Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 7

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Story name : just I love you!

Happy reading everyone. .

An auditorium is shown, it looks completely empty. But in the front row, we find a boy and a girl. The girl is cupping her face with one hand and tapping a pencil with the other. The boy is having a notepad and a pencil in his ear. His eyebrows are narrowed indicating that he is in a deep thought. He is holding his chin and is thinking something! Then suddenly his eyes widen and he removes the pencil from his ear and writes something in the notepad. He stares at it for sometime and then nods his head in disagreement! He tears off the paper and throws it back, which collides with other valls of paper he had thrown!

“Stop tapping that pencil, you are disturbing me! ” the boy orders.

The girl glares him and keeps the pencil in the stand. The boy again writes something and stares at it with a slight grin

“Perfect! ” the boy exclaims.

“C’mon say it..” says the girl excited.

The boy clears his throat and begins to read what he has written.

“Tuhmari smile kitni dangerous tumhe pata hai??” The girl glares him while he continues “mere paas dil hota toh Tuhmari smile pe pakka aa jata!”

He looks up at her and finds her glaring.

“What you didnt like it??” He questions.

“Laksh will you stop it! Stop copying movie dialogues!!” She says annoyed

“Arrey!  What can I do ragini.. all the directors are stealing my dialogues!” He replies cutely.

“Will you stop it haan! .. this ia the fifteenth movie dialogue you are saying and for this you wasted my two notepads” she exclaims angrily.

“Ok..ok..wait meri ma! .. I’ll think something” saying he scratchs his head.

“Got it” he says and she smile.

“But it’s an English dialogue” he says while she asks him to continue. He begins.

“I like your chubby cheeks and rosy lips.. I like your dimple chin and teeth within!” She gives him a death glare which he without noticing continues.

“Your eyes are blue no.. no.. brown and lovely too! .. curly hair very fair!”

And that was it for ragini.

“You idiot!!” She shouts and throws the notepad at him.

He laughs and runs and gets into the stage .

“You duffer! You are fit for nothing man! ” saying she throws the balled papers at him. He safe guards himself and says “arrey! Ragini. . Stop ..stop it yaar!”

“Laksh please. . Within a week we are having our inter college competition and till now we haven’t prepared the dialogues for the skit! ” she says angrily.

“What? A week is there? .. then why are hurrying now??” He asks mockingly which boiled her blood.

“You stupit!!.. can’t you think one simple proposal dialogue?” She shouts.

“Wait.. you can’t say like that.. I gave you 15.. no.. no.. including the last chubby cheeks dialogue .. I gave you solid 16 dialogues!”

“16 dialogues? .my foot! .. laksh please… I promised our principal that I’ll make our team win this year” she pleads

“Hmm wait.. ” he says thinking another dialogue which of course going to be a filmy one.

“Gotcha… now the dialogue – ek tarfa pyaar ki…”

Before he continues Ragini grabs the pencil stand and throws at him. And he catches it perfectly.

“Good catch right??.. well Laksh Maheshwari won! .. Ragini Gadodia out..!!” He shouts spreading his arms out.

Ragini gives him a disgusting look and starts to leave. Laksh who notices this slowy runs behind her. Ragini turns hearing some footsteps and collides with him which resulted in both dropping to the ground with laksh on top of Ragini.

“Ahh.. Laksh please move you are too heavy.. duffer” she says struggling to push him.

But Laksh was just staring at her. He slowly tucks her hair behind her ears. His intense gaze and soft touch stopped her actions and she looks at him confused with his behavior.

“Whenever I see your brown orbs, I feel like drowning in them. Whenever your lips curve into a mesmerizing smile,  my heart skips a beat. Whenever your silky hair move in the rhythm of breeze, my heart too moves along with them. Whenever I annoy you,  I love the way you glare at me murmuring ‘duffer’. Whenever you are with me .. I feel special.. I feel uniquely gifted. I want to spend my entire life with. I want you to become mine. Will you? , my soul . I love you ra.. ”

Before he completes, Ragini hugs him saying “wow! Super Laksh. . It’s just perfect. .a perfect proposal dialogue.. I know you’ll do it! ” laksh smiles slightly.

“Ok! Now get up.. let’s write it down before you forget it! ..”

Both gets up..and ragini goes to get her notepad.

Laksh smiles looking at her and thinks.. “can’t you see the love for you in my eyes Ragini? Can’t you feel this heart which beats only for you? When you are going to realize it? Whatever I said was not any dialogue .. but something which my heart wants to say .. each and every word I uttered was true.. I love ragini …I really love you”

Ragini comes back with the notepad and a pencil with a cute smile playing on her lips.

“Write it down! ” she says lending the notepad. And Laksh writes.. Ragini peeps to look at it but couldn’t see as he was taller than her. He returns the notepad and Ragini reads it “I .. love.. you! ” laksh bites his lips controlling his laughter seeing her angry pout! ..

“Laksh please na… write it yaar!” She pleads

“Hmmm… I forgot…” he acts.

“Laksh..!! Please baba..! Please please .. you are my sweet Laksh na? .. please yaar..!” She says buttering him.

