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Hi this is Rosie I do a fan fiction on swasan and raglak meeting I’m here to talk about some TVs serials which I think use to much over reaction.
To start saathiya
24/7 kokilas Krishna Bhagwan ke sogan.
Like why say it 24/7 and why have we got parag there he hardly says anything nor does Jigar dad they like the expression people for the first time baa got some real hitting dilouges.

Diya aur bhati hum
Like really when they have a few days peace sandhya is Back on duty this time for what neelvish you go blue wow it’s a disease why investigate so much just wash the persons face and there it goes

Yeh rishta kya khelata hai
Naitik and akshara love never ends they grow older and look more younger like I believe you are actually they nearly the age of being grandparents lol they don’t look it

Suhani si ek ladki
Soumya goes good then bad then good then bad like what is wrong with her cant she decide one character.Dadi Suhani helped her and what did she do blamed her she did the opposite.

Sisila pyaar ka
Well done janki you fool you let mummun and her kamini Back in can’t forgive kajol what about what they did to you.infact kajol always helps you.

Kalash ek vishwaas
Come on devika you could have read the papers.This is for all the dramas when something bad happens then everyone freezes and look at manju ravi mother she looks like a with
Pls comment I will be back for more don’t worry

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  1. very nice Rosie. Especially Ssel one. What you say about Soumya was quite funny hahahaha well done

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