#The_Last_Kiss_ (ManYasa TS – second and last part)

After few seconds, Jigyasa opened her eyes and lowered them,  turned on the other side and went away.

Next day in the college, Manish tried to come close to Jigyasa to apologise for the last night but every Time she found a way to run away from him. But after his repetitive efforts, he caught her. Manish asked her if she felt bad for the night and apologise to her. Jigyasa sighed and lifted her eyes, looked deeply into his eyes and replied,”I am neither angry with you nor did I felt bad for the night. I was too shy to admit it that’s why I was ignoring you. But now I think I can’t run from it, so I’ll tell you that it was my first kiss. I have heard a lot about first kisses and read too, that it is unforgettable. I didn’t believe in it until it all happened with me. And I’ll tell you honestly, Manish, it all felt real what I’ve read. I know that I shouldn’t be the one to say all this, but I couldn’t resist myself from saying all this to you,  You mean a lot to me.”

She took a deep breath, Manish was staring her like he was Dead Man, he was that still. After that the Bell rang and Jigyasa went for his next class.

Manish jumped to his place. He was very happy. He thought that it would be the last time he had talked to her, but it all went in the right place. They talked at night a lot. Manish said to Jigyasa that she owes him a kiss, at which she was silent and didn’t reply back for a while. After a few seconds, she said, “Yes I owe you one, and I’ll give it to you on some special occasion. Till then you have to wait, and promise me you’ll never do it again.”

Manish replied, “I will be wait for that occasion sweetheart, and I promise it would not happen until you will kiss me.”

They never committed their love to each other, because they both could feel it in each other’s eyes and they didn’t feel a need to do so.

Everything was going good between the two. The used to do night outs, roam across the streets, eating street food in day time, talking various stuffs in college canteen and other various things.

Time passed very quickly. It was the last semester for Manish in the college. But, as it is said, nothing is permanent, so was the closeness between Manish and Jigyasa.

Manish got very busy in his studies that he wasn’t able to give a decent amount of his time to Jigyasa. Jigyasa was very upset due to this behavior of Manish but she knew about his studies that’s why she didn’t complain to him. The late night calls reduced to calls one Time a week and that too just to Know the well being of Jigyasa. Meeting in college was also reduced.

It was unbearable for Jigyasa but she couldn’t help with this. She was suffering a lot but didn’t speak a word to Manish. To reduce the pain, she decided to join the Dramatic Society of college PARINDEY  . This was the only way she could smile and bear that pain.

One day when Manish came to meet Jigyasa in drama room, he saw a boy holding Jigyasa in his arms. Manish walked out of that room in disgrace. She ran after him but he didn’t stop and bursted out.

Manish started ignoring her messages and calls. When she tried to sort everything out in the college, he avoided her every time by giving the excuse of his studies.  He even change his number, just to avoid her. Jigyasa tried to contact him but all the calls never got connected. Two months passed and nothing changed.

After exams when Manish was all set to leave for his hometown, he received Jigyasa’s letter which was brought by Manish’s friend. He picked that letter from the table and put it into his bag without reading it and went away; even without a visit to Jigyasa.

Jigyasa’s world was shattered into pieces . Yet she managed to gather those broken pieces and moved on.

Six Years Passed.

Today, when Manish was returning from his office, he stopped by a toy shop as his  3 year daughter, Manisha , asked him for a remote control car, his eyes stopped blinking for a while. Outside the parking of the mall, he saw Jigyasa, but this time in a different outfit.


His heart and mind were in a despair. He couldn’t decide whether to approach her or not . In the fight of heart and brain, heart won, as always. As she was his first love, he couldn’t help his mind and moved towards her. He called in a trembling voice,”Ji – g -g -ya-aa -sa”.

Jigyasa turned on a hearing a familiar voice. When she saw Manish, she could not speak. Her eyes were filled with tears and so were his.

In all these years Manish felt sorry for all those things and wanted to sort them out but couldn’t do so, as Jigyasa’s number was changed too. After a long struggle, he asked Jigyasa why she didn’t contact him in all those years.

