Do you think Zain and Aaliya will re-unite in Beintehaa?

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Beintehaa has gone through lots of twists and still going strong, as the show is changing its time slot, but still on air. Taking about the current track and the love triangle between Zain, Aaliya and Rehaan, good track is keeping out interest high. When Zain meets her, and hears Rehaan’s kids calling Aaliya as mum, he questions Rehaan about the same. Rehan tries to clarify the mistake, but Aaliya stops him and says she and Rehan are married. Zain believes Aaliya is married to Rehaan. Zain informs Surayya that Aaliya married Rehan. Surayya says Zarina that Zain is still hoping about Aaliya and she will not let Aaliya come back in his life. Surayya states Aaliya forgot him in one year and asks him to get in her car.

He hears Azaan and says he has to get answer to many questions. Aaliya thinks Zain has to get away from her as it took her one year to get out of this and will not let any Zain to ruin her life. Zain meets Bilquis and says he knows Aaliya well as her husband Rehan is his friend. She breaks out the truth that Aaliya did not marry Rehaan. Bilquis tells Zain that everyone is behind Aaliya to get her married, but she is not ready to marry. Zain gets shocked and happy hearing that. Zain then thanks the Lord for answering his prayers. Zain then comes to meet Aaliya and want to know why is she staying at her parent’s house if she married Rehaan. He wants her to answer him. He still have high hopes that he will get back Aaliya with respect and give soul peace to his father Usman.

Rehaan also have strong feelings for Aaliya and even Ghuman is convinced that Rehaan will keep Aaliya with respecy and love. Ghuman and Shabana have asked Aaliya to marry Rehaan, but she is still on the verge of looking back at her past. Zain and Aaliya both reminisce about their marriage and happier moments. They miss out each other in their lives. While Aaliya is hurt at her heart by Zain’s giving divorce to her, and moved on. Zain is still at the same point and wants Aaliya back as she is his happiness. Will they unite or will Aaliya get married to Rehaan? What do you think? Let us know.

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  1. Whatever twist you are giving, you give but don’t make pair between aliya and rehan.. Then noone will see this serial. Keep up the most romantic pair (zain aliya pair) alive for entire serial, which will lead the serial to be a great success.

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  3. plse dont make zaya…separated from each other…..if u guie make rehan mary 2 aliya this show will surely become a great rubbish……………….

  4. i really want zain and aaliya to reunite….their love is very powerful. because of them i have started believing in love.

  5. they will surely reunite…

  6. They ain’t gonna listen n ders deffo a twist rehan n aliya cuz she sed shes a true muslim

  7. what the hell Beintaa is showin??? Once a muslim couple seprated talaaq happens They cannot remarry…It is not agreed in Islam….

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