The story of love faith and betrayal #riansh episode 7

Hi all so there are many people who wants either to increase length or to post 2 episode. Posting 2 episode daily is not possible for me. So I will try to increase length . Sorry for the inconveniences.

Precap: vansh meets kids again . Ridhima agrees to treat siya. Angad gets a call form his dad mr khurana .


Mr khurana ( Angad’s dad ) goes to vansh .

Mr khurana: hello Vansh beta. Congratulations we are officially business partners now .

Vansh: thanku uncle n same to u . Ok so let’s start the discussion.

They discussed about the deals n etc .

Next day

Ridhima is in her cabin going through her patients reports . Meanwhile Vansh is in siya’s room . Vansh leaves from there and goes towards his car . Ridhima comes in siya’s room for check-up.

Vansh : ( to himself) oh god shit I forgot my phone in siya’s room I need to go back.

Ridhima is in siya’s room she is checking her when vansh came he knocked the door Ridhima said come in . Vansh came in . Ridhima got tears in her eyes seeing Vansh . Vansh saw Ridhima . He was shocked , happy . His happiness knows no bound . He hugged her tightly

Vansh: Ridhima you don’t know that how much I searched u . I love u . I miss u

Saying so he kissed her cheeck and then head . Ridhima stands there expression less . Vansh hugged her and was  crying.

Vansh : I searched u every where even tried to contact u . I missed u so much. It was so difficult for me to leave without u . Ridhima say something . I want to hear your voice . Ok don’t say anything first we will go to our house n then we will always leave together . I have made all the plans . We would stay together . U ( he realises where he is . He was so happy to be with her that he forgot everything) …. Here . What are u doing here ( cupping her face ) u should directly come to VR mansion that means our house .( Looks at siya ) Ohh so u came here to meet siya . First of all I need to apologise to u for what ever I have done . I am sorry . We will talk at home . Let’s go.

He holds his hand but she jerks it . Vansh got shocked

Ridhima : mr vansh rai Singhania . I am dr Ridhima  u sister’s doctor

Vansh : ( got shocked ) what !! We will talk at home all are waiting for u Ridhima . I am waiting for my Ridhima . We will go home

He was about to hold her hands but she stopped him

Ridhima : your Ridhima right ( vansh nodded ) sorry mr vansh rai Singhania but she is no more . Your Ridhima died the day u thrown her out of the house . She died the day u refused her as your wife . She died the day h n your family members insulted her . She died the day u denied her . She died the day she called u to inform u about her pregnancy . She died the day u denied ur own chid . She died the day your unborn chid died .( Herself ) I can’t tell vansh about Riva n Riansh he  will snatch them from me . So I will tell him his unborn child is dead .( To vansh ) I am sorry to inform u she is dead . Your Ridhima is dead .

Saying so she went from there to parking she took her car n went back home . Vansh stand there in shock from all the things Ridhima told him . Without saying a word in shock he left for home while driving the car he remembered Ridhima’s words he was not able to understand what she said . Call … unborn child.. his …died somehow he drove home .

Angad’s house

Ridhima came in crying . Kratika was in kitchen n Angad was in study.kratika saw her.

Kratika : Riddhu what happened. Angad Angad .

Angad also came he was shocked seeing her like that she was crying very badly .

Angad : Riddhu what happened are u ok.

Kratika brought water for her and made her drink it

Ridhima : I meet him. I meet vansh. I meet vansh…..( Saying so she was crying)

Angad : did he said something to u . He did something to u .

Ridhima : he was asking meto come back in his life . But I told him that he’s unborn chid is dead. If I told him about Riva n Riansh he would have snatched them away from me I can’t leave without my kids . I know what to do . First I will have to take kids custody .  I need u r help Angad .

Angad : I will talk to layer

Ridhima noded  and went to her room

Vansh came home he saw dadi there he hugged her

Dadi : vansh ..

Vansh : dadi I met her

Ishani: who

Angre : Ridhima bhabhi

Vansh : yes but she said my Ridhima is dead

Aryan : what bhai pls tell everything clearly I am not able to understand what u r saying

Vansh told everything

Ishani : Ridhima was pregnant with u child . She called u but u refused why bhai .

Aryan : I am still not clear

Vihan comes in

Vihan : I know I will tell u everything

Vansh : what ??

Vihan : I was influenced by Kabir . I talked to Ridhima posing vansh .

Vansh was shocked.

Vansh : how dare u

Vansh was going near vihan but dadi stoped him .

Vansh: what did my Ridhima told u

Vihan : that she was pregnant with ur child

Vansh was shocked tears rolled down his check . Not only vansh every one was shocked .

Vihan told him everything what he told to Ridhima

Vansh ws shocked that he sat on the sofa .

Vihan : Kabir told me that

FB shows

Kabir : I would kill vansh’s unborn child n he would suffer because Ridhima won’t forgive him

FB ends

Vansh went to his room he threw all the things n than sat down

Vansh : kaabiiiir I won’t leave u alive u kild my child I  wont leave u .

Precap : Angad meets his father . Vansh searches for Ridhima . Vansh meets his kids again 

Sorry guys I would have to end this episode here but the second one will come today only I promise . Till then keep supporting 

Question for today 

1 will vansh come to know about his kids 

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