Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 11

Telly Updates ne bana di Jodi –

Yes!! Submitted!!….
She  shouted with happiness
So finally my work is done!! Sooo happy!! Telly updates are really nice when it comes to write your stories and publish them, that too in the form of ff of your fav serials like my ishqbaaaz I love  Surbhi and nakul’s chemistry very much Anika said happily

“Anika had your dinner?”a voice came

“Phail raita forgot to eat my dinner ” Anika sounds tensed

“Oh!! This girl,come and have your dinner!!”her mother scolded her

Anika rushes down

Mrs poorvi trivedi’s POV
I don’t know why is she mad for that telly updates what she do there because of that she forgot to have her dinner.

“What’s there in dinner today?” anika asked curiously

“Karela”her mother replied

“I don’t like that”Anika said making disgusting faces

Just then they heard a knock in the door
Anika went and opens the door and looking at her father she hugged him

“Daddy aa gye” Anika said childishly

“Yaa…see what I brought for you…”his dad said giving her a cheese burst pizza

“Oh!!wow!! Pizza!!” Anika jumped in happiness

“What’s the need to bring these kind of expensive things?”her mother said

“Coz, I love her and money does not matter for me when it’s comes to her favorite things”his dad said  straight away

“Thanks Dad!!” She again hugged him
And went to her room
ate her pizza and slept

Next day @college
The gate opens for a handsome boy on whom girls drools he removed his shades and enters in college campus, and that was none other than the great SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI

@Teivedi house
Anika was rushing here and there keeping a slice of bread in her mouth in one hand holding a glass of juice and in one holding her bag…

“What were you doing last night!?”Mrs poorvi shouted

“Mom, I was writing  another part of my story as I have to post it today on Telly updates” Anika replied while wearing her sandals

“Oh this girl mad for ishqbaaaz surbhi, nakul and that TU” Mrs poorvi said making faces

“Okk bye, now leaving” Anika said kissing her mother’s cheeks

Shivay went to his best friends Omkara and Rudra they were standing near there bikes and talking just then a voice came from back as someone patted shivay’s shoulder

“Shivay baby….”Tia said making a cute face which Shivay finds irritating

“Hi Tia”Shivay said making disgusted face

“You know what baby you are just mine I’ll not let anyone snatch you from me”Tia said

“That’s okk….but why are you saying like this”Shivay sounds concerned

“Because I had a dream that a girl came and she took you away from me”Tia said

“Don’t worry Tia…I love you…You are my only girlfriend”Shivay assures Tia

“I know…” She smiled said

After sometime

Anika was sitting and checking her TU account for seeing the likes and comments she got but she was in her own world not focusing into her phone

“Hey! I read your story part which you updated last night…. day by day your story is taking new turns and getting interesting and the name of the
‘Ishqbaaazi’ is perfect
you are a really good writer”Om said

“Thanks Om!!” She replied with a smile

Shivay comes
“Anika, meet my best friend Shivay”Om said pointing towards Shivay
Anika’s POV
“Ohh…he is Shivay his blue orbs omg!! I want to get lost in those his style of dressing his tadi everything Soo perfect”A thought stroke in Anika’s mind
“Ohh no… no…wait!! What are you thinking Anika STOP!!” She said getting out of the dreams

“And she is Anika, my friend” Om said as he stands besides Anika

Shivay’s POV
“Oh! Damm!! She’s Soo beautiful the way she smiles and  gets dressed up so perfect I wanna get lost in her eyes”A thought stoke in Shivay’s mind
Wait!! Shivay you are Tia’s boyfriend
But do I love her ??
He asked a question to himself
His thoughts Dreamland was broken by Om as he said
“Shivay where are you lost”

“Nothing…by the way what you all were talking about?”Shivay asked

“We were talking about telly updates…” Om replied

“Oh!! Yaa!! Telly updates se yaad aaya…I want to tell you guys something amazing I am reading a story “ISHQBAAAZI” in it, The writer there is amazing I wish I could meet her but I even don’t know her name coz, her Id of TU is ‘Daddy’s princess’ but the way of her writting shows that how beautiful will be she the way she describes every single scene in her story shows that how talented she is,if I could meet her I would have proposed her!”Shivay said

With this sentence Anika was shaken and her eyes were wide open she thought she lost everything Because Anika can’t let Shivay know that she is his girl of dreams, that she is the writer of the story ‘ISHQBAAAZI’

“Oh!! So, you’ve read it already and now you need to know that Anika is the wri…..”Gauri said

Anika stands and cups Gauri’s mouth

“She means I am also a writer…and writes on TU”Anika said

Om looks on in shock

“Oh! So, you might know that who is this ‘Daddy’s princess’ and what’s her real name and have you ever gone through her story”Shivay said with curiosity

“No, I don’t know who she is and I never read her story” Anika said without making an eye contact with Shivay

“Ok fine…”he replied
He gets a call of Tia

“Guys I’ll meet you all later”he said and left

As soon he gets out  from there

Om held Anika’s hand
“Why are you not telling him that you are thd writer of ISHQBAAAZI He is such great fan of yours he would even have proposed you”Om said with confused look

“No!! I can’t tell him, and gauri you…and om you…You both are also not allowed to tell anyone that I’m the writer of ISHQBAAAZI Is that clear!!?”Anika said frustrated

“But why??” Gauri asked

“No Gauri plzz try to understand please you both promise me that you will not tell this to anybody” Anika  replied

“Fine!!”Rikara replied

Anika left the canteen being irritated and sad

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