THOUGHTS OF BRIDE (Before wedding)

A girl was sitting infront of mirror. She was getting ready and admiring her beauty by herself. She was very happy, smiling, shying, excitement and some how worried.Her face was glowing like 1000 watts bulb.

Her thoughts were distributed by a door knock. From outside the door, someone asked…….. Dear!!!!! Are you ready for your big day? She answered, give me five minutes…….. I will be their. Outside the door, don’t be late dear…….. It’s your wedding day. She answered…….. Hmm!

Her expression changes abruptly into a worried, tense look. But, she maintain a small smile on her face. Then she started talking to her self by seeing her reflection.

It’s really very weired. I will be going to marry someone who is totally a stranger. After this marriage, I want to be with him, I want to accept his family as mine, I want to look after everyone. I want to sacrifice all my favourite things if they don’t like them. Can I do all these things?

No! No! Why am I thinking like a stupid? If my parents had chosen him for me, then definitely he will be good person! Otherwise why did they choose him? They are my well wishers! They always think about my happiness. I don’t want to think too much.

But……. Why? !!!!! Why? My heart rate is fast? Why I was feeling so tense? Feeling so strange and some how, I am afraid. I think……… I am not ready for this marriage. How can I leave my family, my friends, my world, everything……….

May be, I want to stop this marriage. I can’t handle this much of pressure. I can’t leave my parents for one day then…….. How can I leave my parents? How can I live, without seeing them.

Tears rolled in her eyes, actually she started crying like a baby.

Someone came into her room and saw her crying. Dear!!!! What happened? Why are crying? Is everything alright? She replied, mom!!!! I think, I can’t do this marriage. Her mom asked! What happened? She explained, everything to her.

Her mom gave a small smile. My innocent baby! Even, at my wedding day, I feel the same way. So don’t worry! Her mom explained her, make her calm and convinced her and take her to wedding hall.


I hope you all like it, I don’t know, how everyone feel at that time because I didn’t experience it yet. I am still a student right ? Lol!!!!!

  1. Lack of communication and understanding between Bride and groom before marriage leads to this situation…….
    But still Your narration is quite good🙂🤸‍♀️

  2. Teri Shaadi kab jai denu??

  3. Beautiful ❤️

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