The Story of Two Mafias-14-Two weddings!!!

As they finished the choodha ceremony, Manya brought bangles for Riddhima.

Manya : Riddhu, your bangles..

Riddhima takes the bangles, and is seeing when they fall in rose water, she looks at Manya sadly.

Manya : This is auspicious, don’t worry..

She nods in assurance , and Riddhima picks her bangles and wears them. They all get ready for the wedding…

Shehnaaz :

Shehnaaz : 

Sid :

Vansh : 

Vansh :

Riddhima : 

Riddhima :

Riddhima : 

Manya :

Manya :

Dev :

Sohail : 

Sohail :

Abhilasha : 

Abhilasha :

Singhania mansion : 

Singhania mansion :

The Rai Singhania’s arrive at the mansion, welcomed by Manya and Dev. Siddharth goes in the room. They all sit inside.

Abhilasha : Riddhima, Vansh do the pooja.

Riddhima and Vansh simply nod and go for the pooja. (they’re not aware of any ritual) The priest recites mantras.

Priest : Now, bride’s father will tie their knot.

This statement leaves both of them stunned, while the elders smirk.

Riddhima : Excuse me? Bride hasn’t came yet!

Abhilasha : Pandit ji! Wasn’t it the pooja we do before the arrival of groom and bride?

Priest : No Abhilasha ji! You didn’t told me..

Riddhima : Wait..Then, lemme go..

Priest : No balike! Now, you can’t go,half of the wedding is completed and leaving is inauspicious..

Hearing these sounds, the real bride and groom (Sid and Shehnaaz) come down, they witness the drama.

Manya : Pandit ji! They (points) are the groom and bride..

Preist : Now, two marriages will happen, or it will inauspicious..

Vansh : But-

Sohail : Ok pandit ji, continue…

Sid and Shehnaaz do the pooja, Dev comes and does kanyadan and ties the knot of both SidNaaz and RiAnsh..The priest chants the mantras.

Priest : Now, the grooms will apply vermillion in the hair partition of bride.

Vansh and Sid apply vermillion in the hair partion of Riddhima and Shehnaaz respectively.. Then, the make the brides wear nuptial chain.

Priest : Congratulations, the wedding has been completed..

The priest goes. While Shehnaaz is having tears in her eyes whille going but Riddhima is sad instead of crying..Both the brides after bidding adieu to their parents, sit in their different cars to leave.

Car 1 :

Sid : Hey! Congratulations..

Shehnaaz : To you too!

Sid : Our plan succeeded..

Shehnaaz : Not completely, but it will..

Sid : Ofcourse, it has to!

She nods.

Car 2 :

There is pin drop sillence in the car 2..Then, Vansh says,

Vansh : So, how are you feeling?

Riddhima : What feeling?

Vansh : After this wedding..

Riddhima : See, I don’t consider this as a..

Vansh : Whether you consider it or not, it is true that you are Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania..

He said focusing on the name,which made Riddhima a little angry, that resulted on pin drop silence again..After a while, both the cars reached VR Mansion and they all performed the rituals.

Abhilasha : God bless both the couples..

Sohail : Gbu..!

Both the brides went to their rooms..

Sid : Enjoy bro enjoy *winks*

Vansh : I’ll tell you how to enjoy..Wait..

He raises his fist to punch Sid, while he hids his face, then Vansh goes away and Sid opens his eyes and starts giggling.

Abhilasha : Now, you too go to your bride!!

Sid nods.

SidNaaz room :

Naaz (Will use this name only) is sitting on the bed having a picture of Dev and Manya in her hands, while tears drop from her eyes.

Naaz : I miss you..I miss my home..It’s just a few hours but..

She stopped when she heard footsteps of Sid and kept the photo aside and wiped her tears. Sid comes and sits there on the bed.

Sid : Why were you crying?

Naaz : No.n..othing..

Sid : Are you not happy with the marriage?

Naaz : I am

She replies with a smile, while Sid reciprocates it.

RiAnsh room :

Riddhima sees the decoration and her eyes turn red with anger..She says,”Why? Why has this wedding happened? I can’t tolerate Vansh as my life partner now…and why should I even? He has lost that position, he’s incapable, he didn’t trusted me earlier and now is gaga over me..I’ll leave him, very soon, I can’t tolerate him with me, in the same room…”

and she burst out crying.

Riddhima : After daadi and Ragini had gone, I can’t share my things with anyone..not Naaz too..after all, she was the one who was planning with Sid and all to reunite us..I need strength..

She wipes her tears as she hears the opening voice (click-click) of the door’s knob. Vansh comes inside and locks the door, after that, he sits besides her, holding her chin.

Vansh : I didn’t knew, the Great Lady Mafia Riddhima oops Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania also cries, who makes other people cry, do they cry too?

Riddhima : Just shut up..

Vansh : Well, what do you mean by that?

Riddhima : I’ll tell you..

Vansh : You know, actions speak louder than the words, so I think you should try *with an intense gaze on her lips*

She pushes him while blushing.

Vansh : Ohh..see the Great Lady Mafia Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania is blushing after three fine years..

Riddhima : Can’t you be quiet? And don’t talk about those 3 years..

This line reminded Vansh of something..

Vansh : Three years, yes, three years..Now tell me that secret of three years, of Ragini’s death..

His voice turned serious and he was stern..

That’s all for this episode..Hope you liked it! And how was the surprise of two weddings? And you might have judged that this story has entered into its last phase, with the May end, this story would also end..Anyway, who’s Ragini? And her death? Any guesses??

Wishing all the beautiful moms a very happy Mother’s day!

Apologizing for a late update, am stuck with assignments and copy completion but still updated with a great difficulty..See y’ soon..

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