Laksh smiles looking at her cute antics and writes the dialogue for her. Ragini looks at the dialogue with a wide smile and squeals. She then looks at laksh with attitude and says “duffer! ” and runs from there. “You…!!”he says annoyed and chases her.

Laksh fell in love with ragini when he saw her standing at the entrance of their class innocently, during their first day un college. Slowly he befriended her eventually he became her best friend. He always admired her secretly. And loved her all throughout these three years. But for ragini, it was just friendship and nothing more than that. Laksh is her best friend. She shared everything with him but not her heart yet. She considers him to be a kid still and is risible. But little did she know that he was close to her heart. But through what relation? Just friendship??. She didn’t discover it yet! Whenever her roommate riya used to tease her with Laksh name. Ragini would reply “he is just my friend riya… my best friend!”. But the moment a question rises in herself “is he just my friend?”. She didnt want to realise the feeling,  the tinge of love for him lying deep in her heart and she didnt want to acknowledge it!

One fine day, Ragini was sitting in the canteen with her laptop and an apple juice beside her. Laksh came and sat opposite to her and started gobbling his sandwich. Ragini closes the laptop and takes fewer sips from the juice.

“Hmm.. laksh. !” She starts hesitantly.

“Bolo na..”he says devouring the food.

“Rohan asked me for a date…”she said casually.

“So what..??” He asks munching his sandwich.

“And I agreed” she said calmly.

Laksh chokes on his food hearing this. Ragini pats his back and gives him a glass of water.

“You ok??” She asks being concerned.

“What the hell!! Why did you agree? ?” He blurts out.

“Hmm… to say honestly. . I have a crush on him since second year.!” She says smiling. Laksh nods his head in disagreement.

Laksh’s pov

What the hell… is going on? How dare that rohan.. I’ll crush his bones and bury him alive. Urghhh… ‘my girl’ is gonna go out on a date and she herself is saying me. . You all must be wondering why I didn’t react when she said about rohan asking a date right? Thats because Ragini is not a girl who would go on dates. Many boys from our college asked her gor a date but always her reply would be  ‘a glare’ and a stern  ‘no’.. that’s the reason why..even I didn’t asked her for a date! .. I thought she would’ve ignored rohan too.. But now… What I’m gonna do??..what did she say her  ‘crush’..?? My foot! ! Damn it..!

End of pov

He hits the table harder making the juice to fall on Ragini’s dress.

“Ahh… Laksh. .what’s this? ?” She yells holding her dress.

Laksh sits there with a pout whilst she continues

“Ok! I’ll clean this and come. .idiot” she says glaring him and goes to the bathroom.

After a while, she comes out and finds the table empty. She looks in all possible direction and finds him standing in front of the small temple situated within the college campus!

Laksh is seen folding his hand in front of ganapathi bapa!

“Please..please ganapathi bapa.. Ragini should not go for that date.. (he goes on bending down and up continuously).. whatever may happen she should not go .. (he nods his head in a no vigorously) … that rohan!! (He grits his teeth).. he should die today itself. . (He stamps his foot) .let him get an heart attack. . (He then slaps his head) ..chi.. what I’m saying..!! Okay!  Leave all that… Ganapathi bapa.. Ragini should not go.. (he then lies down in front of the idol and gets up after sometime) .. even now if she goes means… you know what I’ll do….”

Ragini looks  bewildered seeing his actions. “What happened to this duffer. . Has he gone nuts? .. why is he dancing in front of ganapathi bapa…!” Thinking she walks to him.

“I’ll not talk to you ganapathi bapa..!” Laksh says cutely.

“Laksh..” Ragini calls standing behind him.

Laksh’s eyes widen and “omg..ganapathi bapa.. you talked to me!!.. omg.. but why are you talking in female voice. .?” He asks the last line in a confusion filled voice.

“Arrey duffer..!” She exclaims.

“Oh my goodness… even Ragini used to call me duffer. ..  you are really genius. . Ganapathi bapa. . Moriya! !!..” he shouts .

“Uffo…laksh turn back..” ragini says.

Laksh turns back and finds Ragini. “Hey..hi Ragini. . You washed your dress? ” he asks as if nothing happened.

Ragini shakes her head thinking ‘you are impossible Laksh’.

“Laksh is there any dancing competition in our college…??” She questions.

“No..!” He replies.

“Are you gonna participate in any dancing competition outside??” She asks..

“Nah! Why are asking??” He asks confused with her sudden question

“Then why you were practicing some sort of tribal dance in front of ganapathi bapa..??” She asks mockingly.

Laksh glares her while ragini bursts out laughing. And laksh smiles admiring her!

That day evening (6:30pm)

Ragini is seen bitting her nails and walking to and fro.

“Ragini. . I’m saying again..dont go with him… he’s not that good..!” Laksh says it again the 28th time.

“C’mon Laksh. .  already I’m tensed about my first date…and you..!” She stopped hearing a horn sound.

Rohan comes out of his car and “shall we go! ” he asks forwarding his hand.

Ragini smiles and goes with him after bidding bye to Laksh.  While laksh stands there with anger reaching its peak!

Sorry for any grammatical and spelling errors!

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