Three Shot Competition (Level 2 ) Entry 1

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So am back again ….
lets move on to the story….
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after waking up from the bed.. i opened my towel dried my hair.. and then changed my dress…i go a knock on the door by then…my mom came inside and said… its time…everyone is going to be here…are u hap0yy beta?.. she asked.. we realy canthide anything from our mom right… i said ya mui.. just hide a ride to my past…she smiled.. and soon the whole room was filled by my cousins and relatives…yes… AM GETTING MARRIED… today… and that to according to the guy of my parents choice.. as promised…tbh.. i havent met him yet…i said yes just cuz knowing that my parents liked him… i m the most open mided person in my family .. but to everyones shock i agreed for and arranged marraig.. isnt that surprising?… well..i know that am marrying Mr. Abeer Malhotra… ya u guessed it right the same abeer.. my 12th std….i reallly dont know why again he came to my life…even he doesnt know that it is me wo he is gonna get married to… i saw him after a long time on the day.. when his parents prposal came to me…i was hell shocked at that moment.. but i asked my parents not to disclose anything…they agreed.. only me and our parents know this.. his parents stated that he ex gf had cheated on him.. after which he went to a depression..he then just had 2 things in life.. drinking and operations.. they said that may be i can change him.. it has been..9 years after 12th…i havent even contacted him..

On the day of engagement.. i was so obvious that he will gett o know my real identity… but nothing sort of that happened …instead.. while he was putting ring on my fingers he didnt even look at my face.. all i could see was a flood of tears were soon gonna rush from his yes..when i asked him his hand..he was reluctant to do so.. so i said him politely.. if u want u can cancel thiswedding..and at that moment he looked at my face…i just smiled… he said.. have i seen u before.. u look so familiar.. i knew that i will be caught soon.. but i covered up quickly.. u must have seen me at aiims..we had done surgery together..that was an absurd excuse btw.. he said… ohhh … ya…even i thought so.. and he said.. can u tll me your name again i forgot.. and thats it.. now the volcano of my anger can be burst a t any time… how one forget the name of hiis fiancee… i controlled my anger and stated..MEHER..he repeated my name.. an then he gave me an obvious-shock-look.. and then he asked me if i was the same mehr purohit.. and finally i had t o accept this..and.. after that i finally put thering on his hand.. but to my surprise he was smilimg.. and i gave him..the what-happeneed-why-are-you-laughing-look.. he just kept looking at me..and then.. we were ready for the photoshoot… the tiring part.. u know u have to put a plastic smile..but mysoon to be hubby.. was actually smiling till the end…. after sometime when we were seated alone he said…u have changed a lot mihu…MIHU repeated th e same name .. this was the name given by him…cuz u have become more beautiful than before…n i said even u have changed .. n he asked why andi said.. the abeer i knew was never sentimental… he just knew how to break hearts..and flirt with every other girl….i was damn sure that my thisstatement will turn on the male chauvinistic side.. and that happened..he askd.. what do u mean by that.. i never broke anyones heart….. n then.. he turned to me and u .. i mean.. were u serious about me..and i said .. do i even need to explain mr. malhotra?…and i left him i was walking away.. i got an emergency call ffrom the hospital.. and i had to rush..i returned back.. after the operatiion..and yes it was successfull. i thought may be he will take my number fommy parents but he didnt do that.. instead.. what he did was..he starightly asked my parents if he can take me out with him.. and they said yes..tbh… i didnt wantt o go.. but i had to i cant refuse my parents man…i got ready and went with him.. i dont know how he knew that i love bike rides.. then we went to a place.. which was beautiful.. not cuz he dcorated it.. i know he wont do that cliche stuffs… but it was still a beautiful annd a less populated one.. nad he said .. would i mind a walk…n i simply nodded.. he saked me.. do u still have contacts with karan.. and i nodded inn a no.. he said if u r continously gonna do this then i will surely throw u inside.. the water..n i gave him a u cant-do-that-look.. nad f**vk.. he literally did that..

and i was completely drenched in water.. well i reallly didnt expect this frantic move from… its revenge time..i took a nearbly shell.. infact there was a crab inside it.. and yes i knew that….i took it and slid it under his shirt.. and god.. the horrified look on his face was so damn funny.. i laughed my heart out.. it was so long that i laughed in such a manner..i guess.. after my college times.. i didnt even get the time to do so.. studies.. operations.. that was all….finally.. that crab lefthim.. but only after leavin a bite on his collar bone.. n i named it as the LOVE BITE FROM CRABY…n he gave me the ‘like-seriously-meher-look…’… i asked him.. jokes apart is that hurting…??..and he replies not more than what shruti did.. and i asked ur ex gf..n he nodded.. n i asked him what happened.. he justt said nothing.. we both were silent for a long time.. i didnt want to hurt him though.. dont know why. after some time we went toa party.. of our classmate.. it was his first annivesary..i sat behind his biike.. i knew he was upset.. i held him tight.. and he gave a small smile.. i could see that from the rear mirror…we reached the spot and splitted and went to our respective gang ..all of us enjoyed.. and my classmate…asked me if i could dance wih him and only due to my friend’s pressure i agreeed.. and soonwe were on the floor.. i dont know what happened to abeer at that time..may be he was a uite jealous ..but all i could seee was his redeyes.. he starrted drinking a lot ..that too making eye contact with me.. and dfinally i decided to stop him.. cuz it was almost his 12th glass..and it was impossible forh im to drive at the night.. and i was least intrested to get fined by the trafic police or.. getting my arms broked before i held his hand and asked him to stop it.. he shrugged my hand.. which was quite obvious…then i overpowered him and took him to the food counter.. i literally had to feed him like a child.. his antics were making me both laugh and angry..i finished feeding him and myself to.. since it was almost impossible to return to my home.. i called my diver and asked him to bring my car..after some time we sat thw whole time i could only hear him saying.. i know i did bad with mihu but i reallylove her now…more than i loved shruti.. she is soo goood.. and i dont know how my eyes welled up with teas.. after sometime he dozed off.. and slept on my lap…i somehow mangaed to drop him at his home..and laid him on his bed.. hhis parents were out for a wedding..while i was laying him on his bed..he hed me from my waist… i so wanted to be there always… but something stoppped me andi said u should take rest now..but to my shock.. i locked his lipswith me.. n i completely lost control over me and stated reciprocating.. after the kiss.. i backed out and he slept of.. i literally ran from his house and got in my car.. we drove to my home..i seriously saw myself blushing after 12 std..i dont know whats in store for me or what will happen in future.. all i knew was this feeling ws perfect.. and i was enjoying every bit of it..

hope you all enjoyed this part…
th first pat of the story is a real story…
ad i would tell about it in the next part
thanku guys for your love..

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