Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update: Priyanka invites Kajol for her marriage with Anurag

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 21st January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priyanka coming there clapping surprising Mukherjee family and Anurag. She tells Chandana that you are praying for wrong Jodi, real Jodi is this, and asks her to bless Anurag and her. She tells that next week is Anurag and her marriage, and invites them all for the wedding. She asks Kajol to congratulate them. Kajol congrats them. Priyanka asks if everything is fine? She asks what my fiancé is doing here, late in night. She congrats Bulti and hugs her. She asks Anurag, why he didn’t tell her about their marriage and says we will give them return gift after our marriage. She asks Kajol to come to their wedding surely, being Anurag’s special friend. Chandana says my Kajol’s heart is very big, after whatever you have done, Kajol will come to your marriage surely. She gives her best wishes for the wedding and tells Anurag that he is a good person and Durga Maa shall keep you happy always. Anurag comes to Bulti and asks her never to think her alone, and says your brother is with you. Bulti thanks and hugs him. Anurag looks at Kajol. He tells Bulti that he is happy that she got married to her love, and says this is not in everyone’s destiny. Bulti says you have given me new life. Apu says I don’t know how I will return your favor/ Anurag asks him to keep her happy always, and says those people are lucky who get destination in love and hopes best for their love. He looks at Kajol and reminisces his moments with her. He looks at Kajol. Kajol looks at the ring on her finger. Priyanka invites her for the wedding and also the marriage functions. She says bye and holds Anurag’s hand to leave. Anurag looks at Kajol before going. Kajol gets sad.

Arundita says how can Bulti do this? Kaushik blames her for being busy in kitty parties, etc. Arundita asks why are you shouting at me? Arjun says we shall talk tomorrow now. Tai ji blames Naina. Naina asks why are you blaming me and says Shreya bhabhi had opened the door. Shreya says you have no value in the house, so it is better to be quiet. Arundita asks why everyone shall be quiet infront of you, says I supported you and you took revenge on us, by helping Bulti elope. She says I helped you when Ayaan raised finger on your and Arjun’s relation. Shreya says what are you saying and says I don’t know why Bulti lied, she might wanted to save Naina. She says I don’t know how Bulti saw me and says I will prove this. Naina says you will blame me for this. Shreya says I don’t need to do like you, I am not roadside like you. Naina shouts asking how dare you? Kaushik asks them to shut up. Shreya thinks I won’t let the blame come on me.

Lekha does aarti of Apu and bulti for her grah pravesh. Bulti reminisces her parents and gets sad. Kajol keeps the colored water and white paper on the floor. Bulti recalls her happy moments with her brothers. Lekha asks her to keep her right foot first. Bulti enters the house. Chandana says Lakshmi came to our house today. Kajol hugs her. Chandana wipes Bulti’s tears and asks her to come inside. They boil the milk on the stove. Chandana asks her not to get scared and says this means your life and house are complete. She gives her bangles and kisses on her forehead. Bulti hugs her.

Sharmila talks to Anurag and says Kaushik dada told everything about Bulti and Apu’s marriage. She asks did you help her to elope? Anurag says Bulti was in trouble and she met me on the way. He says I took her to Kajol’s house, and tells everything. He says I made the two lovers unite. Sharmila asks why did you agree to marry Priyanka and asks him to forget Kajol then? Anurag laughs and asks how can anyone forget his love. He asks how to forget Kajol? Sharmila asks him to handle himself and goes. Anurag gets teary eyes.

Bulti is in the room. Kajol comes there and asks her to change her clothes. Bulti says she will change in sometime. Kajol makes her eat food with her hand. Bulti says Priyanka di came 10 mins ago and announced her marriage with Anurag da, and says you have forgotten your pain and feeding me food with your hand. She says my mother never made me have food with her hand or never asked me if I am fine. She cries and hugs her.

Precap: Kajol says to everyone that she wants to keep a reception for Apu and Bulti. Anurag says and such functions are fun when both sides do the preparations. Bulti is my sister, so I have decided to make grand arrangements for the reception. Later, Anurag and Kajol are doing shopping. He asks her to try a dress/saree. She looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Possible of getting rid of Psycho Priyanka??

    She is too beautiful n g eff ntake to ne a silly Vamp – should be a female lead.

    Pls either get rid of her or let her to Rid n positive n bring AnJol together pls 🙂

    Create another LOVE Story – for Mahi or bring in a bigger role Dida as the main Vamp!!!

  2. The main good part of today’s episode was that Arjun’s mother finally talked back to Shreya and doubted her….not saying that I want her to support Naina either lol. I’m hoping that Anurag’s Pishima is planning something against Priyanka, as she keeps on encouraging him to forget Kajol. I’m happy about the precap, at least we’ll get some cute Anjol scenes next week when they plan Bulti and Apu’s reception.

  3. Naina sure can shout🤣😂Where is Kajol Pishima miss her She is the pillar of that house

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