Whom do you think did Mrs. Iyer’s accident in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has brought two suspense tracks, one was about the serial killer which turned out to be the publicity gimmick for the promotion of film Ek Villain. Another track that is being shown since many days, is going to end soon. The big question is Who has hit Mrs. Iyer and made her land in hospital. Well, we have many choices for you, but don’t be confused, as we will help you out with reasoning, by which you can decide right. Let’s tell you about everyone listed in the poll in brief.

Ashok Khanna, who is a diehard enemy of Raman and can do anything to make Raman shed blood tears. He has taken away Raman’s wife Shagun and his son Adi, to hurt him, but Raman is still going strong and happy with his new wife and new found true life partner Ishita and his daughter Ruhi. Ashok always wants to create problems for Raman, whether professional or personal, but he never succeeds, as our hero gives him a good spat. The accident was done by Ashok’s car, which he proved to police that he has sold it just before the accident and shows the legal documents, but Raman still doubts him and Parmeet for taking revenge from Ishita. Ashok creates a fake character who accepts that he did the accident, but Raman does not believe him and the hunt is on.

Parmeet Khurana, even he has all reasons to hit Mrs. Iyer to take revenge from Ishita by making her lose her mum. Parmeet was insulted and slapped by Ishita infront of the whole family, and was made to leave the Bhalla house because of her. He has joined Ashok and Shagun to give back an answer to Raman. Raman doubts on him for the accident as he finds a sim card being taken on his name, thinking only Simmi can forge his signs and that too for Parmeet’s sake. But Parmeet too gets clear of this accusation, as the car was not available to them.

Mihir Arora, Raman’s best friend, his confide, his more than brother guy, who always sticks to him in sorrows and joy. He is engaged to Mihika, who is Mrs. Iyer’s niece. The speculations say that Mihir is the one who did this accident to take revenge from Raman, for insulting his sister Shagun. Don’t know how the writers came up with this idea. Mihir, the man who could not take a step to stand for his love as he did not want to hurt Raman, can that man take revenge from him and Ishita, that too by doing such a heinous crime. Mihir is a totally positive character, who is slated to be made negative, if the sources is to be believed. What do you think about this track? Its juts unbelievable, but anything can come as the writers know how to twist and turn.

Rajeev Tandon, Raman’s biggest financer, who was let down by him and Ishita, when they have supported Mihir and Mihika’s love. Tandon was very angry when Mihir denied to get engaged to Trisha. Ishita convinced him to accept Trisha and Neil Pathak’s relation, but Tandon was not so happy. He went with the flow seeing the majority supporting Trisha. But did he really accept this by heart or planned any revenge on Ishita by hurting her mum Mrs. Iyer. Is Tandon behind this accident? But, a scene shows Tandon passing the phone to someone else asking him to take Ishita’s call, when she was calling the culprit. That scene depicts that Tandon is clean. Suspense is still on.

Next is Raman’s brother, Romi Bhalla, who is still so immature that he does not think once about the consequences before doing anything. While Raman confronted him about the accident, Romi clearly denied it and given him the proof that he was with his girlfriend at the hospital, who was doubting herself to be pregnant. But is Romi saying the truth or lying? Tables can turn to him again, if the writers wish. Romi has now changed, going to office, helping Raman in work, being responsible and moreover respecting women now.

The last one is Adi, Raman’s son. Ashok has gifted him that white car on his birthday. Raman asked Shagun not to spoil Adi, as he is just a kid, but Shagun and Ashok just know to spend money on Adi without any concern for him. A scene showed where Shagun was much worried and asked Ashok to take care of this accident matter, else if Raman comes to know the culprit, he will be shocked and not leave them. Whom is Shagun protecting? Is it her brother (as in the news) Mihir or her son Adi? While Adi is shown focusing on studies, with Bala teaching him, but his character is grey, of insensible and anti- Raman Ishita type. Adi bullied Shravan at school knowing he is related to Ishita, now after knowing that Shagun tried to commit suicide by bearing the insult from Raman and Ishita in the party, can Adi forgive them so easily. We have just covered him for the sake of possibility, despite being a kid, Adi has much potential to do wrong, as he works on Ashok’s bad principles. So, that’s all for this poll. You can give your vote to the true gamer and best one in cheating.

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  2. I think it’s Adi.

  3. I think it is mihir, other wise Shagun would not be so worried

  4. I think its mihir
    because we dont have a reason to doubt on hum

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