The story of love faith and betrayal #riansh episode 14

Hello everybody I am quite happy with the response which I got on my previous episode so thanku so much for loving and reading my updates . And I am sorry for being late

Precap: Ridhima goes to VR mansion . