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Lets peep into todays epi

oberoi mansion. .
Everyone were eating..oam” why are you sad avni”…
“ nothing bhaiya”. .she told and continued eating…
“ see my eyes and say” oam said..
Avni said “wo..bhaiya it’s lost my Id card”…
“ ahh…it’s not a big deal na? are sad for that ?..”
“ don’t worry I’ll find and give..” rudr siad
“ ya he will find and give you within you completing studying “ oam said..
“ without Id card you can go na?” rudr siad
“they will not allow inside? Avni said..
“ then take leave until you get your Id card back “ rudr said..
Avni and oam gave a cheap look
“ ya being with him fa past 4 didn’t know how to go to college..have you seen him going to college at correct time ..with proper dress code?” oam asked…
“no” Avni said and both chuckled..
“Donkey’s doesn’t know camphor smell”…rudr murmured to himself..
“ what did you say?” Oam Turing his ears..
“ ahh. ..bhaiya it’s didn’t say’s paining leave me..”rudr shouted…
Avni laughed…both oam and Avni hified..
“did you search ?”oam asked
“ ya bhaiya..except bade bhaiya room”..Avni said
“then search there too…rudr will help you”…oam said and winked at him..
“ ok ok I’ll help you”..rudr said..
In shiv’s room.
“bade bhaiya it’s lost my Id card except your room is searched i need to search in your room” Avni said..
“ sure “ Shivaay siad without lifting his head from his laptop….
They started to search..
Rudr shouted “ ya…I got the id card..”
Avni too screamed “ I got the id card”..
“ what ?”oam asked..
“ Avni do you have 2 Id card?”rudr asked…
“no bhaiya” Avni said..
“ then..Shivaay bhaiya when did you start to wear id card..” he turned the Id card “ wo bhaiya you changed your name also? That to without saying us..bad bhaiya..but this name is also nice only..Annika”..rudr told..
Oam looked with widened eyes..
“rudr it’s our Annika’s id card “ oam siad..
Still Shivaay working in his laptop..
After hearing Annika Shivaay too looked with widened eyes..
All the 3 were laughed by seeing their brothers expression…
“ my bhaiya became a id card thief..ohoo God. .plz save my brother..don’t worry bhaiya I’ll suggest a good doctor for this diseases..” rudr siad and chuckled..
Shivaay kept Hand on his head on hearing rudr speech
“ Shivaay I thought you having only OCD when did you start stealing id card” oam asked and all the 3 chuckled ..
“guys..shut up…I do know how this came here and I’m not having any disease …will you please leave early my room..I have an important meeting within an hour..” Shivaay said with gritting his teeth…
“ ya bhaiya it might be walked came and sat here “ rudr said and all 3 laughed loud and ran out of the room..
“these guys always disgusting “ Shivaay told and smiled….
“ come rudr let’s go “ oam said..
“ where bhaiya? “rudr asked
“to see annie”…
“ya I too coming “Avni siad..
“ you know her already?” oam asked..
“ yes oam bhaiya” Avni said..and explained him every thing…
All went to see her..
In Avnnie office..
Annika is shocked to see her neighbour uncle attempt suicide…
“I have seen him when I whether out an hour before but what happen to this” annie asked to police .
“we do know?..that why we are here”..Police said..
“ hello..I’m also a detective I too can help you in this case..”
“you Detective how..can I believe? Show me the id card…?”
“ wo…meri id card..” Annika stammers..
“here “ oam said and gave the I’d card to the police..
“ok now you can hold us in this case.”
“wow I got the first case..where this Neil gone..?”
“ hi are you?..sorry yarr..I was in hurry so only didn’t meet you and so why you 3 are here now?”…Annika asked..
“ to see you di “ Avni siad..
“I was sad today because I lost my Id only I didn’t talk to you in just came to see you” Avni said..
“ ohoo..but how did you get my Id card?”Annika asked
Avni explained everything and Annika also explained everything to omru and Avni…
“what bhaiya said sorry? ??””Everyone asked with widened eyes..
“ yes…what’s wrong in that?” Annika asked..
“ you do know about bhaiya na..? Soon you will…know” rudr siad…
“ hi guys what discussion is going on without me?”..Neil asked..
“hey where did you went..see you got a first case as detective…than a broker..” rudr said..and everyone chuckled…
“ okk..comes let’s go and check the cctv footage of our building”..Annika said..
All the four were reached the cctv room and stared to check the footage….
Extacatly the time from Annika and Neil left to oberoi mansion…
All were shocked to see the vedio…omru and Avni s eyes moisture filled…

  1. Sufija

    Guys here is my 5th episode..some spelling mistakes are there pllzzz adjust ..sorry dears..fa his boring episode

  2. Hi! This is a nice episode eventhough its short. I loved it. It’s not boring yaar. It was fun. Why Avniomru crying on seeing the footage!? Waiting to know. Hope u have done ur practicals well.?

    1. Sufija

      Thank you…sorry fa this short episode i don’t have time I have given this short episode. ..I have done my practical well..thanks a lot….??

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Hey sufi.. How was your exam?..
    Coming to epi.. Good episode.. Haww billuji is such a id chor.. Wow annidi and neil got their first case as detectives.. But what is that they saw, which made them cry.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

    1. Sufija

      Ya..di I have done my exam well..thank you fa commenting…keep waiting fa next..until take care

  4. Hii…How r u? How was d practicals? Nice epi dr……wen will d exams start? Waiting to kno wat they see in dat footage…waiting for d nxt epi…bye

    1. Sufija

      Hi..fine dr..ya it’s have done my practicals exams starts on March 1…as soon as possible I’ll update dr..untillove byee ND take care

  5. Anokhi21

    Wonderful epi d…avni nd Om teasing rudr is funny…why r they crying? Waiting for d nxt
    Luv u..

    1. Sufija

      Thank you u too??

  6. Jasminerahul

    omru avni scene was funny.rudra’s dialogues to shivay seeing anika’s ID card was funny.oh sad to know that their neighbour committed suicide.good to know that Neil anika will handle the case.what’s there in the video?

    1. Sufija

      Let’s wait and see what’s there in that vedio…thank you fa ur comment

  7. Very nice part

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