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Recrap: anika’s father in hospital shivika meeting..

Lets peep into todays epi..

Next day morning :

Anika is getting ready to meet Shivaay.
“Neil take care of ma and papa, I’m leaving to meet Shivaay to discuss about the case “ she said.

“ Annie , shall I come with you?” Neil questioned her..

“No Neil, I’ll handle it , he will not eat me..” she said with a fake smile .

“ just asked yarr..ok bye..” Neil said .

Anika went to oberoi industries this time she didn’t strom inside she waited in the reception. The receptionist informed Shivaay and he asked her to come inside.

Anika came inside and sat quietly for few minutes. Shivay was the first to break the silence.

“Anika I think it will be raining today “ he said.

She simply rolled her eyes and gave a confused expression .

“Why shivaay?” She asked.

“Because jansi ki rani is silent “ he said and chuckled .

“Shivaay…” she said .

”ok anika you told that you need to talk about something to me?” He said.

“shivaay I came here to know about your enemies in business “ she finished her sentence .

“ but Anika I’m not doing any small business this is Oberoi world… there will be so many enemies can I mention them “ shivaay said and gave a proudly look.

“ hello Mr. stop blowing trumpet of your own … I need the list “ she said.

“But Anika…” cut by Anika

“ not but… you should give me” she ordered him.

“As you wish mam “ he said and murmured mad girl which is unheard by Anika.

Within half an hour shivaay gave the list there were more than 30 members.. Anika gone through the list and said

“ so shivaay I have a plan to capture the culprit “

“ proceed anika” he said .

“ so shivaay we should throw a party for all your business friends and partners “ cut by shivaay

“ anika if you want any party you can say me directly as a friend I’ll give you why are you saying this to save me “ he said .

“ Mr. bagadbilla mind your words I don’t need your poor party, I just thought to help you , if you thought this is not ok then you say an idea” anika fumed .

“ Anika cool down I just said for fun “ he said .

“ poor humour sense Mr. Oberoi “ he said .

“ cool down anika continue your plan” he said.

“ if we invite all your partners and friends definitely he/she to will come there “ she said.

“ are you sure anika , he will come?” He asked raising his eyebrows .

“ yes shiv he will definitely come , if my acception is correct definitely he will come at least to meet Avni “ she said.

hearing shiv from his mouth shivaay felt something inside his heart..

“ Avni…?!!.” He asked.

“ yes shivaay “ she said and continued
“ on that day I came to your home na. I was searching for you to say about the case on that time instead of your room I opened her room fortunately she didn’t see me” and she explained everything to him what she heard in her room ( guys what did anika heard…that is muted here .. will be revealed soon..)

Shivaay simply nodded..anika thinks “ what I’m saying a secret about his sister and he is simply nodding his head. Something fishy come on Anika you should find out” .

“Shivaay are you ok with my plan?” She asked .

“Ok anika , day after tomorrow is Avni’’s birthday so we can celebrate that birthday party and I’ll call all my clients for that party “ he said.

“ but shivaay we are having ony one day is that ok for you , because we need to decorate house for the party” she said.

“ it’s ok anika I’ll manage that , you just inform all the others “ he said and went out.

Anika thinks “ is this guy is really mad here I’m saying a big thing and he is not at all reacting, at least he can appreciate me for this kithikod plan” anika made a pout face and left the place.

She went to Oberoi mansion and informed everyone about the party but she said that it’s for Avni not mentioned about her plan even though to Neil.

In hospital,
Everyone slept anika Neil was playing pubg in his Mobile . Anika came and snatched his phone . He shouted at her

“Shhh” she let fingers in her lips and sighed him to come outside and not to disturb her parents.

“ anika give me your phone “ he said.

“ Mr. Pubg addict instead of playing this at least you have tried in Indian army at least you have got a chance to save our nation “ she moked at him.

“ you go jansi ki Rani , why should I ?” By saying he snatched his phone from her.

“Ok leave it baba , I’m having a surprise for you ?” She said , still now she didn’t informed to him about the party and Avni’s birthday.

“What ? Have you bought ice cream for me?” He asked she hit his head .

“ then what ?” He asked “ that only my favourite…what else ?“ by saying he began to think .

“ you stupid always thinking about food” She said.

And she explained everything to him.
“ Anika I think he is not shivaay Singh Oberoi, dumbo Singh Oberoi “ Neil said .

Anika glared at him,
“ then what how can he accept that stupid idea of yours , if definitely I were in his place I’ll be fired you” he said and done the famous hair flick of SSO.

“For your kind information I’m not working under him nor his client , he is my client he not having any rights to fire me “ she said with her attitude
He gave a whatever look .

“ so you are not coming to attend Avni’s birthday party “ she asked

“N..nooo when did I said like that .. definitely I’ll come for my Avni’s birthday party “ he said.

“ your Avni?” She raised her eyebrows
He bites his tongue and smiled sheepishly..

“ dude if this was heard by his brothers then definitely next time you will play your pubg in heaven, ops not heaven , you will play in hell “ she said and he made a pout face .

“ What the great shivaay Singh Oberoi is also a human na not any god or animal na?” He said.

“ so dude if you have dare means say this to the Great Wall of Oberoi group Mr.shivaay” anika said and winked at him

“ I’m feeling sleepy anika good night “ he said and escaped from her

Anika smiled seeing his new Rome friend.

Anika’s pov

why Avni shivaay didn’t reacted anything for what I said about his sister. I too know Avni is a nice girl. But to whom Shen was speaking that day. I have to find the truth have to save shivaay,he is trusting me like anything . I have to do something. God please help me . The culprit should come to the party or at lest I should get a clue except that blue eyes and tattoo..

Next day:

A day gone in decoration of Oberoi mansion . Anika explained her plan to bahvya , Gauri, om and rudr. She didn’t say about anything to Avni because it’s was a secret for Avni a birthday surprise for her. So everyone accepted her plan .

Precap: shivika moment ojana….
Avni was speaking to someone but shivika can’t see his/her face properly…

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  1. TSY

    Nice episode
    Why does shivay react like this about avni
    Waiting for avni’s truth

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr for your comment. Let us wait and see why shivaay didn’t react for Avni . Till then bye Nd take care.

  2. amazing episode..just confused about shivaay’s behavior..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Sufija

      Thank you for your comment didi❤️..take care ..

  3. Jasminerahul

    shivika scene was nice.hope anika’s plan works at the party.Anika Neil scene was nice

    1. Sufija

      Thank u dr..let’s wait and see…

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