What do you think of Chirag’s murder track in MATSH?

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The new twist in the show is Chirag’s murder and Ishani and Ranvir getting against each other by the wrong decision. Ishani sees Ranvir near Chirag’s dead body and she assumes that he has killed Chirag. Ishani sees Ranvir arrested and tells the inspector the truth. She says she has killed Chirag and shocked Ranvi clears the blame on her.

He says all things that were found there belongs to him. Ishani’s true love has saved Ranvir, but how far will she sacrifice for her love. Ranvir tells inspector that Ishani did not kill Chirag, he has killed him. The inspector arrests Ranvir leaving the couple in major shock. Ranvir and Ishani always take each other’s blame and make great sacrifices.

Ranvir stops Ishani. Ishani can’t see her love in pain and asks inspector to arrest her. She defends Ranvir and Ranvir defends her. They get ready to do anything for their love. The truth is Ranvir has also not killed Chirag and he takes the blame to save Ishani. What do you think about new track of Chirag’s murder? Let us know in this poll.

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  2. Omg!!!! Hellll please remove that ishaaani she sucks like hellllll!!!! Why did you choose her yaar?????

    1. its like de ja vu all over again. once again raveer and his family goes to jail because of ishaani and her family.

  3. D thing is being draggd….without any reason n logic… its bcuming… irritating… nw…

  4. yea its not a twist its just dragging the story so much i am bored of this story now

  5. I love this show but it’s just being destroyed by dragging it on and please i don’t want ranveer marrying someone else and being separated from ishani i just want them to be together ! And there’s so much stuff that needs to be revealed like Shanela’s story line and about ishani’s real father !!

  6. Plz can’t see Ishani and Rv Separated and Ritika won’t suit for negative role. If Rv marry Ritika then what’s the meaning for Meri Aashqui Tum Se Hi

  7. again ranveer and his family went to jail because of ishaani and her family.

  8. Stuuuuupid is not the word.
    There really isnt any logic in this story anynore
    None of these things happen In real life whatsoever!!

  9. the story line was good till ishani n ranveer getting hitched but then this sudden change of circumstances is just so stupid, it could hve been gud if shainela had sent chirag to jail, but suddenly dis murder n all, again a misunderstanding btwn d two, is really very annoying, just dragging an awesome love story which cud hve made better wid both ranveer n ishhani’s commitment n unconditional love, why do ekta mam has to remarry our leads n represent logicless polygamy???? d show potrays eternal love as is evident from d title meri aashiqui tumse hi, why cnt ranveer n ishhaani both fyt out d problems, n ritika such a flamboyant sweet girl wont just b suiting a negative role, n its clueless as she left no stone unturned to hitch ranveer n ishaani earlier, n moreovr she was pretty gud hearted as she herself sent rv to marry ishaani den suddenly???? i seriously hve left following d show after dis so called TWIST i hate it, n ekta mam why do u risk loosing trps now, d track went so good, u cud hve shown dere aashiqui in some other way why separation??? their separation will lead MATSH fans separation frm dis show. i n my frnds have already moved out frm d following, moreovr thousands of serials r coming up wid awesome storyline, why waste time in dis???? gud bye MATSH.!!!!!! -_-

  10. Too bad,it seems they have forgotten shanella and Nitin part.it could have been better if the two had stayed together fighting their battles.that is what true love really means.I have really lost interest in it.

  11. no rithika is not suit for negative character. And don’t separate their couple

  12. Plz band kr do is serial ko …. Bakvas…

  13. This is the one and only show I watch . I thought it is a love story but it is turning out to be foolish . Shakti & Radhika performed really well but when the story is weak what they can do? I heard Ritika & RV are going get married. Why do a woman indipendent , smart & business woman like her need a man to bring up a child . Go to court prove the paternity by DNA test. Live and let others live their life. In this serial all female characters must get pregnant before marriage from another man than they marry. Why our serial makers keep on insulting motherhood and females!!!!! It will surface during functions,!!!!! All modern woman must be a negative character.!!!!!!
    When I see the communication gap I can’t stop laughing , where on earth loving couple don’t share every thing . We can’t play a show like 90s , we live on Internet era,our serial writers are going backward . What madness yaar I will watch ‘home land ‘ strike back’ ‘wiking’. Those english dramas are worth watching.
    At least I can see strong woman , I hate all this nonsense in our serials. If they don’t mahpke it interesting I will just stop . I can’t waste my time.

  14. Why don’t you let leave the love story of RANVEER and ISHANI .Why can’t they live together

  15. It’s really sickening to see stupid twists in d serial what is the meaning of true love if it only has to end in d typical hindi serial way.why can’t the show be realistic and make is ha ani and ran veer stay together and sort the problems out

  16. Plz i had stoped watching ur serial meri ashiqui cz itz story nw itz vry boring nd widout ishani itz nt working well at ol. We want ishani back orelse jst end diz serial. Dn’t make fall in ur TRP.

  17. Ya! This serial is now meaningless (:

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