Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun leaves Naina after marriage, after Shreya exposes her theft

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol closing the window. Pishimaa says he is a good guy and says you are having a misunderstanding. Kajol asks if those pics were wrong and says they know each other since 10 years. She asks if he is stone hearted and ruthless. Pishimaa says he is not ruthless and asks her to have food. Anu comes there and tells Pishimaa Maa has called you. Kajol asks her to go. Anu says Maa wants you to be there in Naina’s bidaai. Kajol comes out happily with Pishimaa. Chandana asks Kajol to bless the groom and the bride. Pishimaa says Kajol is Naina’s elder sister, you have to take her blessings. Arjun and Naina bend down a bit to touch her feet. Kajol asks Arjun to promise her, that he will keep Naina happy, no cleverness and smartness. Naina asks how are you talking to my husband. Pishimaa says let Kajol complete her words. Kajol says you love Naina, and shall keep her happy. She says I had bear, but if you hurt Naina then I will not bear. Arjun says ofcourse. They take Chandana’s blessings. Shreya gets a message that Police has arrived. She says this is the right time. Police comes there and says arrest her. Lady constable comes to Naina to arrest her. Arjun says what are you saying. Shreya says she is our house bahu and not a thief. Inspector says she is a thief. Kajol says she is my sister.

Inspector says insider only do the theft. He says Naina’s finger prints and the finger prints on the locker matches. Naina says I have opened the locker to get Maa’s jewellery. Kajol says why Naina will steal her own money. Shreya asks Inspector to show the proofs. Constable brings Naina’s bag. Anu says it is Naina’s bag. The constable opens it and gets the money bag. Inspector says this is strong proof. Dida says everyone shall check their packets. She asks Arundita, why did they get Arjun marry in such a family. She says I will not fixed alliance in such a family. Kaushik asks why you are insulting us again. Inspector says arrest her. Naina says may be someone has put it in my suitcase so that everything think me as culprit. Arjun says who can do this? Naina says Kajol di. Anurag says how can you say this and tells that Kajol has worked day and night to get money for your marriage, and asks how can you think that she will do this. He tells Inspector that they want concrete proofs? Kajol says why Naina will do this and asks for the proof. She says today Naina married. Shreya says I am more smart than you, Naina. Kajol asks Anurag to calm down and says I know that you are doing this for our family betterment and says this is our house matter, don’t say anything. Dida scolds Kajol.

Shreya pretends to see the pic in her mobile, in which Naina is holding the envelope. She shows it to the Inspector and recalls going there and taking the pic, when Naina had stolen the money. Inspector shows the pic, in which Naina is holding money bag. Anurag asks Naina what she will tell now, and says you was blaming Kajol for your cheap work. Naina says yes, I have done this theft and says so what, even we have right on this money. She says she couldn’t see Kajol’s rights on the money. Arjun says today you have cut my family’s nose, this is so humiliating and disgusting. Kajol asks why did you do this Naina? Why did you steal in your own house? Pishimaa says and you was blaming Kajol. She says you have so much bitterness for her, that you have stoop low. Chandana, Shyam, Lekha and others feel bad for Naina’s doings. Inspector says take her. Naina asks Arjun to stop them, and says I was saving money from getting stolen. Kajol asks Inspector to stop and apologizes to him for wasting their time. She thanks Shreya for using her contacts and apologizes to Inspector. She says I am taking back this complaint. She says this is house matter, I don’t want my younger sister to be insulted. Inspector asks are you sure? Kajol says yes. Inspector gives the money and goes with his team.

Kaushik asks his family and relatives to come, and asks do you want to take this thief along with us. Arjun is leaving with his family. Kajol stops Arjun and asks him to forgive Naina. She says there was a reason behind her move, although it was wrong. She folds her hands and asks him to give a chance to Naina. She says this marriage will become her destruction if you leave her, and asks him to convince his family to take her. She says please take her with you. Dida says Arjun shall refuse. Arjun says I shall take Naina from here as per the ritual, but after the tamasha, it is not possible. I will come to take her later. Naina says Arjun no. Arjun and his family leaves from there. Naina breaks down and cries. Sharmila tells Anurag that they shall also leave. Kajol hugs Naina and cries. Chandana says why God is showing this way and cries.

Precap: Naina says that the real thief is Kajol di. I tried to save money from getting robbed. Chandana slaps Naina. Kajol meets Anurag in a heavy rain. She asks, what are you doing in so much rain? He says, I care so much about you and you think I am just acting. She says, I don’t want to talk to you. Please go. She starts walking. Her dress gets torn by mistake as he tries to stop her. She says, the day when I met you was my unluckiest day. Our meetings have only given me pain and insults. Nothing else.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Woowww, I am very happy to read Naina crying 😂😂😂😂
    Loved the episode without seeing.
    Although Anjol scenes were missing but Naina’s tears were sufficient 😂😂😂

  2. Although today’s episode was super dramatic, it was kind of nice to have a departure from the whole Priyanka drama for a day. Plus, I agree, it was nice to see Naina get her just desserts. At the same time, I didn’t like seeing Kajol basically begging Arjun to take Naina with him. I think Kajol will do something to reconcile Arjun and Naina. I really want the show to capitalize on the Anjol moments now, even if they get separated again once they reconcile this week. Anjol’s chemistry is the strength of the show and main reason for watching it.

  3. I love the way this useless girl was disgraced. But I hate to see Shreya wins.
    You have given punishment to Naina for all her evil deeds , what of Shreya that have been cheating her husband with his brother and having been doing all sorts of badness. Wish her own day of disgrace comes soon.
    This Dida is a witch. What a very cunning and wicked grandmother

    1. Please sort out anurag and Kajol’s relationship..let them marry anurag is so sweet nd kind.. let this truth be out.. priyanka is so stretegic figure.. I will be more happy when this cry comes to priyanka…

  4. Please sort out anurag and Kajol’s relationship..let them marry anurag is so sweet nd kind.. let this truth be out.. priyanka is so stretegic figure.. I will be more happy when this cry comes to priyanka…

  5. Yesbl agree with you they both for each other

  6. Kajol, you sounds like Tejo – boring

  7. I wil stop watching dis series now,am tired of all these unnecessary dragging

  8. Amazing

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