The Twisted game of Destiny- Wedding once again! ep.41 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Wedding once again!

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Episode Starts

Riddhima: I never knew I’d be here like this but what to do your love made me insane behind you. Your love and you have a magic that has trapped me fully and has caged my heart with you. I’ve never been this delighted in my life when I realized this beautiful feeling I have towards you. I love you Vansh! Vansh will you be able to hold on to my heart for the rest of your life? (smiling)

Unknown voices: Stop it both of you!

Vansh and Riddhima turned their gazes to see their families looking at them in shock and anger. Riddhima; trembling stood up and stole glances with Vansh. Both their families were heading where they were standing and before anything else could happen, Vansh ran towards Riddhima and carried her with a sudden action on his shoulders.

He took her on his shoulders and ran towards the back gate. Riddhima tried protesting by hitting his back with her fists and tried speaking however he didn’t listen. Their families ran behind them. Vansh seizing an opportunity, took over a bike. He settled Riddhima over behind and took it to ride it. Before the families could reach them they rode off.

Ajay and Manav ordered their men to follow them and track them. Riddhima held Vansh back tightly and he sped off while he smiled at her gesture. She rested her head on his back and smiled, inhaling his scent, not regretting for even a bit to run away with him.

Riddhima: So you kidnapped me? (teasing)

Vansh: (smiling) Did i? Or did you?

Riddhima: (stunned) Me?

Vansh: Of course….you kidnapped my heart! (smiling)

Riddhima: (smiling) Did i? By the way where’s my answer?

Vansh: (teasing) Which answer? College notes?

Riddhima: Vansh!! (hit him slightly)

Vansh: Okay, on a serious note now! Ms Riddhima Raichand….I love you too, beyond your imagination! And will you like to be my better half?

Riddhima: (excited) Yes!! Bring your finger

Vansh showed his finger and she slipped the ring on to his finger on to which he smiled. Ajay and Manav’s men were following them which led Vansh to speed up more. They raced with against each other for some time till Vansh managed to trick them. They headed for a hotel and checked in to a room.

Riddhima: Vansh our families won’t accept us and our relation! (fear)

Vansh: (cupping her face) Riddhima, calm down! They will have to….if they want us then they will have to. We are together in this! Always!

Riddhima: (nodded) I hope so!

Flashback Ends

Riddhima: That was what actually had happened! (laughing)

Rivan: Wow! So Ri you’ve gotten an idea right!

Riva: (shocked) What idea?

Rivan: Of running away with your boyfriend!

Riansh: What!! Riva?

Riva: What!! I haven’t said anything….and which boyfriend? (horrified)

Vansh: Riva, if you have one tell me from now…I’ll have to check everything about him and….

Riddhima: Shshh You leave all that…Riva you’re not supposed to do anything of that. If there’s anything then just come to us, straight! We will see the matter, and you’re supposed to be focusing with your career (worried)

Vansh: Yea your mom is right, tell that boy to stay away from you!

Riva: (Stunned at the madness) Stop it!! You all are mad!

Vansh: Don’t listen to your boyfriend!

Riva: Dad!! You both assumed it to be right, honestly! This idiot told you something and you instantly believed it!

Rivan: (giggling) They love me more!

Riva: Idiot, it’s not called being loved more but it’s just to assure you that you’re important too and not unimportant like you are!

Rivan: Dumbo, it’s clear you’re jealous!

Riva: Idiot, who would be jealous…that too from you? (laugh) What a joke!

Rivan: You…(interrupted by Riansh)

Riansh: Enough!!

Riva and Rivan: Sorry! (mumbling)

Angre on the other hand again received a message from the unknown guy.


Man: Angre, how’s it going? I heard your Bhabhi has woken up! Have you told the truth?

Angre fisted his hands in anger and decided to tell the truth. He went upstairs to Vansh’s room where he saw the entire family looking inside their room and he joined in too. He was extremely happy seeing the four spending some time together.

Vansh slowly got up and went to his wardrobe and fetched something. It was a small box. He kneeled down in front of Riddhima who was seated on the bed and opened the box which had a ring. The twins gasped in excitement while Riddhima was shocked with his move.

Vansh: I probably don’t remember the last time I proposed to you so here I am today. Mrs Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania, you’re the lady I’ve always loved and always love till death and beyond. You’re responsible for my breathes and my heartbeats. You’ve given me the most special gifts (looking at their children) and I only want to give you happiness and nothing more. I want to shower all that love I missed out in these 18 years. You’ve once again kidnapped my heart! I love to the moon and back. Will you accept my proposal?

Riddhima: (tears) I would want to spend the entire life that’s ahead of me in your arms and with you! I love you!! Yes I accept it Mr Rai Singhania! (happy and hugs him)

Riddhima got up and hugged him as soon as he slid the ring once again in her finger. He kissed her forehead in happiness while Riva and Rivan clapped.

Woh rang bhi kya rang hai
Milta na jo tere hoth ke rang se hubahu
Woh khushboo kya khushboo
Thehre na jo teri saanwari zulf ke rubaru

Tere aage ye duniya hai pheeki si
Mere bin tu na hogi kisi ki bhi
Ab ye zaahir sar-e-aam hai, elaan hai

Jab tak jahaan mein subah shaam hai

Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu (x2)

The rest of the family were peeping through the door; they clapped and entered the room. Riddhima and Vansh got apart and blushed.

Kabir: So here calls for another wedding!! (happy) Riddhu, that time we were against, you had to elope but this time we are with you! We are sure of Vansh, he’ll keep you happy for the rest of your life.

Aryan: Absolutely Kabir! Riddhu, you deserve a lot of happiness and Vansh will hand them over to you.

Ishani: So that means a wedding in VR mansion!

Dadi: With all the rituals that you both missed last time!

Twins: Perfect!!

Shayne: So means we’ll have to prepare everything for the decorations! (excited)

Anisha: All the rituals; Sangeet, mehndi, haldi everything! It’s going to be so exciting!!

Vansh: We will keep everything, and do everything that we missed and now this time with our kids! But before all that we need to find out…(interrupted by Riddhima)

Riddhima: The truth.

Siya: Truth for?

Riva: For their separation, the reason.

Riddhima: And for the first start, Angre will have to speak.

Vansh: (shock) Angre!

Riddhima: Angre…..


The reason

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