Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol and Vishu’s emotional moment before the marriage

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rekha asking Kajol if she got ready. Kajol turns to her. Chandana and Rekha get happy seeing her. Chandana says my daughter’s heart is beautiful and today she is looking lovely. Pishimaa says she will get the bad sight. Chandana bites her finger and says now no bad sight will happen. Kajol says don’t know what Arjun’s family will be thinking about me. Cahndana asks her to forget everything and concentrate on her new life. Pishimaa says the evil doesn’t stand infront of good, and asks her to trust herself and leave everything on Devimaa. Chandana says it is every bride’s destiny that they get nervous before going to sasural. She says Arjun will handle you and loves you a lot. Kajol hugs her and cries. Chandana asks her not to cry. Kajol asks her to take care of Baba and says he didn’t come for any function today. Pishimaa says I asked Vishu to rest until baraat comes. Shyam comes to Vishu and asks if he is fine? Vishu says kanyadaan is the biggest daan and it is of great moment for a father, you are lucky to get this chance on my place. He covers his shawl to him and says it is my blessing, during kanyadaan, it will be your body, but soul will be mine. Shyam hugs him and cries.

Amrita tells that Kajol’s sisters will be jealous seeing my handsome brother. Arundita says don’t put bad sight on him and makes him wear the traditional Bengali cap. Arundita asks Shreya to apply chandan tilak to him. Ayan asks her to do it. Shreya applies tilak to Arjun.

Kajol worries for Vishu and insists to meet him. Pishimaa says I will go and see your baba and asks her to go down to the mandap. Dr. Anurag gets ready and sits in his car, and leaves with his father and aunt. Arundita tells Rekha that baraat will be coming, we shall welcome them. Kajol comes there. Vishu asks where is Kajol? She will not go without meeting me. Pishimaa says she is getting ready and mahurat time, so she might go to the mandap directly. Kajol thinks to meet Vishu once. Chandana says baraat is coming and asks her to come with her. Kajol is walking worriedly and thinks how can I step in new life, without Baba’s blessings. She runs to meet Vishu. Vishu sees her coming there and gets happy seeing her in bridal wear. He tells Pishimaa says that I told you that Kajol will come to meet me surely. He says I knew that my daughter will not go without meeting me. Kajol sits. Vishu folds his hands and says I want to see you for one last time, when you go from here, then my eyes will yearn to see you. Kajol gets teary eyes. Vishu blesses her and asks her to be happy always. He says you are a good daughter and shall become more good bahu. He asks not to lose her self respect being a woman and says if you are truth then you don’t need to bend your head infront of anyone. Apu comes there and calls Kajol. Kajol cries and touches his feet. Vishu blesses her. Kajol cries and hugs him. beti tere baba plays….Kajol asks are you fine? Vishu says I am fine seeing you in bridal outfit. He asks her to go. Kajol leaves his hand and goes out of room crying. Vishu asks her not to turn and look back, it is inauspicious and gives her promise asking her to go. Kajol goes.

The girls tease asking Kajol if she is nervous. Anu says Baraat came. They see baraat coming. Kajol thinks Baba might come out hearing the baraat music. Rajesh tries to take Vishu to the window to see the baraat. Vishu says I can’t tell you, how much happy I am seeing this. Arjun comes in the car gifted by Vishu. Naina says car is good. Anu says he might have bought. Naina says ofcourse, as Baba couldn’t give, he must have bought. Vishu asks Rajesh to go and welcome the guests along with Shyam. Rajesh says I can’t leave you in this condition. Vishu asks him to go. Arjun dances with the baraat. Vishu stands holding the window and says my rajkumari’s rajkumar has arrived. Chandana welcomes him and applies tilak. She asks him to come inside. Naina says your entry is like Hritik Roshan. Arjun says you are also not looking less than Katrina Kaif. Naina smiles. He sits on the sofa. Kajol is seated on another sofa and hopes her baba stays with her always.

Precap: Vishu faints and falls on the floor. Kajol stands in middle of her marriage and rushes to him. She slaps Arjun in front of everyone saying his greediness killed her father. A murderer can never be her life partner. He stares at her angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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