Three Shot Competition (Level 2) Entry 11

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Telly updates ne bana di Jodi – shot 2

Anika walks to her home lifelessly and helplessly she wants to cry her feelings out but she can’t do that also,just then it started raining with each step to her home Shivay’s words were reminding her
She finally reached her home and knocks the door

“Welcome home dear, where were you? it’s 8pm” her mom said smilingly

“Nothing mom…..just a work” Anika said as she steps in house

“Because of rain you’re all wet!!” Her mom said giving her towel

Anika takes the towel and runs to her room upstairs

she breakdowns Crying
Anika’s POV
I am Soo sorry Shivay I can’t tell you that I am only the writer of the story ISHQBAAAZI
I am Soo sorry….I know I lied to you and hide truth from you but I have to do this for my DAD!
POV ends

“DAD!!” A thought strikes in Anika’s mind
She runs down to her dad’s room and finds him having his tea there

Anika runs to her dad and hugs him

“What happen dear?Are you okk…”his dad asked

“Yes, I am fine and Soo happy that you are also fine”Anika said

“What is gonna happen to me?” His dad said with a laugh

“Nothing…I’ll not let anything happen to you” Anika said

They both smiles
Next day

Anika was standing in college campus when someone patted her back she turns back

“Shivay! You here!?” Anika asked

“I think I am also student here isn’t it” Shivay said playfully

“Hmm…” Replied Anika with a fake smile

“Well Anika, would like to come for a coffee with me?”

“Shivay…you already have a girlfriend and I don’t think I so I can be your girlfriend so you better go with your Tia” Anika said calmly

“Oh!! Yarr…why these girls think that I am gonna propose friends can also go for coffee can’t they?” Shivay sounds chilled

“And after all you are not Daddy’s princess that I will propose you!”he laughs

Anika in mind
Are I am Daddy’s princess budhhu!

“So done?”he asked

“Yaa…” Anika replied

“Okk…so we’ll meet at 7 at UNCLE’S CAFE” saying this shivay left

Anika POV
oh god I know I have said yes to him that I’ll meet him but I am really scared….Tia should not know about this


A boy was seen waiting for someone on a table that was none other than Shivay

Anika enters she was looking really beautiful she wore a dark blue middie with her hair open

Shivay’s POV
Ohh Mann!! She looks Soo nice Soo Beautiful

Anika’s POV
How handsome and charming he looks!!

They both sits

“What would you like have mam and sir?” Waiter asked

“Pizza….” They both said together and smiles

“Your looking really beautiful…” Shivay praised Anika

“Thanks you too looking really charming” Anika said smilingly

Shivay smiles

They chit – chat for sometime

“So, from when you are on TU?” Shivay asks

Anika had sweat all over

“Vo…I have been on TU since I was in 12th standard” she replied hesitatedly

“Oh!! That’s a great time!! Good!! Are you sure you don’t know ‘Daddy’s princess’?” Shivay asks as he puts the last second bite of pizza

“No!! I don’t know”Anika said with sweat all over

”It’s really okk…why are you sweating….. cool!”Shivay said as he laughs and finishes his pizza

“, now I should leave it’s 8pm”Anika said as she stands up

“Wait,I’ll drop you”Shivay said

“No,I’ll go…”Anika said as she takes her bag and moves

Anika left the restaurant and a tear roll down From her eyes…. she wipes it

Days passed they used to meet each other and talk, Shivay used to sometimes ask Anika that plzz find about ‘Daddy’s princess’ but Anika used to deny him, they both started falling for each other and loved each other’s company

After 10 days

“Ani, you need to tell shivay that you are the writer of ISHQBAAAZI he is madly in love with you,he can talk about Daddy’s princess 24/7 why are you betraying him!?” Om said loudly frustratedly

“I CAN’T TELL HIM DID YOU GET THAT!! I can’t tell shivay that yess!! I am the writer of ISHQBAAAZI I CAN’T!!”Anika shouted on top of her voice

Shivay heard everything as he was standing behind her
His eyes were blood red he was really angry

Anika looks back and gets dumstruck

“Shi..Shivay…” Anika said hesitatedly

Shivay runs from there

Anika runs behind him to stop him but her feet stopped her remembering something she cried

Shivay’s POV
I was madly in love with her but she…she used me why she didn’t tell me I used to ask her everyday Everytime that plzz find the Daddy’s princess but she didn’t tell me that she is the one…Why? Anika why?? You did it to me
@Shivay’s room
He was all drunk and was sitting in his sofa holding the glass of wine…. Anika voice was reminiscing to him he breaks the glass of the wine because of which his hand was full of blood!
He was heartbroken as he lost his everything and wants to end his life…

Shivay’s POV
She was my best friend I really loved her why she did it to me!! What was my mistake!!

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