Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 8

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Deceiving You…… My Love!

Life never flows easily. It’s like a river flow down through a rough path between rocks. But in the end, it find it’s destination, it’s companion… the sea. Smiles as well as tears are a part of it. Sometimes we gain new things, people and relationships while sometimes we lose them. It all depends on the decisions we make. No matter how many people say, I believe our future is unwritten and our life is a blank book. The decisions we make, the steps we take is what compels the destiny to create a story in that empty book. Can that story change within one day? In one day, can a girl get everything she lost? A mother who loves her no matter how many things she do wrong, a father that she can always turn for advice, I brother that would make fun of everything and end up bringing a smile to her face and a husband that would stand beside her giving her love and support with every step she take. I know it sounds impossible. But this is the story of that girl who got everything after she lost everything. It all started on a normal day.


It was a beautiful morning. Sun rays peaking through the clouds like playing hide and seek. Not too hot. Not too cold. Birds chirp flying around with their companions. Flowers had adorned trees like a decoration. Wherever your eyes wonder, everywhere held a welcoming warmth like no other day.

It only took a second to break all that peace. A loud scream and a screeching halt of a shiny black car was the reason of that peace break. People gathered around the car. The door of the driver’s side of the car opened and a man came out. Removing the shades covered his eyes, he took a look at the girl lying on the floor.

“Excuse me! Please move aside! Let me check what happened to her! I’m a doctor!!”

“Oh my god!!! My head!!!” A girl moaned loudly.

“How are you feeling now?”

She heard a male voice question her. **A male voice? What?** She opened her eyes glancing around. First thing she realized that she was in a beautiful luxurious room. Looking at her right side, she saw a man standing near the bed she was now sitting. “You’re handsome!” She exclaimed before she could stop herself.

The said man raised an eyebrow at her sudden exclaim.

“Oops” she covered her mouth with her hand getting embarrassed.

Her expression was so funny that it made him smile involuntarily. “You just got your head hit” he was trying to explain nonchalantly what happened to her but she took it the wrong way.

“So your telling me I am mad now because I got my head hit?” Her demanding tone made him explain correctly.

“I meant that when you jumped in front of my car you fell and got your head hit. Don’t worry it’s nothing major. You’re alright.”

She stared at him trying to recall what happened. “YOU!!” her finger pointed at him in an accusing manner. “So it was you who tried to run over that little kid!!”

“I wasn’t trying to run over that kid. He jumped in front of my car-“

“Are you an idiot? Don’t you know that there’s a orphanage near when you were speeding? Children do run around here and there. You could’ve been more careful! But no! You people don’t care about what happens to others! Drive carelessly showing off your wealth with your cars!!”

“Listen miss-“

“Sanchi” she said annoyed.

“Yes, miss Sanchi… I admit it was my fault. I’m a doctor and-“

“You’re a doctor and yet you’re so careless? How did you even became a doctor!!”

He was listening patiently though she was interrupting him countless times. But now his patience is thinning drastically. He sat in front of her directly looking at her. His sudden closeness made her quiet. “Miss Sanchi, I’m a doctor. I got an urgent call from the hospital. That’s why I was speeding. But unfortunately a child jumped in front of my car, you jumped to save him and met with an accident. It really was my fault and I admit it.”

She looked dejected hearing the whole story. “Oh! So how’s that patient?”

“Thankfully another doctor reached there on time”

“Hmm and that kid?”

“He’s fine too. Didn’t get even a scratch”

“Good!” She slumped back on the bed closing her eyes. “Oh, by the way, where am I?”

“You just remember to ask? Seriously, what kind of a girl are you?”


Her protesting voice was cut off when she heard someone’s foot steps entering the room. It was a lady around her 50’s. She held a kind caring yet questioning expression. “How are you now dear?” She asked coming to her.

“I’m fine now. Thank you aunty”

“Oh great! My son Kabir found a cake basket where he ran you over”

“Mom I didn’t ran over her. It was-“

“That basket had a card saying you wanted to take that to the orphanage. So I sent it with my younger son. Hope you don’t mind!”

