Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Chandana apologizes to Kajol

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol asking Chandana not to cry. Naina asks Chandana to talk to her and says everything is ruined at one moment. She says you used to say right, that Kajol di is cursed. Pishimaa asks her to have some shame and says you haven’t left anything now. Naina says it is not my mistake, I have no option left, you know well that Kajol di is jealous of me and is showing right on Baba’s property and business, so I took the money and kept it with myself. She says I was about to give share to everyone. She says I have saved the money from getting stolen, real thief is Kajol di. Chandana slaps her and asks her to keep quiet and says today you have stained your baba’s name. She regrets to come in her talks and for blaming Kajol for her pain. She says after your baba left, I behaved badly with Kajol. She says she always thought good about us and the family and I told so much bad about her. She apologizes to Kajol for hurting her so much. Kajol says No maa and hugs her. Chandana cries.

Pishimaa gets relieved. Kajol makes Chandana rest on the bed and covers her with blanket. Anurag tells poetry thinking about Kajol and the happenings. He closes his eyes and opens his eyes shouting Kajol’s name. He thinks Kajol’s life is such, there is no forgiveness and no appraisal. He hopes Kajol’s mother supports her and worries for her.

Kajol tells Pishimaa that she feels bad for Naina’s sasural. Pishimaa says two clever people have united, and tells that Naina will find the way, she just thinks about herself. She says today I am very happy to see Naina getting slapped by Chandana, and says she should have got this before. She says I am happy that all the misunderstandings went away from Chandana’s heart for you. Kajol says yes, I am very happy. Pishimaa asks her to keep her hand on her heart and say that she got all the happiness without Dr. Anurag. Kajol says I don’t want to talk about that. Pishimaa says I don’t know anything, but there is a truth in his eyes. She asks kajol to close the windows, hearing the sudden storm and rain. Kajol comes to close the window and sees Anurag walking on the road and coming to their house. She closes the window and comes running to him. She takes him to the PCO and asks him why is he increasing their troubles and asks him to go. Anurag says I couldn’t talk to you after whatever happened in the marriage and asks if someone said something to you. Kajol asks him to go. She comes out of PCO and falls down. Anurag comes to her and lifts her. He takes her to the bench and makes her sit. He checks her foot. Kajol looks at him. music plays….Kajol says I am fine. Anurag says I am checking if there is deep injury. Kajol says don’t act to care for me. Anurag says you are thinking wrong and asks what is my mistake that you are behaving this way. Kajol recalls Priyanka’s words and tells him that a gentleman shall know when to stop and shall know that when a girl is saying no, then that means no. She asks him to respect her and her words. She says I don’t want to talk about this and says did you ever think that all my problems are due to you. Anurag says due to me. Kajol says yes, due to you. She says when I first met you, that day was inauspicious day of my life. She says our meetings gave me bad reputation and nothing else. Anurag is hurt with her talks. Kajol goes from there.

Naina calls Arjun. Arjun picks the call. Naina asks him why he is not picking the call. Arjun says today you have humiliated me and my family. Naina says this all happened due to Shreya and Kajol. She says she wanted to bring the money to his house, so that he don’t need to have any embarassment. She says Kajol wanted to take revenge on her and that’s why called Police. Arjun says you are trapped. Naina asks him to come and take her. Arjun says his family members are angry, and tells that he will come in some days. He ends the call. Naina blames Kajol and thinks she will never forgive her.

Kajol comes back home crying. Pishimaa wipes her hair and says I saw you going out. Kajol cries. Pishimaa asks her to cry. Kajol says I don’t want to cry for the person, who was never mine. Pishimaa says your tongue can lie, but not your heart. Kajol says she is saying what she is feeling. Pishimaa says there is a difference. Anurag is driving his car and thinks I can’t believe your words.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Today’s episode was pretty nice. Chandana finally realized she was wrong. Naina got a tight slap and I loved how Kajol’s Pishima relished in that. As for the Anjol scene, I felt so bad for Anurag. The poor man has become a Devdas over Kajol and Kajol just crushed his spirit even more. At the same time, it was nice to see them actually talking to one another, instead of imaginary versions of the other. Please let the reconciliation happen by the end of this week, as the story is moving really slow.

    1. Everyone and everything except Kajol and Dr.Anuraag’s roles are properly shown. And it’s like old story in new bottle. They are unnecessarily bringing sadness to the story line.

  2. Hi A1
    HAVE SEEN tomorrow’s episode on voot n it is too sad.
    Anurag would come to kajols house but she wud tell him rudely to go away. She says why can’t u respect a girls feelings if she says no it means no.
    She tells him that since the day she met him she has landed into troubles.
    Also noina is still accusing kajol for her problems.

    1. @Renu, Hi! Yes, the episode was super sad. I can’t believe Noina still dares to accuse Kajol for her problems. I felt so bad for Anurag. Honestly, he shouldn’t try anymore to win Kajol’s affection. I want Kajol to find the truth by herself and come back crying and apologizing to Anurag. I know Anurag is a bit pushy and Kajol was right in saying no means no, but at the same time, Kajol should have the sense to at least tell Anurag why she is upset at him before saying such harsh words. I understand she’s wounded from Arjun’s relationship, but how could she trust Priyanka over Anurag, who supported her at every turn when no one else did (with the exception of her Pishima). Now something really needs to happen which causes Kajol to apologize to Anurag and win him over.

  3. Sorry thought I am writing on 14th Dec page

  4. R.J

    can we get priyanka out please she is unbearable, missunderstanding between anjol have to solve soon and both of them get married

  5. Please show some positivity in Love Stories , not all stories required an evil person n then reunite ! Kindly spread positivity as Love , Love and Love.

    Third person (Priyanka) is just unbearable now !

  6. Priyanka’s planning should come against Anurag. And Please show them together. It should be love angle of them. Not always Showing sad Story.Please Showing us some Positivity.

  7. Please show us that in next episodes, Anurag and Kajol unite, their misunderstanding stops. Priyanka is out of Anurags life for ever, and old di da also goes back to her place instead of creating hurdles to Kajol. Kajol should use her brain to clear misunderstandings between herself and Anurag instead behaving like a sacrificer. Or stupid.

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