The Story of Two Mafias-11-Mehndi Ceremony ♥

Episode starts as..,

The police’s siren is heard.

Riddhima : I’ll have to go..Let’s run..

Vansh : But, the truth?

Riddhima : Leave it..

They both run and reach VR Mansion where Abhilasha, Manya, Dev and Sohail are standing ready.

Vansh : YOU??

Abhilasha : Yess, actually for auspicious time, we came early..go fast and get ready..Today is going to be Mehndi..

Riddhima : Ohkk..

They go to get ready.

(Main looks)

Shehnaaz :

Sid :

Riddhima :

Vansh :

First, the boys come and sit on the couch. Then, Riddhima brings Shehnaaz. All are stunned seeing Riddhima.

Man 1 : Riddhima is looking more beautiful than the bride..

Man 2 : Yess, I just wanna adore her like this..

Man 3 : She has snatched the glory of bride here..

Man 2 : Yess..

All this is listened by Vansh. He grits his teeth.

Vansh (in mind) : You’re looking breathtaking indeed, but what was the need of looking so much beautiful? And if you were to..Why did you called these b#$####$ ?? I swear, I feel like killing them, right now…

Shehnaaz sits on the couch. The girls start applying mehndi to Shehnaaz. Then, two girls go to Riddhima.

Girl 1 : Whose name we have to write, ma’am?

Riddhima : Vansh…..Vansh..come here..(she didn’t listened them)

Vansh comes to her while the girls apply her mehndi.

Vansh : Yess??

Riddhima : Where were you going?

She narrows her eyes.

Vansh : Nowhere..

Riddhima : I know, you were spying..

Vansh : Com’on Riddhima, this is VR Mansion, why will I spy??

Riddhima : Then why are you going in my room?

Vansh : I don’t wanna talk to you…

He leaves. Riddhima smirks. The mehndi is applied to all. All the girls are dancing on “Mehndi hai rachne waali” The boys are standing on the corner, then Shehnaaz comes with her friend and stands besides Vansh.

Shehnaaz : Do you know Riddhima has written someone’s name in her mehndi??

Girl : Whose??

Shehnaaz : Someone from V , I couldn’t read properly..

Girl : Oho..!!!! V..

Vansh : V ?

He goes to look for Riddhima.

Riddhima : What?

He holds and takes to his room..

Riddhima : What’s your problem?

Vansh : Same to you..

Riddhima : How??

Vansh : Why have you written my name on your palm?

Riddhima : Where?

Vansh holds her hand and shows her.

Riddhima : I..I don’ they were applying mehndi , I called by chance..

Vansh : THEN why don’t you remove this? After all, you want to remove me also from your life, no?

Riddhima : No Vansh..(in her mind) Why I always am weak before him? To the whole world, I’m the stone but to him, why cotton, why??

Vansh : Answer me..You’re pla..

They both get slipped and Vansh falls over Riddhima. They both look at each other. Vansh stucks her hair behind her ears. Riddhima keeps her hands in his hairs. Then, suddenly Riddhima feels a pain in her head and she gets up, Vansh falls on the floor.

Vansh : Hey! You hurted me..

Riddhima : Shut up! My head is spinning..

That’s all for this part..I hope y’ liked it..Don’t forget to give your reviews..Be ready to see this new version of Our Riddhima..

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