Their Vanya (A Riansh OS)

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I am back with another OS i.e. One Shot..

Sorry if there are any grammatical errors. Proof reading is not done.

So this OS is not according to the story line…here, Vansh and Riddhima love each other and are happily married..

In a room we can see that a couple is sleeping cuddling each other and it is no one other than our Riansh…sunrays fall directly on both if their faces and they both get up..after getting up, Vansh says..

Vansh:Happy Anniversary Riddhima..

Riddhima:Happy Anniversary Vansh…and I am shocked that u remember our Anniversary..

Vansh:Riddhima…obviously I will remember our 1st Anniversary…today was the day when you became Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania..

Riddhima:That’s right…you know last year this day, I was soo nervous.. too…achha Riddhima now go and freshen up…you know I have planned everything for today…today I will not even go to office…today will be our day…

Riddhima:Okay…I will go and freshen up..

They spent time together till afternoon and Vansh wanted to spend more time with Riddhima but unfortunately, he got a call from his office saying that they needed some help and Vansh, half-heartedly went to his office..

It was evening when Vansh reached home…on reaching his bedroom, he saw Riddhima sitting wearing jeans and a denim black jacket which he found a little odd as she never wears such a thing when they are home..

Vansh:Riddhima…why are you wearing these clothes?…are we going out?

Riddhima:Noo…we r not going out but I hv a suprise for you…you gave me a suprise so I thought that why not give you a suprise…are you ready?


Riddhima came and stood in front of Vansh and removed her jacket revealing a white shirt and on it, it was written GET READY TO HOLD ME DAD. On reading this, firstly Vansh was a little confused but when he understood the meaning his eyes got teary and he asked Riddhima..

Vansh:Riddhima… this true??

Riddhima:Yes Vansh…this is true…I am pregnant Vansh!!….we are going to become parents..

When Vansh heard this, he quickly picked Riddhima up in the air and started twirling her around..

Vansh:Thank you Riddhima!…thank you soo much…you don’t know how much happy I am…this is the best Anniversary gift I hv got…I Love You Riddhima..

Riddhima:I Love You Too Vansh!..

9 months passed in a blink…Riddhima’s mood swings were on a different level…she would laugh now and in the very next moment, she would cry…she also had different and weird cravings but Vansh handled all these things with ease and never complained a bit about it…

Riddhima had a normal delivery and at that time Vansh was highly tensed abt both Riddhima and his child but all his tension vanished when he got to know that he was blessed with a baby girl…his happiness had no bounds when he was holding his part of flesh, his daughter in his arms…and the little girl was also smiling in his arms…

Riddhima and Vansh decided to name their baby girl as Vanya. After around 14 months, Vanya was now around 1 year 2 months in these months, she used to blabber in her baby language but till now, she had not said any word soo clearly and here our Riansh were arguing with each other that whose name will Vanya saw first but their argument came to an end when the baby said the first word…

Vansh and Riddhima were sitting in Vanya’s room and Riddhima was playing with Vanya while Vansh was going through some business related work in his mobile…Vanya saw this and was sad as his dadda was not giving attention to her so she in her baby voice said,


As Vanya said this, Vansh and Riddhima were shocked as hell…Vansh quickly went to Vanya and said,

Vansh:Vanya…baby what .did you say?..say it again


Riddhima:Baby…say Mumma…


When Vanya said this, Riansh were having happy tears in their eyes…

After 12 years…now Vanya was around 13 years old…Riansh were sitting in the hall talking about random stuffs when out of the blue, Vanya came crying and hugged Riddhima tight…here Riansh were shocked by this behaviour of Vanya and they asked,

Riddhima:Vanu…what happened…why are you crying?

Vansh:Yes princess…why are you crying?..did anyone say something to you?…tell me..I will not leave them..

Vanya:No dadda…no one misbehaved with me…mumma I was in the washroom when I saw that there were red patches on my pants…mumma..what has happened to me?

