The story of love faith and betrayal #riansh episode 8

Hi guys as I promised that today I will post 2 episodes .

Precap : mr khurana meets vansh . Vansh and Ridhima meets . Ridhima confront vansh . Vihan tells the truth about the phone convo.

Vansh : I ….dad……Kabir…killed….my…. child ( vansh was crying while saying this )

The feeling of being a dad was his dream but he never felt that his dream would become a night mare

Vansh : I always wanted me and Ridhima to have kids I wanted to be the best father in the world . But because of my misunderstanding my silly step I lost everything. What is the use of being Vansh Rai Singhania when I could not save my own child…I.. Ihave no right to call my self Vansh rai Singhania . I need to know everything about my child’s death . I promise u Ridhima , I promise you mom, I promise you my unborn child . I won’t leave Kabir n who all was responsible for your death . This time Vansh rai Singhania is not only Vansh rai Singhania but a father who’s kid’s death u r responsible for Kabir. I would not kill u but I would make your life hell Kabir . U r countdown starts now be ready

Vansh wipes his tears removes  his  phone and make a call .

Vansh : Angre Ridhima is in Mumbai . I need to know where she is . Each and every detail about her and  I also want to know where Kabir was 6 years back I want to know everything.

Angre : ok vansh bhai .

Meanwhile at Angad’s house

Kratika : Angad Ridhima is actually going to a lawer if that Kabir comes to know about her kids then.

Angad : I will talk to her

Ridhima comes out .

Ridhima : Angad let’s go we should not waste time here .

Angad : Ridhima are u sure u want to go to lawyer. If that Kabir comes to know about your kids then . He tried to kill them .

FB shows

Angad , Kratika n Ridhima are out . Ridhima is four months pregnant. Her slight baby bump can be seen  Kabir is watching Ridhima .

Kabir : ( to him self ) Ridhima sorry but to destroy Vansh his kid has to die .

He takes out Prasad and removes a medicine and puts it in it

Kabir 🙁 to himself) sorry baby but chachu has to kill u so that he can destroy u r father . Please forgive u r chachu.

Kabir disguise him self as a lady puts the ghungat and goes to Ridhima .

Kabir : beta this is prasad  especially for pregnant women please have it .

Ridhima takes the Prasad and haves it ( according to Kabir ) . And she shouts in pain.

FB ends

Ridhima : I know he tried to kill my unborn child but thanks to u both u both saved me n my child .

FB shows

When Ridhima was going to have it accidentally keerti hits the plate and the Prasad fell down

Angad : wait there are more take frim mine

Ridhima : ok

She eats the one given by Angad . Suddenly her stomach starts to pain Kabir got happy seeing this and came to her .

Kabir : sorry Ridhima but to destroy vansh u r kid has to die byee

All three were shocked Angad took Ridhima to hospital near them .

Doctor checks her and says everything is fine just u ate something spice so it’s paining due to it don’t worry .

Angad : thank god u r fine

Ridhima: no thanku because of keerti I am fine. She did eat and I not ate Kabir’s given prasad . Other wise

Kratika : Riddhu don’t think bad

FB ends

At VR mansion

Vansh comes down he sounds normal cause he doesn’t want his family to see his pain .

Vansh : Ishani I will go and bring Sakshi u don’t worry

Ishani : are u fine bhai

Vansh : ya I am fine I will go

Vansh leaves for sakshi’s school

Angad was driving for the school suddenly he hits someone car . It was none other than Angad’s father Mr khurana

Mr khurana : can’t u see or what …… ( Surprised ) Angad

Angad : I am sorry I will pay for u r loss . I am getting late my daughter is waiting for me in her school.

Angad turns to go but mr khurana creates a schene there but Angad has no option other than going to mr khurana’s office with him

Angad calls home and tells the driver to pick the kids . And then he calls

Angad : keerti sorry beta but papa won’t be able to come to pick u up from school but driver uncle is going to come  there and stay safe and don’t go anywhere.

Keerti : ok papa don’t worry

Vansh arrives to pick Sakshi . He sees them standing there . Keerti tells him everything .

Vansh : ok I will drop u then.

Riva : no thanks

Vansh : please

Riansh : she said no

Vansh : ( makes a puppy face ) please.

The three of them laugh.

All together : ok fine

Vansh takes them he asks them the way .

Sakshi : Riva u and Riansh have never told about your family.

Riva : in my family I have my mumma my mamu my mami keerti di n Riansh .

Sakshi : what about u r dad .

Riansh : he left us he did not love us but we are collecting money to buy a new dad because mumma always cries because of the old one and we can’t see him crying

Vansh got surprise and at the same time he got sad thinking about his own child

Vansh : don’t worry u tell me where he stays I will ask him why he did so to the cute little kids.

Riva : we don’t know but we know his name his name is also Vansh

Vansh got shocked . He got a doubt of them being his children.

Vansh : what’s u r mom’s name

Precap : Vansh visits Ridhima’s house . Angad’s father request him to be back with him . Vansh keeps a party at hospital . Ridhima and vansh dance .

So do u all want me to revile the truth or keep it as a secret with Ridhima and move forward. 

  1. Niyati12

    Please reveal the truth to Vansh..

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  2. Reveal the truth yrrr and vansh should do alot of efforts to please Riddhima

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  3. Nooo…pls don’t keep it as secret….let vansh know the truth……thank u for update…waiting for next episode….☺☺☺☺☺

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  4. Thanks for double update…ofcourse reveal d truth….awsm episode

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  5. Reveal the truth and make vansh struggle to win riddhima back

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  6. It was not Vansh’s mistake and it was Vihan’s ,his look-alike.Ridhima take stupidity aand stubborn on her point.Wow,nice story line wonderful.

    1. And neither was it Riddhima’s mistake coz vihaan posed as Vansh and of course he can imitate him perfectly so there is no way Riddhima could take a stand for Vansh since he has already created storm in her life

    2. Yes,she was very nostalgic, emotional and innocent girl just like a baby but I read yesterday’s written update and the activities done made me to comment now I feel she is correct and Vansh should have thought that she could be instigated by anyone and should had to take care.

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    4. Kaziayesha

      Thanks ☺️ I know but she is Ridhima

  7. Naaa… don’t keep the secret, reveal the truth and let Vansh take the initiative to get his Riddhima back.. want Riansh together.. Thanks for the update 🤝

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  8. I think u should reveal the truth 😁….. Amazing episode🥰😍….

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