Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol rushes to Dr. Anurag’s hospital

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shreya asking Amrita, why she will do it? she says infact Kajol doesn’t know dancing and was feeling odd as I took her out. Amrita asks why did you give so much money to the waiter. Shreya says I asked him to get medicine and asks how dare you to accuse me cheaply. Vishu asks Naina to take back all the taunts and words which she told and asks her to apologize to her. Naina says I am sorry. Vishu says get out. Naina goes. Kajol says Baba. Vishu asks Anu and Chandrika to take Kajol to her room. Amrita says you are lying to hide your sin and asks if they are stupid to think that she gave so much money for medicine. Shreya says Kajol is not stupid and must have known the difference between hard drink and soft drink, she liked it and continued drinking. She says if you all want me to go to my mayka then I will go. Pishimaa says don’t know what Shreya will do after Kajol’s marriage. Arundita tells Shreya that nobody is judging her, they are criticizing Kajol. Tai ji says all mistake is of Kajol, she should be careful. Arundita then scolds Amrita for spying behind Shreya and asks her to stop doing such things. Vishu gets angry and insist to talk to Arjun’s father. Chandana and Pishimaa ask him to talk to them on the marriage day and tells that Kajol loves Arjun and he is her happiness. Pishimaa asks him to have patience and says Kajol will handle Shreya.

Arjun asks why did you do this with Kajol? Shreya says Kajol asked me for the drinks, she might be feeling complex and might want to mingle in high society and asks him not to blame her for Kajol. Arjun says I know Kajol very well and you too. He says Kajol is chosen for a reason and you are creating problems for us and not for Kajol, else you will only cry. He says if you want us then be quiet.

Kajol thinks of Naina’s words and Apu’s words that it was not her mistake, whatever happened in party. Chandana comes to her and asks her for forget last night and get ready for today’s rasam. Chachi comes there and takes her for the rasam. Kajol sits for the rasam. Pishimaa shows her favorite sweets and asks her to be sweet always. They start the ritual. Arjun’s family too start the ritual in his house. Arundita does his aarti. Shreya does his aarti. Arjun bites her finger and says sorry. Ayan comes there and looks at them looking at each other. He calls Shreya. Vishu comes there. Kajol says I would have come after this rasam, why did you come out of room? Vishu says I have to handover my daughter’s hand in Arjun’s hand and this is your last food here. He says when you come here next time, you will be Mrs. Chatterji. He says if I go up, then will ask God to send me back for sometime. Pishimaa asks why do you talk such things. Vishu says sorry. Ayan is greeted by the family members. Arjun hugs Ayan. Ayan asks Shreya why did you shout? Arjun says while she was feeding me sweets, my tooth bit her finger. Ayan makes Arjun have the sweets and says my finger is not bitten. He asks why your tooth bit only selected people. Tai ji asks Arjun to touch Shreya’s feet and take her blessings. Arjun says Bhabhi is of my age, then why will I touch her feet. Arundita says but she is elder in relation. Arjun touches her feet, while she stops him. Arjun says its ok, once Kajol comes, I will be on her duty. Vishu tells Kajol that he will do her kanyadaan tomorrow. Shyam says if he wants then he can do. Vishu says it is my dream to get my kids married, and I will fulfill all the rasams well. Shyam and Chandana take him inside. Kajol gets emotional.

Dr. Anurag Basu gets message and sees the pics of the party. He sees Kajol’s pic and thinks why Shreya did this with her. Nurse comes and calls him for an emergency case. Vishu calls Rajesh and asks if he got money? Rajesh says yes, I am going to the showroom to do payment. Vishu says very good. He gets up from his bed and gets sweated. Apu comes to the room and sees him falling. He holds him and calls everyone. Chandana makes him drink water. Kajol says you are unwell and asks did you take medicine. Vishu says yes, I have taken. She says I will call Dr. Basu and asks why medicine is not working. She calls him, but he is busy in operation. Kajol thinks why is he not picking the call. They ask Kajol where is she going? Kajol says she is going to hospital. Pishimaa says it is abshagun. Kajol says there is no shagun or abshagun. Kajol comes to the hospital with Apu. Dr. Anurag asks only one to come to his cabin. Kajol says she was calling him since long time. He says I was busy in emergency case. Kajol says your medicines are not working and my Baba is sweating since morning, and asks if he has any responsibility or not. He asks what you expect doctor to do, take mobile and check while operating someone. He says if you have called helpline number, then some other doctor would have attend you. He says the girl who cares for her marriage than her baba’s health, doesn’t have the right to be concerned for his health. Kajol tries to say. He says I did warned you, tests needs to be done fast, but you all was worried for marriage much. He says people like you take decision by heart and then curse the doctor. He prescribes the medicine and says I can’t assume without investigating personally. He then asks if she went to such party before. She nods no. He says you shall be more careful and shall not take drinks from strangers or unattended drinks, basic safety and common sense. Kajol asks if my baba will get fine. He says I will check him after 2 days and will tell you. He says you sings well. Kajol turns to look at him. Dr. Anurag picks the phone to call someone.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Shreya & Arjun are real low life disgusting The husband already knows what’s going on are the rest of the family sooo blind or plain stupid in their wealth Kajol & Anurag make a decent couple

  2. I understand where Kajol is coming from but can’t she read the signs…. Those two good for nothings (Arjun and Madam two goody shoes) are too obvious to be ignored….

  3. Shesha485

    Ayaan’s questions to Shreya and Arjun were just lit. Bhabhi-Devar supremacy is slowly getting shattered.

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