The war between love and revenge – RagLak ff part 5

Part 5
Heyya r u all??sorry for not replying many of ur comments in person due to some mobile is the next part of war between love and revenge,hope you will like it.!
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“Ragini.!”Subhatra hugged her when raglak returned back from the hospital.
Ragini(consoling tone):maa,am fine..!don’t worry.
Subhatra(to laksh):she is weak.please take care of her laksh.
Laksh(rudely):that isn’t my duty mom.i had just admitted her and guarded her back home just because that women’s right commission shouldn’t blame me for all these and moreover I do have lots of works to do which is more important than her.
Ragini sobs silently and the tears traces its path.
Laksh scuttered to his room leaving the broken Ragini behind.
“one minute.”kavitha blocked his way.
Laksh turns and asks what now??
Kavitha(giggles):are you mad laksh.?
Laksh(fumes):what rubbish..?

Kavitha(laughs):rubbish..??huh not seeing a totally different emotions of you since yesterday laksh.
“what do you mean.!”he asks in mere confusion.
Kavitha:which face of yours is true laksh.?yesterday or today.?I mean yesterday you came to party and said that I have tried to kill you both but today you show off like you doesn’t care about Ragini at all.
Laksh(shrug):don’t think more Kavi orelse as you said madness will caught your brain.
He proceeds towards his room while ragini’s mind is occupied with his thoughts.
Ragini(in mind):Why laksh is behaving this way.?why does he say like that before all..?did he does everything only for the sake of avoiding the blame.?no am over thinking,this can’t be real.he confessed everything from his heart,I read and felt the love and cravings for me through his eyes.i think he is upto something and I won’t ask you anything laksh until you say it yourself.

Subhatra:beta you will feel tired,so take some rest.
Ragini nods and ascended the stairs trembling.
She rolled the knob to open the door,as soon as she entered inside he pulled her gently and bolted the door back.
“Laksh,what’s this..?stop crying.!it’s ok..please stop it.I know you doesn’t meant those words from your heart.please laksh.”she kept repeating the same and brushes his backhead lovingly.
Laksh(weeping):no Ragini,I shouldn’t have used those words but I don’t have any other option.
Ragini remains silent and laksh continues “the one you suspect and the one I thought isn’t the real culprit.”
“What.!”Ragini shocks.
“it was planned just to divert us Ragini.!”laksh says clenching his fists.
Ragini:are you sure Laksh,it wasn’t AK..?
Laksh nods.

Ragini:but how do you know that he is not behind everything.?
Laksh:it’s so you remember that day of our accident,Kavi asks me to drop you in temple for pooja which is a last minute change that you,me and Kavi only knows that’s why I suspected that she’s behind all this so I have eyed her activities.I know Kavi is stubborned towards her desire but she won’t steep that much low and about your doubt on AK,I myself thoroughly checked the cctv footage around our house,there is no trace of any vehicles or persons following us from home,then how come AK knows that you are in my car.(Ragini thinks something)I can understand what you are thinking Ragu,there are some chances that ak might have spies from our home and that’s a least percent only.yes do you remember the brake failure,I don’t think that it was an accidental issue,it was a planned trap for me but unfortunately you got into it at the last moment.

Ragini:I can’t understand anything laksh.
Laksh:I know you can’t.i will handle everything but I need your co operation.
Ragini sighs “What” through her eyes.
Laksh:I feel like someone who belongs to this mansion is helping the murderer.
” what.!”Ragini’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her palms.
Laksh(chuckles):this is why I said Ragini.don’t behave like a kid infront of everyone because I can’t control myself(he pecked her cheek).you are cho cute ragu.(she glares)ok now be serious and stop doing your antics.for the outsiders,we should remain like before (i.e) i will behave lil rude towards you like before.
Ragini(interrupted) was little rude u..?(she glares).
Laksh:ok ok a lot.I agree.

Ragini:that sounds perfect.continue continue.
Laksh:listen carefully darling,you should always do things that irritates me and for which you have to bear my scoldings and note it down ragu,these rules should be followed only outside our bedroom and here you should behave as a sanskari wife(he tucks the strand of hairs that falls over her face).
Ragini(pushed him slightly):we aren’t officially married yet and you too know that proofs and photos I have shown are be in your limits Mr.Maheshwari.
Laksh(grins):your proofs may be fake but what about this..?
He showed her some papers and she gasps in shock while reading it.
“When did you..?”before she completes,he interrupted.
“after my confession and now we are legally married.i registered our marriage Mrs.Ragini Laksh Maheshwari.”he says stretching his hands and the next moment Ragini was in his arms.
Ragini(sobbing):I thought that you might have thrown those papers after you left me near bridge on our wedding but surprisingly you still kept that safely.
Laksh(wiping her tears):Ragu,stop crying are a good girl smile.that’s like my girl.
“you didn’t answered yet.”she says again.
Laksh:actually I got your sign in that papers,i haven’t filed it because that time the revenge was the only thing stood in my mind but I still can’t able to throw that simply that’s why I kept it with myself.thank god it helped me now(he winks).

Ragini:for the very first time your brain have taken the perfect decision(laksh glares her)just joking lucky.
“it’s been a long time na Ragu.”
“what laksh..?”
“you mentioned me by my nickname..”he says wiping his tears which touched his cheeks.
“am sorry laksh..i remembered you about him na..!am sorry.”she said consoling him.
Laksh:I can’t believe the fact that he is no more.SANSKAR(he screams his name falling on his knees)
“please control yourself Laksh..!”Ragini tried her best to bring him back to normal.
“but his loss affected everyone Ragini,swara is the one who suffered the most.she lost her husband and had a miscarriage too.That day miserably turned my sister’s life into upside down,now she is mentally depressed.i can’t see her in this stage Ragini.”he weeps placing his head on her shoulder.
They heard the knock outside their door.
“Swara..!”raglak rushed to the door and unbolted it.
Swara is panicking about something and it isn’t clearly audible to them,her face is slick with sweat and her eyes were swollen and frightened.
“Swara..what happened.?”laksh muttered.
“Shona relax.”Ragini tries to calm her down.
“SANSKAR”she points her forefinger towards that direction.
Raglak turned towards the path which she points out.

The screen freezes.
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