“Of course not! It reached it’s destination. I hope the kids are very happy” Sanchi replied with a bright smile.

She and Kabir’s mother chatted a little and Sanchi left thanking them for their help.

That night when Kabir went to sleep the face of that girl who came in front of his car to save a kid, came before his eyes. He laughed remembering how embarrassed she was for calling him handsome and how she suddenly changed from shy girl type to angry bird type and scolded him. Coming to the conclusion that girl is the strangest  girl he had ever met in his life, he finally fell asleep.

After their first meeting none of them expected to see each other again. But it all changed when his dad Anand, the owner of the Savitri Devi College and Hospital, decided to give free medical treatment to children in some orphanages around the city. The orphanage that Kabir first met Sanchi in front of was on that list too. On the day there was the medical camp Sanchi was there too taking care of children.

“You! What are you doing here?” Kabir asked the moment he saw her. His exclamation surprised another doctor worked beside him.

“Bhai you know her?” Asked the other doctor.

Sanchi interrupted before Kabir say anything. “Oh! You’re the one who ran me over and treated me afterwards!”

“Hahahahaha!! Bhai… this is that girl? Hahahahaha!! Nice to meet you! I’m Veer, the one who delivered your cake basket and the brother of the one who ran you over!!”

“Nice to meet you too Veer, I’m Sanchi!”

“I did not ran her over intentionally! It was an accident which I’ve already apologized”

Sanchi looked at Kabir pointedly. “No… you did not apologized. You just admitted that’s your fault”

“Isn’t that an apology?” Kabir shot back annoyed.

“No it’s not! If you had said ‘sorry’ that’s an apology!! But you don’t have to”

Veer got curious. “Why Sanchi?”

“Because Veer, your brother was in a hurry to save a life. It’s a good cause. So it’s enough for me that he admitted his fault” she chirpped her reply to Veer and went to a little boy who was crying.

Kabir watched her console a crying little boy and Veer observed him carefully. “Bro, you should propose her”

“Hmm… ……. wait what?”

“Hahahahaha bhai, can’t you see it? She cam understand how important a doctor’s work, the same way you say and she can talk back to you with confidence. I think if you two end up together, your boring life would be interesting!!”

Kabir frowned at his brothers grinning face. “Shut up and get back to work!” He ordered him and started to examine a little girl.

“Doctor uncle? Will you pinch me with that big needle?”

“Needle? You mean injection?”

Little girl nodded cutely.

“No beta. You’re a strong healthy girl. You don’t need injection”

“Waaaaa!!! Thank you doctor uncle!!”

Kabir smiled and gave her some vitamins stealing a glance from Sanchi.

The little girl giggled. “Doctor uncle like our didi..!”

He looked back at her shocked. “No… I don’t…”

“Don’t worry! I won’t tell her!!” She giggled again.

“Kids these days….” he mumbled under his breath patting his forehead.

“Di is very nice!”


“Yeah!! She come here every weekend to play with us!! She bake yummy cakes for us!! She helps us with homework!! She says we’re like her own!! We all love her a lot!!” She widened her arms to show her love.

“Okay… your di is nice. Now drink your medicine…”

“I knew it!! Doctor uncle like our didi..!!” She drank her medicine and ran off.

What came out as a surprise was that when the matron of the orphanage introduced Sanchi to Anand, she turned out to be his long lost best friend Dr. Sunil Mishra’s daughter.

“You’re Sunil’s daughter? Beta how are you? How’s Jaya? Where have you been? I lost contact with Sunil years ago. I’ve been searching for so long!! Where do you guys live! I want to meet him! And when I meet him, I’ll give him a piece of my mind for disappearing like that!” Anand got so excited but unfortunately Sanchi’s reply shattered all his hopes.

“I’m sorry uncle… I don’t think you’ll meet them again. They are no more…” She managed to whisper trying hard not to breakdown

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