Thirst For Revenge #Riansh #IMMJ2 (Chap.2)

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The episode starts when Kabir asked something from riddhima

Kabir: listen riddhima, do not think I have fallen for you, but I have an offer for you

Riddhima: I will not even dare, because even I will not fall for someone like you

Kabir: okay, as you wish. But listen, you have succeeded in the exam but you will be admitted in this college after you do what I want.

Riddhima: what do you want from me?

Kabir: I want you to sleep with me for the next 5 days, after that you will get your admission. If you do not do that, you will lose your admission and your parents will lose their job

Riddhima: oh really, I will do what you want (she said nervous)

Kabir (smirking): I knew it. You will accept because you love your family

He was so happy that finally, he will do what he wanted and that he made Riddhima so helpless. But, he was astonished when he saw her laughing.

Riddhima: are you crazy, what made you think that I will accept your disgusting offer. (She said while laughing)

Kabir: what you are not scared

Riddhima: me and scared. I think you forgot that I am Riddhima Trivedi. I do not accept your offer understood

Kabir: ooh, now you will see what I do to your family

Riddhima: what will you do, you cannot do anything

Kabir: I will and you shall see

Riddhima: no after listening to what I am going to show, you will not even dare

Saying, so she took her phone and made him listen to what all he said. She remember how when he asked her to sit, she directly turned on her phone voice recorder.

Kabir: how dare you do something like that? Now give me that phone

Riddhima: oooh hoo donโ€™t darling, or else I will get angry and post this on social media (she said with attitude)

Kabir: okay, I will not shout, tell what do you want.

Riddhima: listen to me carefully; if you do not do what I want then you will be ruined

Kabir: just tell me

Riddhima: you will give me the admission, I want and I will not pay the fees you will pay them. My parentsโ€™ salary you will put more money and last if ever I want you to do me a favor then, you will do it without hesitating.

Kabir: okay I will do it, now delete the audio

Riddhima: Kabir what do you take me for, a fool? If I delete it then you will try to be smart with me and I donโ€™t like over smart people, go it

Saying so she left a Kabir who was breaking everything in anger.

Kabir (POV): I just wanted her for a five night but she did not accept. Now I will attack your weakness.

During that day at another place, a man came calling his family

Man: mom, dad, siya come fast

They all came and the mother started asking

Mom: what happened Vansh, why are you screaming?

His dad said: Uma why are you even asking. I am sure some stupid idea might have come in his head (he said jokingly)

Uma: just shut up Manish; do not even dare to say anything about my son

Siya: ooh mom and dad, you are always fighting like Tom and Jerry, sometime I think I should watch you instead of watching the Tom and Jerry show

Vansh: ooh, can you all please be quiet and listen to me. Actually, I told you na, I wanted to get an admission in KS College.

Manish: so

Vansh: so I got one

Uma: really, I am so happy now my son will finally accomplish his dreams

Siya: yes, Bhai I am really happy for you

Manish: you guys are happy but I think you forgot that we do not have money to pay at that college

Manish: why do you worry, tomorrow I will search for a job, and with your money, moms and my money we can pay for my college

Manish: okay, as you wish anyways I am happy for you, kiddoo (he said teasing him)

Vansh: dad, I told you not to call me that.

And he whispers to his dad

Vansh(whispers): if you call me that again, I will tell mom, the nickname you call and yo u know what will happen with you(he said while smirking)

Manish (whispers): Are not you ashamed of blackmailing your own father

Vansh (whispers): no, when i know that you are scared of mom. Why not use it for my advantage

Manish (whispers): me, I am not scared of anyone

Vansh (whispers): oh really, so let me tell mom

Manish (whispers): you want to get me killed

Vansh (whispers): of course

Manish (whispers): so tell, I am not scared

Vansh (whispers): ok as you wish,

Saying so he called his mom, while his dad was left astonished to how his son was going to get him killed and he was asking him not tell him

Vansh: mom do you what dad was telling me about you

Uma: tell me, what was he saying

Vansh: he was saying that he loves you so much, and when he gets his new job, he will take you to your favorite place

Uma: really, Manish

Manish: yes of course.

After his mom left, he went to talk to him

Vansh: see I told you that you are scared of mom

Manish: okay I accept now I will not call your kiddoo, happy

Vansh: very happy

Saying so they went to their room or to their work.

Precap: Riddhima: who the hell are you to command me and I do not think you are in a position to command me

So that is all for today, i tried to make it longer and i hope you enjoy this episode and do tell me what you think about it and the suggestions are welcome.

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