Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 9

The Hunt

Let’s begin….

It’s ? at night

“I will be there in half an hour..bye”said a girl in a phone call..her facial expression were telling that something is really wrong

Behind another girl comes there

“Aashi!!”called the girl with a confused smile…

Aashi(played by ashita zaveri) turns and plaster’s a smile on her face:yes di..!! You know right how Priya is? She is calling me continuously…

And the other girl is revealed to be RAGINI

Ragini smiles: ok..i will drop you to the party…

Aashi immediately:no no.. actually.. actually Rohan is coming to pick me up!!

Ragini: don’t wait for him aashi..did he ever came on time??hmm..chal mein tujhe party tak chod deti hoon(i will drop you let’s go!)

Aashi:Rohan is coming…he is on his way!

Aashi sees her cellphone which showed the caller ID Sid

Ragini sees the call and teases: tell Sid that atleast to leave you today…i am thinking to get you both married soon..

Aashi’s face fell..but she didn’t let her sister know about the turmoil which she got to know few hours back!

Still she plastered a smile

Ragini: ok now aren’t you getting late..meine kaha tha yeh Rohan na(i told you this Rohan)

Aashi:i will wait outside.. You go di..take rest.. How much you will work? are behaving like you are hiding something

Aashi just looks at her

Ragini: arey…i just said this.. And i know that my aashi doesn’t hide anything from me..hai na?

Aashi smiles weakly

Aashi picks her bag… Moves out of the house she felt guilty to hide a big thing from her mother like sister

Ragini stand at the door…

A little kid comes there..

Ragini: Sonu.. You here at this time.. Did you tell mumma???

Sonu:haa..i told and today i will staying here..and aashi didi?where is she going??i thought to play carrom with you and ragoo didi

Aashi impatiently:sonu..i have to go and you take ragoo di in and she is not well na…!

Sony drags Ragini in

Ragini: wait…aashi

Aashi:di Rohan is here only!

At the time a car comes…

Aashi fastly sits in the car

Ragini sees it..:i think Rohan … She brushes off her thoughts and goes with Sonu..

Its?at night

Normally aashi would reach 9:30 if she had gone to any party and now it’s 10

Sonu was doing some sketch…

But Ragini was in some worry…she calls aashi but she isn’t picking her call…

Ragini calls her several times… Her heart has increase it’s speed…her palms and feet were getting cold…

She calls Rohan…his cellphone was switched off… Which feared her more….

She thought to call her friend Priya…

Priya picks the call..

Priya:hello di..

Ragini: priya…did aashi left from the party?

Priya: Party??which party you are taking about??

Ragini’s heart skipped a beat: at your home…priya today it’s your birthday right?

Her tone was impatient ..

Priya:di i think you have misunderstood..yes today it’s my birthday but i didn’t arrange any party..

Ragini: what?but…ok i..i think she went somewhere! Will contact you later

She disconnects the call…

Ragini wasn’t understanding anything

She calls all her friends she only got the negative reply

Ragini calls Siddharth(karan sharma)

Siddharth picks the call

Ragini: Siddharth!! You know where aashi went??or is aashi with you

Siddharth:no…She isn’t with me.. Any problem

Ragini cries: where will i search her? It was my mistake i shouldn’t have sent aashi…

Siddharth:i am coming..i am coming…

Ragini disconnects the call…

Sonu looks at her…

Time was passing by at? in the night

Now the society people have gathered…

A man: may be aashi have ran away with some random guy

A woman: this can only be expected!! When there is no men in the house..

Another woman: even Ragini gave full freedom to aashi…

Siddharth who was silent till now:please..if you can’t help.. Then would you please shut your mouth atleast

Ragini immediately gets up and moves to her scooty and drives off..

While Siddharth kept calling her.. Without wasting a time he started to follow her

It was? in the night

Ragini goes to the police station

She sees few constables were watching TV

Ragini: sir!!sir!!

She tried to call them several times but they were too busy in TV that even they didn’t bother to look at the owner of the voice…

They were testing her patience.. She couldn’t hold it more… She sees few glasses in tray.. And she pushes it off… It falls and breaks into several pieces

Now the constables looks at her..!!!

