What do you think about Raman and Ishita’s romance track in YHM?

With so much drama and curiosity keeping viewers glued to the screens, the post effects of one week long wait did not pay up really worth watching. To brush up the story in brief……. Raman has decided to go away from Ishita’s life so that she can be happy. He believes his past through Shagun and Ashok has become a problem for Ishita. Hence, even though he loves Ishita, he has decided to give her a divorce. He bids his family farewell but leaves before Ishita gets back from the temple. Ishita is in love with Raman and has been trying to tell him this. Ishita confronts Raman for his decision to divorce her. Raman apologizes to her and Ruhi and calls off his Singapore trip. Mani asks Ishita to profess her love to Raman. Raman decides to surprise Ishita and makes reservation for a honeymoon suite for them. Romi overhears Raman’s telephonic conversation and decides to make fun of him.

Later, Raman informs Ishita that they will be going out for dinner and gifts a sari to her. An infuriated Ashok confronts Shagun for insulting Mihika and throws her out of the house. Meanwhile, Ishita is surprised after reaching the honeymoon suite. While they kick start their romance and Raman is about to make his confession. Adi calls Raman to seek his help in taking Shagun home. Raman and Ishita reach the place and are devastated on seeing Shagun in a drunken state lying near the garbage dump. The much hyped love confession did not take place in the show yet, and even the promos of love confession at the airport changed to just a understanding hug. What do you think about Raman and Ishita’s romance in YHM? Do you think it was just publicized or did it keep up your interest levels? Let us know in this fun poll.

  1. Ab yeh Drame bandh karo and IshRa ke romance par focous karo……

  2. IshRa. .romance track is good. …..but stop this mihika and shagun’s drama. …. …

  3. Ishra romance will never happen. agar ghalati se hua bhi to jab hoga jab yeh show close hone wala hoga. Inki suhaagraat iss janam mein to not possible. next janam mein hi hogi aur bachche uske oopar ke janam mein honge. Saaley Yeh hai Mohabbatein bolke drama dikhare sirf. we were under the impression that we will see once in a lifetime love story and Ishra will be remembered in the history as the greatest lovers but waisa kuch bhi nahi hua aur hoga. makers chaahte hi nahi ki Ishra ek ho aur unka rishta bahut strong ho. Ishra se zyada screen space Ashok/Shagun/Mihika ke triangle ko mila abhi tak.

  4. mihika wid her 1/4gm of brains is really becoming an unwanted element in ishita’s life….ishita has faced enough numbr of issuesssss….nw shagun n mihika wil turn her life 2 living hell…….
    y dnt mihika stop using her brain???her concern was genuine bt d way she chooses alwaz is wrng n in turn she become d victim…shut up mihika.stp ua bledy drama n bhaksh do ishita ko … shagun u r geting what u deserve actually….

    isita,raman’s journey is gud…bt wid d hurdles it m8 take a bit time 4 them 2 get closer…

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  6. plz focus on ishra romance otherwise this serial becomes more boaring for viewers

  7. Ishra romance hojatha tho.tsunami ajayega……stupid and sadist director….divyani ko
    dhekathe kithana cute hotha hai lekin wooo one year jab dhekho wo crying crying cring…..what is all these non sense….always mihika shagun mihila shagun

  8. Wo director ko thoda love story movies dikhavo na plssss….unko malum nahi hoga love stories kaise dikhana hotha hai…….

  9. Plz show some romance yaar Faltu mein itna hyp q kia

  10. If this is romance *like every character continuesly keep coming in between* then i don’t want any type of romance cuz sometimes shagun comes in ,sometimes adi , sometimes mihika , sometimes mihir , sometimes suraj , sometimes ashok , sometimes mani and sometimes khud ishra hi mahaan ban ne lagte hain aur ek dusre ko divorce dene kaa decide karte hain !!! Do hell with this show i m not going to watch it now !

  11. kinjal parmar

    aaj ka episode bahut hi achcha tha raman ishita ka cute scene tha
    today episode amazing and outstanding

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