drink it, I can know.” she tried to explain him.

“Are you crazy, Naina? You’ll drink!!” Sameer got up from the bed.

“Yes. I want to drink because I don’t want that whatever happened with that lady in the restaurant, to happen with me too!” she tried convincing him.

“But Naina, how can you drink! Even I hv quit drinking for you. I don’t even drink when I’m alone with Munna and Pandit! What if something happens to you?” he was totally confused as to why his wife, who didn’t like his drinking, wanted to drink today.

“Sameer, nothing will happen to me. I’m here in this room with my husband. Don’t worry” she cupped her face and he had to give up.

“Are you sure?”

Sameer called the hotel staff and ordered whiskey. After some 5-10 minutes, they got their whiskey and the room service got their tip.

Sameer made a glass for Naina and was going to make one for him, when she stopped him.

“You can’t drink. You just be here and stop me if I do anything wrong.” saying this, she picked up her glass and took a deep breathe. She closed her eyes and finally gulped it down. She made a horrible face because it tasted really bad. She even coughed a little.

“Done? Now you know it’s taste and smell, OK. Now keep it aside.” he tried to take the glass from her hands.

“No. I just couldn’t know it’s taste this time. My taste buds hv gone crazy.” after that, she gulped down some more.

Sameer sat on the bed with his head in his hands. On their honeymoon, his wife was drinking glass over glass and was now 5 glasses down!! And he was just sitting there watching her.

“Sameer, you know.. This whis or whatever it is.. It tastes very very bad.” Naina placed the glass on the table and twisted her nose. She moved towards the pillow and lied down on the bed.

“Come let’s sleep now. It’s getting late.” Naina tried reaching out to her watch kept on the side table. “Arey, it’s not coming here!” she complained.

“Oh God! She’s high!” mumbled Sameer and face-palmed himself. “Naina, you should sleep now. Come on.”

“You won’t sleep?” she asked pulling him to sleep beside her.

“I never wanted to sleep on my honeymoon night” he mumbled.

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  1. This is so funny, cute, and adorable ????????

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  3. OMG… I can’t stop laughing…nice episode..

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