The Unanswered question of Naagin 2

After a bone chilling first season, the legacy of Naagin continues with Shivanya’s daughter, Shivangi. While Shivanya tries hard to keep her daughter away from her real identity, it will not be long before destiny catches up with Shivangi. In a strange twist of fate, Shivangi falls in love with Rocky, who is the adopted son of Shivanya’s arch nemesis Yamini. The evil icchadhari naagin Sesha also returns as Ruchika. Can Shivangi come into her own as an icchadhari naagin and protect the Naagmani? Or will the evil forces win this time? In its third season, Naagin brings back its legacy of power, passion and revenge. A mythical tale of vengeance in its purest form, the wedding of an Icchadhari Naag and Naagin is marred by a group of drunken youngsters. The atrocities result in the death of the Naag. Watch how the Naagin takes it upon her to avenge the death of her partner.

The Ekta Kapoor and Colors most loved Supernatural series Naagin has comeback with season 3 which has already become on air. It stars Surbhi Jyoti, Anita Hassnandani, Pearl V Puri and Karishma Tanna but most of the fans are wanting the queen of season 1-2. The season 2 left us with an unanswered question: WHY DID ROCKY KILL SHIVANGI ? This is probably one of toughest question to answer after why did Kattappa kill Bahubali.

Although season 3 had some minutes with Mouni Roy, it didnot have the answer of the question. The third season started in a new place with new people and story. So there are less chances of getting the answer.
The last episode suggested that Rocky killed Shivangi due to suggestion of Ritik, Shivangi’s father. But why would he do so ? It is hard to know. Although some spoilers suggest that Bela is Shivangi’s incarnation, but as there is no real declaration, it is hard to believe. Any guesses ? They are most welcomed at the comment section.

  1. I feel it will be revealed for sure in this season. Many are thinking Bela is related to Shivangi. Should see why Rithik wanted to end Naagin era and came lively young for it.

    1. Mona146

      he being alive and young when shivani herself said that some people related to yamini killed her rithik is wierd. that too rithik nature how come changed so much that he asked to kill his daughter. Aur karanvir bohra character is not died right where is he leaving out his haveli? Whats this portraits of nagins who makes them?

  2. Sometimes I feel that ekta thinks the audience is a bunch of fools, that can be fed with whatever she likes…….
    Bela might be n incarnation, remember, she doesn’t have her mother to tell her real identity, so she can be serpent, 25 yrs of life n then her reality, blah blah….

  3. Anee

    I also think that Bella will surely have some connection with shivangii… and I am sure if this season doesn’t worked well than Ekta will surely brings Mouni on the board by having some connections with bella.

    1. Mona146

      ekta can do anything for trp. I was a fan of surbhi from qubool hai, tanhayiyan etc as strong and independent modern girl but she dissapointed me by taking naagin.a complete fiction. Adaa and mouni are best.

    2. Lokesh

      Hmm for sure the last option to bring her back.

  4. Lokesh

    Hiiii, I think Bela is unknown of her powers, and might be this Sumitra is knowing abt Bela powers, so she want Bela only to marry Yuvi, so that can grab nag Mani , may be Bela is key of any secret lock , this Sumitra looks little suspicious, but I love that mahir nice name. I m enjoying as there are lots of character s and everyone have smthng to do in the show , that thing I like in Ekta show , she gave scripts dialogues for everyone.

  5. Emptyhand20

    We need more handsome Naags like Rudra in the show, the rating will go up for sure. Puneett Chouksey, the actor playing Adi is so hot and handsome, he will look good in Naag attire. Adi is the one who killed Vikrant, he should be the last one to be killed. To make the story more interesting, Vish should make Adi against Mahir for the inheritance. Later, Adi will learn the truth about Vish, about Naagmani… and he will trick her to believe he is innocent and Mahir is the one who shot Vikrant, Adi will make Vish fall in love with him and help him become an Icchadhari Naag. Mahir also will become an Icchadhari Naag to help Bela against the villains. Vish-Adi couple will against Bela-Mahir couple and other villains for the Naagmani. At last, Vish will learn the truth about Adi and she will turn against him. Adi-Mahir will have a fight between two brothers and Mahir will accidentally kill Adi. Finally, Vish will join forces with Bela-Mahir against the other villains, protect the Naagmani.

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