This Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 scene is hilarious and makes NO SENSE

Indian television shows have many a times done things which just went above our heads. SOme of those were so hilarious that they became meme materials for many days to come. This time, a particular scene from Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 has caught netizens’ fancy and they can’t stop laughing about it. The social media is filled with the hilarious take people have on the scene and well, of course there are memes.

Do you not know which scene we are talking about? Well, the particular scene shows Helly Shah, who plays the role of Riddhima in the show trips and falls neatly in a suitcase and gets locked inside. She is then carried secretly and the suitcase is thrown in a pool. Vansh Raisinghania, played by Rrahul Sudhir, comes at the nick of time. But will he be able to save Riddhima from drowning?

Some say Indian dramas are evolving backwards. DO you agree?

  1. Ya it’s nothing we can imagine but it’s drama not a moral so we keep watching and entertain ourselves

  2. It doesn’t seems like hillarious when am watching that scene………… In serial.

  3. I don’t think so… Some times it will happen even in real life… Its neither hilorious nor no sense…

  4. Yes…This scene doesn’t make sense.I accept but the same can be applied for shows like kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya where they swap the brides everytime when there is a marriage….Of course the longest marriage of the world,every time the villain does something wrong and they escape, the leads meet after 100 episodes after a leap,etc

    Apart from this scene,immj2 is a good thriller with a concept that doesn’t drag and the casting and acting is excellent

    I neither want to argue nor blame those shows.Its just my point of view.Many viewers love those and they are trp toppers.But blaming a good thriller show just because of a single scene is something I find it hard to accept.cmon yar every show lacks logic at some point but y this particular show is being blamed

    1. So true, this can happen with any one and it’s just a scene and I don’t think it’s hilarious…..

    2. I agree on the same kundali bhagya and kumkum bhagya keeps the plot dragging, which is really not so interesting. And really doesn’t make sense while checking the trp charts and seeing those shows always on the top is something deserved to be called as hilarious..

  5. yeah but how could you fall neatly in the suitcase?!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Enoughshanti

    OK, some scenes are always stupid and weird in IMMJ world. I mean at the end of s1 I was thinking if they change the bgm of the show into comedy and laughing sound, you can easily say it as a comedy show. But we shouldn’t judge the whole show just because of a scene. Cause even after this crazy scene IMMJ 2 is still a great thriller show and very entertaining.

  7. Shanjida……. Your are asking how it’s a serial you know then how can you raise a question like this it’s really ridiculous…..😅
    When they both get close bgm plays,if you question that… Who is playing that bgm..

  8. Bhuvaneshwari

    In my opinion, what made ppl think this scene was hilarious was may be Helly’s height bcuz many ppl wonder that how did she fit there, but this can become a real scenario and it has happened.

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