Thodi Si Diwana Hai Hum…..(Conflict Of Feelings!!!)

Anika continues:

Seeing no other way left, I started thrashing in his arms to let him set me free. Sensing my intentions he leaned against a small frame; putting his entire weight on me, thus making me stop my futile attempts. His closeness clogged my sensibility. Still climbing the mountain of sheer pleasure, I tried to get a hold on my emotions to form coherent thoughts.

“Ge….Get off me”, finally I regained my senses. His closeness affected me to the core but I am not going to let him take advantage of it.

“Calm down, girl!!! I will do anything as you say if you allow me to clean your wounds”, he bargained.

“Don’t melt for his words melt you like a candy floss kept in the mouth. This is a trap!!”, my inner voice screamed.

“Seriously mind, you couldn’t come up with a better excuse????”

“I am fine”, I said without meeting his eyes.

I thought of doing this in the correct way but seeing your stubbornness, I have to do this in my way!”, he said.

What do you mean?, I asked being confused.

Oh…….no! The next moment, I received his reply without even a single exchange of words between us.

You would wonder how? Simple…

My whole world turned upside down. I was hanging upside down on his shoulders!!

“Put me down, this instant!”, I shrieked.

Seeing no effect of my words on him, I started hitting him on his back. The next moment, colour rose my cheeks as he shamelessly smacked my derriere. He just did not do that! How embarrassing!!!

“Quiet woman”

He entered the washroom, placing me on the counter top.

“Sit there. I have to do the dressing. Till then, no arguments!”, he said.

I moved my face to the other side, feigning ignorance. Not a great move!

In the next second, he caught hold of my jaw making me whimp my head towards him.

“I said, do you understand???”, he asked.

His grip tightened on my jaw painfully. Not able to form any sentence, I nodded lowering my gaze to the ground.

He opened the cabinets and brought a first aid box. He aided my wounds. After that, I hastily got down in my feet and stumbled forward due to blurry vision.

Tears…again..! Oh No! My poor tear gland, I have a question for you, “Don’t you have any other jobs to do?”

I quickly wiped down the tear which rolled down my cheek. I wouldn’t allow him to know how much he affected me….his words…his smile…his possesiveness and everything. Why is he like This?? First he gives me wounds and then treats them. And instead of feeling humiliated, my heart craves for him. This is totally irrelevant. I want to pull my hair in frustration. I didn’t want him near Me, yet couldn’t stay far from him. His possessiveness fills my entire being with ecstasy.

Oh God! What’s happening to me? Am I sick?? My inner turmoil was taking a till on my health.


I stopped sharing his command. He approached me and slid his hand around my waist, slowly gliding it up my back. I shivered from his touch. My eyes closed in reflex. I fisted my Saree with both the hands, waiting for him to stop his slow torture. No words escaped my lips. His breath fanned my ears.

“Your blouse dori is untied”.

Immense pleasure circulated in my entire body system making every fibre alive. He gripped both its ends and twisted them thing a knot. His soft lips graced my upper back.

He placed a gentle kiss on my skin making my breath caught in my throat.


Not giving him any reply, I literally ran from the washroom.


“Dadi , there is a carnival organised in the outskirts of the village we are going to attend. We need your permission to go. It would be fun, please!!”, Rudy pleaded giving his best puppy eyes to her followed by chorus of please from other kids.

“Okay, you all can go but I can’t come as my knees are paining.”, Dadi told.

“Again….how? Did you not take the medicines in time, Kalyani?”, asked Dadaji concerned.

Oh, I did, but I think these pills have lost its glory. Don’t worry the pain will subside if I take proper rest. I called the doctor and consulted him about the matter. He said to come and meet him as soon as we return and also a few changes in the prescribed medicines.”, Dadi replied.

“Okay, but take care of yourself, Ma”, Jhanvi Maa interrupted.

Well, somebody needs to be present here to look after you maa. I shall stay. You all can go and enjoy yourself in the carnival“,Ketaki Chachi interrupted in between.

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