Suddenly a car honked and a man from its window shouted,”Jigyasa, come quickly, Manish (Jigyasa’son), is wanting for us at home”.

Manish looked at that man and then at Jigyasa.

Jigyasa before sitting in the car could utter only one word, “The letter”. And then her car left.

Manish was watching her as she disappeared before his eyes after a while.

He came to his car, sat and cried a lot .

After few seconds, he remembered that Jigyasa her a letter on the day when Manish was leaving. He drove quickly to his home. He avoided his wife and Manisha and quickly went to his room took out a book . He was delighted to find that letter was still there. He started reading it ————–

  “Manish, I know the things changed a lot. But I just to tell what you saw that day was just illusion . I was practicing for a play. But the timing were bad. I tried to tell you everything but you never picked my calls neither did you respond to my texts. Recently, I have been calling you but your number wasn’t connecting. I have changed my number too and this time is my new number ‘ 97*****8*5 ‘. This is why I am writing a letter to tell you that I want to sort everything out. You remember  I told you on one a special occasion. I guess that this is the right time. I want to start a new beginning with the kiss I owed you”.

He was standing in the balcony with that letter in his hand. His hand enough of the fight with this world and now was the time to fight with himself . It was hard to tell whether it was rain or the tears, flowing unstoppably from his eyes that drowned him . He lost the battle with himself.

She owned him a kiss.
One last kiss …….

Kesii lgii story..
This is special update to all my TU ManYasa fans , because nowadays fan fictions update nhii ho the h …
Please tell my mistakes , and
Thank you thank you thank you so much guys for your all encouraging nd lovable words…

See you soon
Tab Tek k Lea

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  1. Really loved it….. Awesome??????? please continue???????

    1. KUDRAT

      Hello ✋
      How are you ?
      Thank you so Mahi ??
      I’ll try to come soon with New ?

  2. Ooshi

    The end was very heart touching and teary
    Good work keep it up

    1. KUDRAT

      Thank you so much my friend ?
      You come here and read this only for me..
      It’s mean a lot for me
      Feel blessed find friend like you
      Thank you for your supporting ❤️

      1. Ooshi

        Congrats for getting more comments

  3. Fenil

    Fantabulous and heart touching ending too.
    Loved ThaHaan and ManYasa

    1. KUDRAT

      O WOW !!
      Thank you so much Bhai..
      I have no words..
      How to express..
      I’m really happy to see your cmts…
      THANK YOU ?

  4. Really great n heart touching ff yr…write more…n yes only ff are the way to remind our thahaan…

    1. KUDRAT

      Sadia Didi ?????
      Thank you for your lovely words,its really boost my confidence…
      Love you_??

  5. Awesome.. maybe ur ff come to reality someday..

    1. KUDRAT

      H Risya,
      How are you ?
      Thank you for your ❤️ words
      #reality_??? in witch manner

  6. Navami

    Omg my dear…..its superb…i dont have any words to express my happyness….my lovely sis wonderfull work….pls pls continue dear…iam waiting ……lv u lotsss…….??????????????

  7. Niyati

    It is very heart touching ….loved it to the core ….Do write more Bestie ….Keep writing & smiling …Love u ? ?

    1. KUDRAT

      Love you alot my friend ❤️
      Feel very happy to see your cmts..
      Your words really encouraging..
      Thank you so much for coming here .

  8. Hi kudrat darlg!!!! I m so sorry I read the last part now only.it was amazing Dr…I m so happy I loved the episode.bt sad ending.anyways come up with new ff.will wait for it.and btw may I know sthg are you in school.ho ya na ho mein tumhe chotti bahan manthi hoon.ooppss!!itni lambi msg.k now bye

    1. KUDRAT

      Hello Didi ?
      How are you..
      Now I’m really sorry for late reply…
      Forgive me ?..
      Thank you for reading nd liking..
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      Ohh !!
      I’m really very blessed to get very sweet nd encouragable sister like you..
      Love you so much nithya Didi ???

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