Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Kajol’s union of love at the airport

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anurag asking Kajol if she is also going somewhere. Kajol says how can you go? Your patients, colleagues, need you. She says did you think about Abhishek uncle and pishimaa? She says what about NGO kids and Putul, they will be heart. He says you want me to stay back. Kajol says yes, and asks from whom he is running away. They hear band sound and a couple hugging each other. Anurag is about to leave from there. Kajol says if not for them, then stay back for me. Anurag turns and looks at her. Kajol walks towards him and looks at him with tears in her eyes. He gets teary eyes too. Kajol says please stop for me. Anurag asks why I shall stop? Kajol says I want to know you, you are a good person, I don’t want to lose you. She says I know that I hurt you and says suddenly you asked me for marriage, I was scared. She says I was betrayed badly and my heart was broken. She says I can’t trust anyone, but knows that you are different. She says she needed time so that she don’t do the same mistake again. She asks if he is understanding what she is trying to say. Anurag asks do you want to give a chance to me? Kajol says I…He asks her to say yes or no. Kajol says yes. He asks will you marry me? The people in the restaurant look at them. Anurag asks will you marry me? He asks her to say. The newly weds who dropped her here ask her to agree. Others also ask Kajol to agree. Someone gives a bouquet to Anurag. Anurag bends down on his knees. Everyone claps. Kajol asks him to get up and says everyone is watching. Anurag says I love you Kajol, I love you so much. I love your charm, your song and infact all your perspective which makes you this person. He says only I know, how I stayed without you and says I wasn’t having words to express my love before. He says you need time, so take it, but at the end, promise me that you will marry me and will make me rich guy. He asks will you marry me and will become my lifepartner. A girl asks her to agree. Priyanka comes there and looks at them shockingly. Anurag asks Kajol to express in words. Kajol says yes. Anurag asks her to tell loudly. Kajol says yes, yes, yes. I will marry you….Dr. Anurag. Anurag throws the bouquet in air happily. Priyanka gets upset and goes away from there. Anurag opens his arms wide. Kajol hugs him. Everyone claps for them.

At Vishu’s house, Chandana does the ritual and makes Arjun wear chain. Arundita checks Naina’s necklace and signs Tai ji. Pishimaa looks at them and says it is not costly, but it has her baba’s blessings. Arundita says it is precious. She shows the necklace brought by them for her. Naina says it is gorgeous and takes off the necklace which Chandana made her wear. Chandana gets upset. Naina asks how can I refuse my would be mother in law’s gift. Chandana asks her to wear. Arundita asks if someone is coming? Pishimaa says I am waiting for Kajol, she got bravery award too.

Priyanka comes home and cries infront of her mother. Her mother asks who is responsible for your condition. Priyanka says Kajol has snatched my everything from me.

Anurag and Kajol are in the car. Anurag says I am so happy that you are with me and says sorry for not coming there to give her an award. Kajol says its ok. He asks what to do to make you belief. Kajol says I trust you. Anurag says when I was a kid, I used to like cola more than lemonade. He says I thought from where to start our conversation. Kajol says good info, it is good that you told. He tells about his daily routine. He says he is nervous and don’t know what to say. He says this is happening due to you. Kajol says why? He says I don’t know how to do romantic talks, and I didn’t talk to anyone like this. Kajol says we shall play a game and play a song, and says if it relates to your mood then you shall tell me. Anurag says yes, and switches on the radio. Song plays….He says big yes for this and says now it is your turn. They continue to play the songs one by one. He drops her home. Kajol thanks him. Anurag says when we will meet? He says I will wait for your call. Kajol asks him to go home and tell your baba and pishimaa that you haven’t gone to US. He asks her to show the trophy to everyone. She asks him to go. Anurag asks him to call him Anurag and says I have become your patient. Kajol calls him Anurag. Anurag waves her bye. She turns and waves her hand. Anurag looks at her smilingly.

Precap: Sharmila gets surprised seeing Anurag back. He very happily says that Kajol said yes. She is ready to get married to me. Sharmila is also happily surprised. Dida hears it and gets shocked. She says what? Kajol? Other side, Kajol shyingly tells Pishimaa, I have decided to marry Dr. Anurag. Pishimaa asks, really? Dida asks Anurag, are you going to get married to that Kajol? Anurag says, Kajol is a very good girl. If I get married, then with her only. No one else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Good episode. Now make Nani and Priyanka disappear for a few episodes.

  2. So happy with the episode! The scene at the beginning was magical. Hats off to Anurag/Karan for his acting today. He hit every note just right, as did Ishita/Kajol. Also, it’s interesting, this is probably the most Anjol have ever talked to one another at one time lol. Right now, I think Kajol is a little more reserved in her feelings, so I’m waiting to see her have deeper feelings for Anurag and love him just like he loves her and for them to know each other better. I sound like a broken record, but I’m a bit concerned too about what new obstacles will be in their way, since there are so many villians. I just hope they marry each other sooner rather than later,

    1. R.J

      A1 well said too many villans, and actually i’m too bit curious about new hurdles on their way and how they cross them and win everyone’s love.

  3. This was the best proposal ever,,,, please don’t rush their wedding and stop dragging the show too much it had too much negativity from the start let us enjoy sweet moments now

  4. R.J

    what an episode , Hats off to anurag and kajol for brilliant acting, anjol ruled today’s eps, can’t wait for kajol to express her feelings to Anurag, hope they will get married soon

  5. This episode has my heart. Loved every bit of the episode. Just amazinggggg❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Am so much happy to comment now precap please

  7. I’m beaming with joy after watching the episode! I agree with everyone else that the proposal was amazing and touched my heart. I couldn’t stop smiling during that scene. Thanks for the update and thanks makers for giving us such a happy and peaceful episode, minus that Priyanka scene.

  8. Am very happy for anurag and kajol

  9. Best episode so far

  10. Just loved the episode. I think so far the bestest episode I have seen. Anurag and Isihita’s expression towards each other were so natural and romantic. I watched the episode in repeat many times. Looking to see their love story further and excited to see them getting married. Hope the villians doesn’t create and issue between them. So far the best love story television had/have.
    #Anjol rocks! ❤

  11. Very nice proposal. Please make them marry immediately.

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