At the time a man entered the scenario

He:yeh kya badtameezi hai?(what insolence is this??)

And he is revealed to be SANSKAR

Every police officials stands immediately and salutes seeing him…

Ragini turns towards him: INSOLENCE!!(she smiles sarcastically with the tear filled eyes) it was these people who themselves calls as a public servant were so busy in a TV that they aren’t listening the voice which needs a help! Isn’t this an insolence!!!???

Sanskar gives quick glare to the officials standing there!

Ragini was crying badly… She wasn’t understanding what she should do!! Should she cry for her helplessness or should she waste her time on these people.. She covered her eyes through her palm…

Sanskar: Madam..?! He calls out for her seeing her lost in her turmoil

Ragini: my sister…my sister is missing…!!

Sanskar:from when??

Ragini: today after 8 at the night… She told me that she is going to the party but…

Sanskar: there wasn’t any party…

Ragini looks at him

Sanskar: am i right?

Ragini nods in yes

Sanskar smiles nodding his head: it’s normal nowadays… She would be in some pub..and it can’t be registered as a missing complaint until 24 hours…may be she…

Ragini: meri aashi aisi nahi hai..woh jo karti hai mujhe bata kar karti hai

(My aashi isn’t like this.. And whatever she does she informs me before doing it)

Sanskar looks other side and murmurs: ladkiyon ki over confidence (girl’s over confidence)

Sanskar was about to say something and was interrupted by Ragini

Ragini: no need to say any other thing..i know how my aashi is!!!and i don’t want to learn about her character from you

She was about to go out but turns

Ragini:aur ek baat jise aap over confidence keh rahe hai na woh mere liye self confidence hai aur meri behen meri guroor hai

(And one more thing for which you are naming over confidence it’s my self confidence and my sister is my pride)

She moves out from there!

At the time Siddharth reach there

Siddharth:Ragini what happened did you file the complaint….!!!

Ragini cries: this won’t help us.. Instead i am getting to listen the character of my aashi..

She moves sits in a chair placed outside the police station.. Ragini held her head through her both palms and pulls her hair in the frustration….

Ragini: did i gave you more freedom aashi??? Why did you lie to me… Where are you..? Where will i search you???

A manly voice: if you sit here.. You can’t search…

Ragini looks at the owner of the voice it’s sanskar!

Did this stone hearted Sanskar got melt?!

Ragini looks other side!

She was about to go

Sanskar: wait..Ms..i..i am sorry!!

Ragini ignores him.. She looks for Siddharth..

Sanskar:he is talking over the phone…i have given the order’s to traffic police to do the checking..if you could give me your sister’s photo…

Ragini immediately takes out aashi’s photograph from her bag and gives to him

Sanskar calls the constables and tells them to spread it to the traffic officer’s

Sanskar:listen…you have to tell me each and everything before we proceed…

Ragini tells him about aashi going with Rohan

Sanskar: who is Rohan??

Ragini: Rohan is aashi’s childhood friend..he often comes to home…

Sanskar:are you suspicious of anyone??

Ragini nods in no….

Sanskar’s eyes falls on Siddharth who is talking over the phone till now

Sanskar: who is he??

Ragini:he is siddharth… aashi’s boyfriend..

he disconnects the call comes towards them:Ragini..i have told ask my friends to search on her and don’t worry we will get aashi soon…

At the time sanskar gets the call…


Sanskar: we need to go now

Ragini: what happened any news of aashi???

Sanskar:a girl is found in the car…she is…

Ragini impatiently;she is what??

Sanskar: she is been s*xually …harassed

Ragini covers her mouth to control her sobs…

Sanskar notices Siddharth’s facial expression…there was some fear…

They reach the spot….

Sanskar:is this the car in which your sister went??

Ragini was not in the condition to answer

Sanskar: try to cooperate..!

Ragini nods in no

Traffic police:sir..we have took the girl to hospital as she was breathing…

They moves to the hospital…!!!

