The Story of Two Mafias-12-Handlling her

Hola everyone! Happy  belated Ram Navmi.. Now, Let’s begin with the episode,

Vansh : Why is her head spinning?

He makes her sit on the bed and goes to the hall. To his surprise, he saw Abhilasha, Sohail, Manya and Dev leaving.

Vansh : Where are you all going?

Abhilasha : Actually, our common friend is hospitalized, so we’re going there, don’t worry Sid and Shehnaaz are here..

Saying this, they bid goodbye to them.

Sid : Hey bro..Take care of Riddhima oops..Bhabhi..

Vansh : How did you know?

Sid winks at him.

Vansh : How dare you?

Shehnaaz : Don’t worry, nothing much is gonna happen to her..

Sid : So, ENJOY!!

He says sarcastically. Vansh runs back to Riddhima, he sees his room messed up completely, on a corner, Riddhima is crying, he goes to her.

Vansh : What happened?

Riddhima : Ainn..Vanshh, where were  you? I was missing you since 2 years..

Vansh : 2 years? But we met a few days back, no?

Riddhima : We did..but I was missing your care..

Vansh caresses her hairs, she hugs him.

Vansh (in mind) : By the way, they did good, the great arrogant Riddhima, is looking like a child, right now!

Riddhima : I want to go the poolside..

Vansh : Ok, come..

They both go to the poolside and sit there.

Riddhima : Vanshh..remember we used to sit on the beach??

Vansh : Yess…

His eyes become teary as he remembers their moments. Riddhima shakes him.

Vansh : What?

Riddhima : I wanna go back..

Vansh : Okayy..

They both go the room.

Riddhima : Let’s watch a horror film..Bhoot..

Vansh : Are you sure?

Riddhima : Yeps..Come naa..

They both sit in a duvet, covering themselves and start the movie “Anabelle”

Riddhima : AAAAaaaaa

Vansh : What happened?

Riddhima : Bh..bhoot..

She holds Vansh’s shirt tightly.

Vansh : Shall I switch it off?

Riddhima : Naahh..

They both continue to watch the movie. The movie ends.

Vansh : Ri..(he turns to her and finds her resting on his shoulder) you look so cute!!

He makes her lie properly on the bed and covers her with duvet and calls Angre.

Vansh : Angre..bring them in the basement..

He went to the basement.

In the basement :

Three men are tied on different chairs..Vansh enters.

Man 1 : Why have you tied us?

Vansh : How DARE you look at my Riddhima with your filthy eyes, and commenting on her..

He punches them. Angre comes to Vansh.

Angre : Boss..boss..

Vansh : What happened now?

Angre : They’re sent by Aadhya..

Vansh : Interesting..Very interesting..Now, y’ll help me to know the truth..

Angre : But boss, Riddhima said that she only knows..

Vansh : She meant, except Aadhya only she..

Angre : Ooh..

Vansh : 43 degree..

Angre : OK boss..

Vansh leaves from there. Angre ties them with chains instead of rope.

In Vansh’s room :

As soon as Vansh enters his room, he finds Riddhima awaken.

Vansh : Awake?

Riddhima : I didn’t slept even..I was just trying to befool you..

Vansh : How dare you be..

Riddhima : Vansh Rai Singhania, I know I know! What do you think of yourself?

Vansh : A perfect..

Riddhima : Monkey? right..Absoluetly right..

Vansh : YOU!!

He ran behind her, they both messed up the room again! Finally, Riddhima stopped, Vansh caught her.

Vansh : I win, now my gift?

Riddhima : Shut up! Gift..Huh!

Vansh : Hawwww..

Riddhima : What Hawwwwww??

Vansh : Fine, Okay..Let’s sleep..

Riddhima : No, I wanna set up your closet..

Vansh : Weird..

Riddhima : Just shut up, it’s so messed..Eiiuuu..Lemme clean it..

Vansh : No need..

Riddhima : Shh..

She tooked out the whole clothes out of the cupboard and starting arranging them one by one according to colours, while he was just looking at her. After 20 mins, she ended up arranging them.

Vansh : Thank you!

Riddhima : It’s ok, next time clean it yourself..

Vansh : Sure ma’am..

Riddhima : Now, let’s sleep..

Vansh : Ok bye..Good..

Riddhima : I’m sleeping here only, I’ve watched horror movie, so yaa..

Vansh : Here? On the bed??

Riddhima : Ofcourse, by the way, do you want me to sleep on the floor??

Vansh : Noo..Let’s sleep..

Riddhima : Yupp!!

They both lied on the bed, covering themselves with duvets.

Midnight :

Vansh wakes up and goes to the balcony.

Vansh : I miss the old us..I miss the bonding between us..The old us..The childish us..The annoying us..The demanding us..I miss every second with you..I miss the happy us..I don’t care if the whole world is against me, but you should with me always!

His eyes are filled with tears. Riddhima comes and wipes them.

Riddhima : You can’t control everything..Sometimes, you just need to relax and have faith that things will work on..Let go a little and just let life happen..

Suddenly, she disappears, he realises that he was just imagining but her words, sticked to his mind..

That’s all for this episode..First of all, I apologize for being late, I am sick and I try my best to write a bit and a bit, then completing the whole..By the time, you can checkout riansh.obsessed on Instagram..

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