Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anurag saves Bulti and takes her to Kajol

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol sitting at Apu’s bedside and says don’t take tension, everything will be fine. She looks at baba’s pic and says Apu is younger than me, make his love reach the destination. Bulti thinks of her father’s threat, and the groom’s family accepting the alliance. She thinks she can’t marry anyone else. She says Apu, I really miss you, I wish I could meet you once, and hopes he will not think her wrong, says she tried a lot, but don’t know what to do. She says if Dad is stubborn then I am stubborn too. She decides to commit suicide and puts rope on the fan. Shreya opens the door lock and thinks Bulti will leave from here and then Naina’s plan will be ruined. She knocks on the door and goes. Bulti thanks God and packs her bags. Shreya looks at her and says your golden bird fly away, Naina. Bulti leaves from the house. Anurag is in his car somewhere. He calls the fm radio and tells that he wants to dedicate his song for special someone. Kajol is hearing the fm radio and looks at the radio, thinking about Anurag. Bulti asks taxi driver to take right. The taxi driver asks her not to worry. Bulti thinks she doesn’t have phone and gets worried. She asks him to stop the car and shouts for help. The taxi driver stops the car. Bulti gets down and runs, shouting. Anurag hears her screams.

The taxi driver pushes Bulti on the floor and holds her. Anurag comes there and beats the taxi driver for teasing the girl. Anurag asks Bulti if she is fine. He sees her face and says Bulti. Bulti says dada and cries. He asks where were you going so late in night. He comes to Kajol’s house with Bulti. Kajol opens the door and sees them. She takes Bulti inside and asks about her injury. Arundita finds the door open and sees saree on the fan. She gets shocked and shouts Bulti. Kaushik asks who has opened the door. Arjun says I will kill Apu. Kaushik says I can’t believe that Bulti will run away with Bulti. Tai ji asks Arundita not to worry. Shreya thinks I will bring the twist in your game, Naina. Naina tells Arundita that she has not done anything. Shreya says I have gone to Bulti’s room to find some proofs and found this. She shows Naina’s earring, and asks if it is yours. Arjun says it is embarrassing. Shreya asks did you go to meet Bulti? Kajol thanks Anurag for saving Bulti. Anurag says God has always tested the lovers, we shall have strength. He says Bulti is strong. Apu says when I saw your pictures with NRI guy, I thought. Bulti says you believed it, didn’t you trust our love? Kajol says if love is true, then shall be strong like a mountain. She asks Apu to apologize to Bulti and says you have heart her unknowingly. Apu asks Bulti to beat him. Bulti hugs Apu.

Kaushik asks Naina, did you do this? Naina says why I would have told you about her affair, if I wanted to help her elope. Shreya says what your earring was doing outside the room door. Naina says what is this logic, if I leave your earring and find it, then? Tai ji says Apu is your brother. Kaushik says if you are involved then I will not leave you. Anurag asks Apu, if he loves Bulti and will hold her hand for life. Apu says yes, more than myself. Kajol says do you love Apu? Bulti says more than my life. Kajol promises them that they will unite them.

Precap: Naina is trying to call Kajol on land line. Other side, Apu breaks the phone. Arjun’s father tells police that he wants Kajol, Apu, Chandana arrested. Kajol says that she feels they should get Apu and Bulti married.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode! Shreya trapped Naina well, I’m hoping after Anjol help get Bulti and Apu married, the latter help to break up Priyanka and Anurag and ger Anjol married.

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