Three Shot Competition (Level 1 ) Entry 10

Naughty Hubby

Sanskar why are you saying like this one day you will say this dress is nice and some other day you will say why you wear this dress it is not nice.why tell me why?
one girl is yelling at him.And sanskar is sitting with closing his ears.
I want answer sanskar tell me.
sanskar:listen baby
girl:no I will not listen sanskar.
sanskar:swara listen me first.
yes the girl is non other than swara.
swara:say I will listen say sanskar(with angry).
sanskar:swara I said this because you are so s*xy in this dress.That’s why I told not to wear because we r going out. so, we are not supposed to be late for that place.
If you are okay with late means I am ready.what you say?(with wink)
swara:sanku please(with blushing face)
san:If u blush like this means we will not able to attend marriage. are you ready.
Now sanskar started giving wet kisses.
swara:sanku uhhhh.
san:swara you are turning me on.
swara:sanku we are getting late for marriage.
sanskar is not listening he is busy in romancing with her.He bite her neck and sucked it to reduce pain.
swara:hhhhaaaa ssssaaaannnkkkuu…
Now this was enough for sanskar.
He lift swara and take her to their bed room.They reached their bedd room.He slowly placed her bed and he came on her .slowly they were busy in their own world.
After sometime they were sleeping in each other embrace.Suddenly swara phone started ringing sanku pleasse lift the phone.
san:hmm swara and a small peck on her lips.
swara:sanku please I am very tired.
san:swara (with husky voice)
Now swara wake up and lift the phone.
on the phone:
opp. side:hello swara where r u?
swara:who is this?
opp.side:swara what happend u didn’t see the caller id.
swara:saw the caller id and:sorry rags.
rag:ohh you remember me swara after marriage you are forgetting me.
swara:no rags not like that awwww suddenly she shouted loudly forgetting that she is in call.
rags:swara what happend why u shouted like that r u okay.
swara:not able to talk properly because here her naughty hubby is giving wet kisses on her back.
rags:swara u forget only me r my marriage also.
swara:nnnoooo I didn’t forget about ur marriage we we wwwwee are getting ready.
rags: hahahaha I am listening how u r getting ready.
swara:ragu pleasse u understand na we will come. Now plse leave me.
rags:okook .all the best and come fasy.
saying this ragini cuts the call.
swara turned towards sanskar.
swara:what is this sanskar.I talking with rags and here u r doing naughty things beside me.
san:sorry baby .don’t put ur angry face now .
swara:If I put.
san:then be ready for another session.
swara shocked by hearing this and blushed.
san:don’t blush like this because I can’t control myself then don’t blame me afterwards like I missed my friend marriage because of you.
swara hit him playfully.
san:okokokok get ready we have to go marriage right.
Then they got ready and went for marriage.
At marriage hall ragini say them and become happy.
Both swasan went towards stage and wish ragini.
rag:thank u swara , sanskar.I thought u both will not come,but u guys came I am very happy.
swasan:how can we will not come for ur marriage.
rag:coz u both r busy in your own world right.
listening this both r blushed .
swara:to change topic:rags u didn’t introduced ur husband.
rag:ya I forgot swara sanskar meet my husband laksh khanna.and laksh they are my best friends swara sanskar.
laksh:hello guys.
swasan:hi laksh.
They chitchat sometime. Later swara
swa:ok rags we are getting late meet you after wards .
rag:no u both will stay here today with us.
swa:but y we will get bored.
rag:no we have a party here so we will enjoy .
swasan:then ok

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