Riddhima:Whatt!!..Vansh Vanya got her periods!!…Vanya beta you know once I told you that there will be a time when you will bleed?…that is known as periods and now, my Vanya is having her periods which means now you are growing up Vanu…

Vanya:What?…really mumma?!

Riddhima:Yes come inside I will explain more things about periods to you..

Saying this Riddhima took Vanya inside while Vansh who was sitting on the couch had a smile on his face and was thinking that how his little princess is growing…suddenly, an idea came in his mind and he literally ran in the kitchen..

After a while, Vansh went to Vanya’s room only to see Vanya and Riddhima sitting on the bed and talking…he went towards them and said, see I have bought this hot water bag and this hot chocolate for you…I know you will have some cramps and stomach ache during your periods but if you keep this hot water bag on your stomach, it will vanish within seconds and by drinking this hot chocolate, you will surely forget all your pain…

Vanya:But dadda…how do you know this?

Vansh:Bachha this is my monthly routine since past 14 years…your mumma also has periods na so this is my job…during the first 2-3 days of her periods, I give her this hot water bag and hot chocolate and trust me she feels better and so will you…

Vanya:Thank you so much dad and mom for taking care of me…I love you both!!..

After saying this, the trio had a family hug and looked very happy…time passed and now more 12 years had passed…Vanya was now about 26 years old…one fine day, Vanya came home with a boy and said,

Vanya:Dad, Mom this is my boyfriend Kabir…we love each other and want to marry…

Said a little nervous Vanya…fearing about the reaction of her parents…but she was a little relieved when Riddhima gave a positive response..

Riddhima:Wow…Vanu…this is so nice..waise Kabir beta…where do you work?

Kabir:Aunty actually I too am a doctor infact me and Vanya work in the same hospital..

Riddhima:You too are a doctor!!’s soo good…so I guess that urs and Vanya’s love story started in the hospital right??


Riddhima:Arre what mom?…I am stating the fact…anyways…Kabir beta you do one thing tomorrow you bring ur parents here, we will talk about your marrigage..

Vanya:Whattt!!…really mumma??

Riddhima:Offcourse!!…I am ok with your relationship and if you both want to marry, then I have no problem in it unless both of you are ready for the marriage..

Vanya:Yes mumma…we both want to marry…dad..why are you not speaking anything??…are you not happy?

Vansh:No no princess…nothing like’s just that I don’t want you both to take any decision in hurry…

Kabir:No uncle…we have been dating since 2 years and now, we both know that we will be happy with each other and we want to marry soon..

Vansh:Ok then if you both are happy then who am I to object?…go ahead with whatever you both feel right..

Vanya:Thank you soo much Dad!!..

Days passed and Vanya and Kabir’s marriage was done…they both were very happy and the family was too elated…but the bidaai was a little emotional for the Raisinghania’s and why not it be?..their Vanya was going away from their house…but for Vanya’s happiness, Riansh tried not to cry but their heart had a different feeling…

At night, Vansh and Riddhima were sitting on the bed and going through Vanya’s photo album..

Vansh:Time passed so quick na Riddhima…it feels just like yesterday when I held Vanya in my arms for the first time…just like yesterday when Vanya said daddaa for the first time…how much happy we were at that time na Riddhima..

Riddhima:Yes Vansh…you know when Vanya had learnt to walk for the first time?…she walked a few steps and fell down and we were soo scared for her reaction..we thought that she would cry so we beforehand started hitting and scolding the floor where Vanya fell and when we were busy scolding the floor, Vanya just giggled and again began to walk again..

Vansh:Yes Riddhima…I remember..Riddhima..couldn’t the time stop there itself?

Riddhima:Vansh everyone’s life has a phase and we already lived that phase…the phase of parenthood..see now Vanya and Kabir will also plan for their child right?…and don’t you want them to go through the happiness that we have gone through?

Vansh:Yes Riddhima…you are right…now come it’s late..we shlf sleep..

Saying this both Vansh and Riddhima slept hugging each other and the screen froze on their happy sleeping faces…

So this was the OS guyss..

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