Thodi Si Diwana Hai Hum………The Worst Day!!!!(Anika’s POV)

Anika continued,

My parents bid me a tearful good bye. They knew what they had done is wrong, but their izzat was important.

What my parents forgot was, “Reputation is what people think you are, character is what you are. So, we have to mould our character, not reputation!”

I cried a lot that day. My izzat has gone down, within moments!

I went inside the house, to find out there is no one except the maid. He told me that his parents are in Amravati.

I went to the room, which he told me was ours. I sat at the side of the bed on the floor and started crying. Tears started flowing from my eyes.

Suddenly I saw a hand wiping it off. It was his hand.

S: Anika, I know you didn’t like this marriage and my way of marrying you. But I will take care of you like a queen. You will be always happy here. But don’t cry. I hate to see you crying. I do care for you.

I looked at him. I could see concern in his bluish orbs. But I ignored it as my thoughts for self-pity.

That’s when I noticed a plate on his hand. He forwarded it to me.

S: Now, eat this.

A: I don’t need anything!

S: Eat!

A: I said I don’t want it.

S: (shouts)Eat!

A: (shouts even more louder) I said I don’t want it and pushes it off from his hand.(It was a slight push, so food didn’t fall down)

He takes the chappati dipped it in the curry and forwarded to feed me. I looked at him. Something in me couldn’t make me reject it. Was it my hunger? Was it something in me expecting self pity?? Was it something else???

I never knew it!

I ate it. He made me eat all the food in the plate. Then he told me to change the dress and sleep on the bed and he will sleep on the couch.

I never knew why he cared for me, even though he had done something which broke my izzat.

I told him to sleep on the bed as it is his house. He denied it. Even though, I forced him to sleep there, by saying that I will also sleep on the bed.

I then made the legendary pillow wall, which you always see in daily soaps!

There I slept, an uncomfortable one because of the tensions, but a comfortable one, I don’t know why.

Anika had her own justifications. I think my readers will agree to us, right?

She was talking to me in such a way that I could see that each word she said to me had her feelings in it.

Just then I got a call from Shivaay. It was to ask which day he should come. To which I replied, to come the day after.

Anika continued,

I cried everyday. Then one day, my parents took me home as per a rasam called pagphera, where as he went for meetings.

Then one day, he called me back home. He told me that his family is coming back home. I understood the situation.

The next day, his family came to the house.

His family consists of Dadi, Pinky Ma, Shakti Papa, Badi Ma, Bade Papa, their sons Om and Rudra, Chacha, Chachi and their daughter Priyanka.

I noticed even though they all are cousins, they have good bonding.

Then he introduces me as his wife in front of his family.

I could see the happiness in everyone’s face except Pinky Aunty, she just plastered a fake smile.

Days passed, I mingled with them well. Now, I was the one who listens to Om’s shayari, wake up Rudy from his sleep by shouting that his girlfriend came, Prinku’s mentor, Dadi’sBadi Ma’s, Chachi’s shopping friend, Shakti Papa’s, Bade Papa’s and Chacha’s cute reminders!

Gradually, I felt them as a family. Everything changed, except one thing – the relationship between us.

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