Ragini was shocked and broken to find her sister in a vulnerable condition

It was like an animal attacked on Aashi..bruises on her face nech hands…drips and some wire’s were pricked to her

Ragini held her sisters hand: aashi…!! She cries….

“Diii”aashi could manage to say this.. Tears flow from her eyes… She held her sisters hand… And closes her eyes..

The moment she called ‘dii’ Ragini’s heart skipped a beat.. She cries… She sees no moment in aashi

Doctor checks her and after examining het: i am sorry but your sister slipped into coma

Ragini cries..

Sanskar felt guilty remembering his own words..he really felt bad seeing aashi and her condition and seeing Ragini’s cry, somewhere he felt hurt..

His eyes falls on Siddharth.. He was standing in the corner … Siddharth had tears…he was assuring himself

This time was very tough and each minute were passing like ages

Next day…

Ragini was sitting outside the ICU

she was cursing herself to send aashi at night….

Someone forwarded a coffee cup

Ragini looks at the person and he is revealed to Sanskar

Sanskar: have this..

Ragini didn’t move

Sanskar: your sister won’t like if you skip the food

Ragini takes it…

After a minute

Ragini: i want justice for my aashi…!!

Sanskar looks at her… Who was looking down

Sanskar: for that we should find Rohan first!

Ragini: and i want to join you in that…

Siddharth who came there: but why Ragini??

Ragini: because i want to punish the culprit myself

Sanskar looks at her

Ragini: he must be thinking that he have hide himself…woh chaahe aasman mein baita rahe ya phir darthi pe kahi chupa rahe..mein use dhoond nikal ke rahungi….(may be he sat in the sky or he have hide himself in this earth i would search him)

Sanskar: we should go to Rohan’s house..

Ragini nods and guess with him….

Siddharth too follows..

Rohan’s residence..

Sanskar rings the bell..

Rohan’s mother opens the door

Sanskar: is Rohan at home??

Rohan’s mother: no but who are you??

She sees Ragini

Rohan’s mom: arey Ragini beta…

Ragini: aunty when will Rohan come?

Rohan’s mother sees Ragsan entering the gate in his bike

RagSan both sees him.. Siddharth too sees him..

Rohan(played by zaan khaan):arey Ragini…!

He smiles… He gets down his bike

Ragini goes to him and angrily held his collar: why you did this with my aashi??

Rohan was shocked by her reaction: Ragini what happend? Aashi??? Where is she?

Ragini cries

Rohan held her hand: diii… What happened???

Ragini: why are you lying???!!! Aashi has gone with you right? Yesterday night

Rohan: what are saying?

Rohan’s mother: he has gone to his dad to pune…

Rohan worried:dii… Where is Aashi?? What happened to her??

Siddharth punch him: tell me why did you do this?

Rohan: for god sake what happened to Aashi??

After sometime

Rohan was shocked to see aashi’s condition

Sanskar: even now you will say this?

Rohan wipes his lone tear: but i didn’t me i have not… actually i called aashi several times even you can check my call logs…and also i have ….

He shows the ticket’s

Sanskar sees it…

Ragini: Rohan you know something.. Did she inform you something… Why did she lie to me..

Siddharth: this Rohan only behind all this!

Rohan: i haven’t

Sanskar: Rohan.. Do you have any doubt on someone

Rohan:no…(he gets Something) one minute… Akhil!

Ragini: Akhil..but aashi doesn’t like him

Rohan:5 days back i saw Akhil and Aashi having some serious fight…


Rohan was car parking area..of a mall

When he sees aashi was having a fight with Akhil

He couldn’t listen what the talks were going on…

He moved to them

Aashi sees him and stops talking

Akhil: you have to believe me…

Once after Akhil sees Rohan he leaves from there

Rohan:aashi is…

Aashi:rohan leave you know na akhil always interferes in my life…

Fb ends

Rohan:i think akhil is behind this..he always had enemity with aashi once even he threatened aashi to kill her…

Sanskar gives the orders to officer’s to take Akhil to the custody

Akhil want found anywhere…

Sanskar: if we got aashi’s cellphone we may get the clue’s and this Akhil…

Sanskar told officer’s to keep an eyes on akhil’s house..

