Thodi Si Diwana Hai Hum…….(3 Days Before Trip…!)

Anika continues:

I slept with Prinku that day as she need help with her studies. It was late at night and we didn’t know when we slept.  

I woke up when the sunlight seeped into the room which made me open my eyes, but then I again slept on the bed. (You know the last minute sleeps in the morning is the best!)

But then i woke up suddenly remembering my laziness. I woke up with a pout on my face, which my dad used to say was the sweet pout which adorned my lips. 

Just then, Prinku came from the bathroom drying her hair with the towel . 

P: Good Morning, Bhabhi!

I wished her back and crawled on the bed to come down but I fell on the floor. 

P: Bhabhi, are you fine?

A: (sarcastically) Yes, I am fine.

P: Huh?

A: Of course, I am hurt. Just help me get up. 

P: Who told you to think about bhai at this time?

She stuck out Her tongue while she laughed lightly( Age has nothing to do with the childishness)

To which I rebuked, 

As if I have nothing better to do than just think about your brother, Huh.. Akdu Sadu ….. Speaking of which, where is your brother right now?

P: Om and ru bhaiya are playing badminton in the garden.. (She smirked)

She was knowingly teasing me now.. Ahhh…. how I hate her now… 

To which I replied, 

Well I m not asking about them u r getting na what I mean to…

She laughed at my expense. 

A: You devil, laugh as much as you can , one day I will laugh at you like a maniac…Hahaha…

P: (folding her hands)Oh…Kanha! Help me, na….Will you be there always? Oh..Bhabhi…Ok..ok! Chill…Hold on your horses. Bhaiyya has gone out for a jog and will come in an hour, so the path is clear. 

I grinned at her. 

Then I went to have a bath and got ready. I wore my favourite baby pink sari . I had to get out of here before Shivaay comes back. I wore the bangles which matched my outfit. 

Suddenly I heard some foot steps and soon someone knocked at the door. I closed my eyes, praying that the person should not be Shivaay, but alas, it was him!

He was a meter away from me and just as I opened my eyes I saw him. 

His eyes were something different which made me look at it as if it is a concentration point. 

Shivaay continues:

I came in to see her closing her eyes and looking at the mirror. Why is she praying in front of the mirror? Suddenly she opened her eyes and was shocked to see me look at her. 

Her eyes were quick sand which pulls me in. I don’t know how to escape from it. 

Our moment broke when I heard her hiss in pain. I looked to see that one of the bangles pierced her hand. Blood was seeping out of her hand and tears started flowing from her eyes. 

I ran to her. 

Anika continues: 

Suddenly one of the bangles in my hand broke which pierced my hand. I hissed in pain. He came running to me. Tears started filling my hand which blurred my view. He rushed towards me, leaving no space between us. 

Getting hold of my hand, he examined the cut area. He was cautious enough to make sure that he doesn’t hurt me. I was overwhelmed by his cute gestures. 

Suddenly, my brain whispered, 

“Really Ani, even after hearing those hurtful comments you are letting him come near you. You have proved that you are a buffoon.” 

Those events spiraled in my mind  – his accusations and everything. 

In the next second, I found myself snatching my hand from his grip and hiding it and hurriedly moving away from him, creating distance between us. 

At that moment, “the farther,the better”  was my agenda.

He said, 

“What are you doing Anika? Let me check it. It’s a big cut for God’s sake. If not treated well, it will get affected. “

He took some steps forward forcing me to back away. His jaws clenched seeing my reluctance to come near him. Serves him well!!!

After saying that it’s something which I could manage. I whirled away from him towards the exit door. 

Before I could take any step further, I was pulled back roughly with a certain force making me slam on his rock chest. My back was pressing his front.

Seriously, What’s wrong with these  men and their rock chests?

I yelled,

“Ahh…it hurts…Leave me”

Ignoring the butterflies flying in my stomach, because of our closeness. I hope my voice was clear enough for him to succumb my wishes.

That brute simply ignored my command as if I  didn’t utter anything. On the contrary, his hands snaked around my waist engulfing me in my hug.

I could feel his  warm breath tickling against my neck building a frizzy sensation in my body. 

I tries to wriggle out of his grip but it was no of use. Instead his hold on me tightened with passing seconds. 

Seeing no other way….

How was it???

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  1. Banita

    Nycc epi Agga….
    I like u wrote both of their POV at d same time in d same epi… It’s good to read…
    BTW i think it’s my 1st comment on this ff… So sorry for that dr… But i read all d chaapies nd hit like to them… Sry once again 4 not commenting before…

    1. Agga4102

      It’s ok, dear! It really makes me happy that you commented now. I am really happy that you liked my posts!

  2. Hi agga
    Little busy so only one word i will say fantastic episode.
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Agga4102

      Thank You!!!! I am happy at least you took of some time to comment that this is good!!!!!😀😀😀

  3. ItsmePrabha

    hey are doing girl??i loved prinku and anudi’s scene..and shivika scene is beautiful and intense…will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Agga4102

      Fine di!!!! Will update ASAP!!!!

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you, dear!!!!!!!!!!!!

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