Few Things Left Unsaid….A Shivika 4S

Hey guys…I am Mohasweta…I know my name is too big. So you all can call me Moha..
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“It was 2 am. She took out a
               pen and a diary and let
               it all come out….
          With every word she wrote,
                   the diary became heavier
            Her heart, lighter…”

Annika gulped down her saliva as
Pinky asked her about her surname.
She remembered her days in the Orphanage and a tear trickled down her face. Shivaay was silent because it was important for him to know about her. She looked at him with her last hope. But he bowed his head down in shame that his wife doesn’t have a surname. She was feeling shameful, that she spoilt his life, she was feeling ashamed of herself. She looked here and there and saw OmRu putting their heads down in shame that in spite of their presence, their bhabhi was going through this phase. She smiled and tears started flowing from her eyes simultaneously. Pinky kept on insulting her “What Did you think of yourself ? Naam, khoon-khandan ka pata nahi aur chali hain OBEROI family ki bahu banne, Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki biwi banne…

do takke ki ladki…!!” She bear all the pain and insult with a smile because she knew this would happen. Shivaay’s thinking will not let her stay with him. She then went to Shivaay “Aapko Kuch kehna hain?” She asked him for a last time with a hope that he would tell her his feelings but she was wrong, totally wrong. His thinking stopped him from doing so. “Main tumhare baare mein Kuch nahi jaanta…!!” He said in a firm voice. Annika nodded and gave him a small smile. “Aapko Pata hain ki main bewakoof hun, gussewali hun, Tadibaaz hun, nakhrebaaz hun, sab pata hain aapko…phir bhi kehte hain Kuch nahi pata…oh! Main toh bhul gayi thi ki aap ke liye khoon-khandan ke baare mein Janna hi insaan ke baare mein Janna hota hain..!!” She said when the realization struck her. She went to OmRu and held their hands “Please forgive me you two. Main tumhare Bhaiyya ki Soch nahi badal payi…I’m so sorry…!!”

OmRu hugged her tightly. “Please go from here! Yahan rehke logo ki insult sunne ki Zaroorat nahi hain” Om said while Rudra nodded. They were teary-eyed but still told her to go. Annika understood their care for her. She gave them a slight nod. And then she stood in front of Dadi “Dadi, I’m going!” She hugged her tight….”Tu itna pyaar karti hain billu se!” Dadi whispered while she smiled and nodded. Dadi caressed her cheeks as a tear escaped her eyes. Annika took blessings from Tejvi and Shakti. She then went to Pinky, she looked aside in disgust. Annika touched her feet and bidding everyone goodbye she got out of OBEROI MANSION. No one was with her today, not even Sahil, as he was in boarding school. She was walking through the lonely road depicting her lonely life. She was all by herself now! She went to her home, and slept while crying. The next morning came, the rays of the sun touched her soft skin, and soar eyes. She consoled herself and went in search for a job. She had to survive for Sahil and for herself. She survived till now because of Shivaay but now she has to learn to live for herself. She gave interview for a primary teacher. And got the job successfully. All the day, she was surrounded with children. She loved being around them.
She bought a new home with her hard-earned money. Sahil was studying in boarding, but every weekend he came to stay with her.

A guy teacher in her school liked her a lot! But she!! Her heart was still Shivaay’s. “You have given and taken a lot from me! You have given me a reason to smile but taken away my ability to love anybody else!” She said and locked herself in her room. Her heart was getting heavy day by day. There was so much pain, and sufferings that she didn’t share with anyone. She thought to write it down…

It was 2 am. She took out a pen and a dairy, with every word she wrote, the diary became heavier, her heart, lighter. She was writing down all her pain. She was pouring out her love for him, which she couldn’t confess. There were few things which were left Unsaid. And she drifted to sleep while writing her emotions down. The whole neighborhood was in deep slumber. And No one saw a black Lexus or a blue-eyed man coming out of it.

It is not their story. It’s her story. It is about a few things which were left Unsaid. Her love was so powerful, that it forced him to come to her

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    You know if I was there with Annika, I would make her accept the teacher’s proposal. Shivaay seriously doesn’t deserve her. And that Pinky is ridiculous! (We all know that?) marr dalo usko??? (aisa toh nahi ho raha pata hai)

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