#The_Last_Kiss_ (ManYasa TS – First)

On a rainy night, he was standing in his balcony, contemplating about something that was hidden so deep that even his inner vision was also not able to pull it out. His hands were holding a letter firmly, but still, his inner self was trembling. His core was restless, not because of the storm outside, but the battle that was going on inside. His soul was tearing him apart.

It was 8 years ago, when Manish had first met Jigyasa .

Manish was a student of Zevish College. He was the brightest student of his batch.

It was in 2009, and the new term had just started.
He was summoned by one of his professor, who was taking the class of the newly admitted students.

Manish composed the heart touching Breakup song,  which deeply impressed the professor. This is why he called him to introduce to new students.

After the class, everyone surrounded him and started talking to him about various things. Some were engaged in flattering him, some were asking for a few tips to study and score well, whilst some were busy observing him from a distance, and of course , they were all girls. But, from amongst them, a melody came to Manish’s ears, “You are too too good, Sir ”

He suddenly turned towards the voice, and after seeing the face behind that mesmerising voice, he completely got lost in it. Those beautiful eyes of hers were urging him to fall for them. Her chersmatic smile was tempting him to lose himself.
Her sweet, simple nd sober outfit was making him wonder how sophisticated she is like a nymph fallen for heaven. After a while, he came back to his senses and looking deeply in her magical eyes, thanked her.

They starting walking in the corridor talking about various stuff. She was a bit shy as he was senior to her.
So was the case with Manish. Well, he shouldn’t be, because he was popular among girls in his class, but still, he didn’t know what to say to her.
He was blank and his mind was suggesting him the weirdest things that he could not afford to say in the very first meeting, hence the decision not to speak.

They were just talking about normal things and from there they exchanged their numbers nd Jigyasa went for her next class. Manshi was saw her as she was going far from him. After that he also went for the class.

For the whole day, Manish was lost in his ecstatic feelings. He couldn’t concentrate on the class that’s why he took the day off and went to his hostel. He was waiting for the night to come because the daylight was making him more desperate to talk to her. At night he dialled her number and was in a fix whether to hit the call button or not. At last, overoming all of his fears, he hit the dial button. Every ringing tone was tearing his heart apart, as he didn’t know what to say. After 4-5 rings, the call was answered and a sweet voice came from other side, “Hello!! Manish sir.”  For a few seconds, he fell numb. But then gathering all his courage, he uttered “Hello jigyasa ! I just called to ask you about your day at college. Was everything okay ?”

To that she replied calmly,”Yes Sir everything just fine and a little bit interesting too” .

That day, they didn’t talk much and after a short while they were finished with their conversations.
After the call, Manish was happy and restless together. He wanted to talk to her More and more. The whole night he was laying next to the window with open eyes.

Next day at college, Manish asked her for the coffee. Jigyasa hesitate but after sometime, she nodded her head in positive.

At 7:00 pm in the evening, they met at local CCD. There, they talked a lot about various stuffs.  Jigyasa told him about her and so did Manish.

After paying the bill, Manish dropped her to her hostel on his bike and Left for his own. On his way to the hostel, he was thinking all the things that happened at Cafe but the best part was Jigyasa sitting on his bike, holding his shoulders. He didn’t realize when he reached hostel amidst all those thoughts..

That night they had a talk for a quite long time .This was the starting of Manish falling for Jigyasa.

Three months passed quite quickly.

It was the onset of mid-semester break. As Jigyasa and Manish booth were not going to their hometowns, Manish asked Jigyasa for a walk to INDIA GATE. She agreed as she had not visited the place for the last three months.

Up to that time, the bonding between two had become quite strong.

On the pleasant night in a the end month of October, they were walking aimlessly on Raj path
In both of their eyes love could be see quite easily,,but both of them were trying to hide it in their own ways. They were walking silently. Finally, when Jigyasa could not bear it, she asked Manish to returned the campus. Both of them were riding back to the hostel, and still, there was silence all around. It was quite unusual because Jigyasa used to talk to a lot. But that night she was silent too. The night was at it’s peak. They were passing through the street twords the hostel. Manish turned twords Jigyasa and saw the same love in her eyes that he had in his own eyes. He gentely stepped twords her. He could feel her breath on his face. Manish came closer to Jigyasa and both of their eyes were blinking at each other  .The night grew more Young. On that night, it was sky that witnessed the love spreading out .  Jigyasa closed her eyes and Manish kissed her.



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