This is who I am – Part 1

Part 1, Chapter 1

Hey guys! I’m new here but I wanted to share a story with you. Hope you guys enjoy and plz tell me if you’re willing to hear more. Lots of love, xx


Always back to a new chapter eh? Sometimes you would think life would finally just give you a break and hand it right to you but hell nah, that’s never the case. That’s the thing with experiences, it’s the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson after. If there was anyone to know that well, it was Akalya.

The priest at the temple finished his pooja and stepped out to give the offerings to the people. As the priest was about to give the offerings to the people he stopped in his tracks. “Where’s Akalya? She’s supposed to bring the flowers for the offering!”

The sound of bells came running up the stairs. A tall, slim figure came running towards the priest. The bells on her silver anklets filled the whole room and caught everybody’s attention. She was wearing a bright red kruthi top with a dark blue scarf and matching leggings. Her dark, long, black hair was clipped back in a half ponytail. She held a bouquet of delicate roses as she quickly approached the priest.

“Sorry I’m late!”, she said as she tried to catch her breath. She bent down and touched the priest’s feet for blessings. The priest smiled and patted Akalya’s head.

“I had to pick new roses, the old ones went bad and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to use those.’ Akalya smiled and handed the roses to the priest. “Oh Akalya my dear, what would we do without you”, the priest smiled at Akalya and handed the plate filled with offerings. “The people are waiting for you.” Akalya took the plate and started making her way around the room. Akalya loved her job at the temple, it was basically another home for her. Everyone knew Akalya very well for her hard work at the temple. As Akalya finished handing out the offerings she put the plate down and grabbed a microphone. “Food is being served downstairs, please help yourselves everyone!” The crowd bolted down the stairs for food. Akalya stayed to help the priest clean up. As she was grabbing a broom to sweep the floor, another hand met hers. She looked up, only to see him.

“I need to use this.” He said, not making any eye contact.

“So do I”, Akalya said as she snatched the broom.

“I was told to broom. Go do something else.” He said again, this time with a little smirk.

“By the time you finish brooming, a century’s gonna go by.”

“I was told to do this. Don’t act like a big shot and find something else to do.” He tugged at the broom.

Akalya said giving him a dirty look. “You and I both know my stubborness isn’t gonna let this one go by. Stop wasting my time… again.” Akalya looked him in the eye as her eyes started to fill up with water and anger blinding her. She quickly snapped out of it and stepped away to continue to finish her work. Through the corner of her eye Akalya saw him shake his head and finally walk off. Once he left she turned and looked at the direction he left in. Memories quickly hit her as her heart sank. That guy was once the most important person in her life. That guy was now, her ex.

His name was Logesh. He wasn’t always this way and cold hearted. Akalya and Logesh were once good friends, childhood friends in fact. They always liked to tease each other and they enjoyed each other’s company. They always looked at each other like friends, until one summer that all changed. Logesh was another worker of the temple, not as hardworking and serious as Akalya, but still worked there often. Akalya and Logesh were in charge of the temple summer camp last year. For two weeks they worked together side by side with little children. The days went on and eventually both of them developed feelings for eachother. On the last day Logesh took a seat at the picnic table outside with the kids, as Akalya was handing out sandwiches. Akalya loved children so much, and Logesh was able to see that. Akalya took a seat in front of Logesh as she was feeding a young boy who was too lazy to eat by himself. Logesh watched Akalya with amusement and liked her every move. Akalya turned to Logesh. “What you lookin at loser?”, She said with a laugh. That was her nickname for him, it always was. Logesh smiled at the way she said “Loser”.

“Nothing.” He responded.

“How come you’re not eating?” She asked him.

“I could ask you the same thing.” He said.

“I’m busy, can’t you see? Go eat.” Logesh rolled his eyes and grabbed a sandwich. Akalya laughed. After they were done the kids stayed outside to play soccer. Akalya watched the children, sitting at the front of the temple.

“How come you’re not playing today? Usually we can’t tell the difference between you and the kids!”, Logesh said mockingly as he took a seat beside Akalya.

“Haha funny. I don’t know, watching the kids play makes me happy. They’re just happy, innocent souls.” She said with a soft smile. “All I see is a bunch of crazy midgets running around,” Logesh said with a laugh. Akalya rolled her eyes. This just made Logesh laugh some more.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Nah I’m good.” Akalya said, laughing,

“Shut up, I’m asking. What would you do if you liked your childhood friend, but you don’t want to ruin the friendship they have?” Logesh nervously looked at Akalya.

“Oh no, your seriously catching feelings for your ex? Dude, you KNOW she was CRAZY.” Akalya said as her heart sunk a little.

“God no idiot, it’s another girl.”


“Never mind. Forget it.”

“Uhh hello, you can’t leave me hanging. Spit it out. Who is it? ”


And that was the beginning of their 9 month journey together.


Hey Guys! I’m a new writer, so I’m not sure how this works, but I hope you guys like it! I really wanna finish this story, as it’s an adjusted story of my own life. Hope you guys enjoyed!

What do you think happened next? Why is Logesh and Akalya so cold with each other now? Why did they break up? Find out on the next episode! If you like the first chapter plz let me know down below so I can continue it. Much love xx


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    1. Aditi_2000

      Thank you! I wasn’t going to continue this story, but because of your one comment I’ll keep going. Thanks for the support xx

      1. Fenil

        ohh its good… pls continue and finished it will make me happy.

    2. Aditi_2000

      Will surely finish for you! Latest next will be out is this tuesday, plz tell ur friends so I can post more often! Thx again xx 🙂

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