2 days passed…

Ragini came to akhil’s society and ask about him

She didn’t got any news about him…

She was moving when someone dashes to her…

Ragini looks at the person: akhil…

He gets scared..

Ragini held him…

But Akhil pushes her.. And runs

Officer’s gets alert and runs to hold him…

Ragini chases him

Sanskar comes infront of him… And held him

After sometime

Akhil was taken into the custody

Sanskar: why you did this to aashi??

Akhil scared: who is aashi??i don’t know anyone named aashi

Sanskar scratches his head

And slaps him hard

Akhil cries

Sanskar: even now you don’t know aashi?! Now tell me

Akhil:i didn’t do anything with her

Sanskar: then why did you frequently met aashi..even had a fight with her a week back…

Akhil:i didn’t had a fight with her or i didn’t met her

Rohan: akhil why are you lying? I hv saw you that day fighting with aashi

Akhil:no it was a casual fight…which we had whenever we met

Rohan: no it wasn’t…i could differentiate your casual fight

Akhil:believe me it was a casual fight

Sanskar: why did you run after seeing Ragini?

Akhil: actually i got to know about aashi’s i knew rohan would tell about me

Sanskar: so why did you need to hide yourself

Akhil cries….rohan was taken out

Akhil:but..but aashi told me that Rohan was behaving wierd

Sanskar it??you yourself told me that you always had a CASUAL fight and i don’t think so aashi would say such things to you

Akhil gulps…

Sanskar: i know my ways to know the truth..before i start my ways it would be better if you spill out the truth…

Sanskar goes

An officer:sir..this case is getting….

Sanskar: interesting

Officer looks at him: sir

Sanskar: there’s something that we are missing out…it was a pre-planned!

Officer:but sir.. akhil is lying

Sanskar: may be …but i see someone else in this planning

Officer:you mean?

Sanskar: all this is connecting to something else..leave that did you trace aashi’s phone..

Officer: team is working on it…and tommorrow we may find it

Sanskar: tommorrow i want it.. It’s my order

He sees Ragini sitting outside the station

He goes to her!!

Sanskar: don’t worry everything will be fine!

Ragini nods and was about to go

Sanskar: i am going on that way if you don’t mind i will drop you

Ragini: no it’s ok

She goes…

Sanskar had a small smile…

Ragini goes to home where Ragini’s friend Arpita was taking care of aashi…

Arpita: did you get..

Ragini sadly nods in no

Arpita: don’t worry everything will be fine… everything has a reason behind it

Ragini looks at her

Arpita: what happened Ragini??

Ragini: then there must be something to which aashi has lied to me..

She searches in aashi’s wardrobe for some clue


Aashi:you know di i always keep my important things in Aloe Vera plant that nobody doubt’s even if i keep money

Aashi digs a  hole in a soil of a plant pot and keeps the money…

Ragini smiled: you and your logic

Fb ends

Ragini goes to the plant pot

Arpita: what happened Ragini?? What are you searching for??

Ragini gets some money and she sees something….

And she pulls it out and it was a key…


Ragini tries it on every locks in the house but it didn’t match….

Arpita: what key is…

Ragini thinks…. She wasn’t understanding to which this key belongs to!!

Ragini informs sanskar about the key….

Ragini goes to a lifeless aashi: what was bothering you Aashi!!i am really a bad sister i couldn’t able to find your turmoil!!

Here sanskar was checking the cc cameras of all over the city road’s

Rohan was sitting there

As per Ragini’s description it was royal blue colour car


It was a royal blue colour Creta

Rohan sees it…

Officer:sir the car no.*****4287

Rohan thinks:4287….i know this..he tries to remember

Sanskar:yaad karo Rohan…yaad karo(try to remember Rohan)

Rohan remembered:this car is of Rocky

Sanskar: Rocky?

Rohan: but!

To be continued…

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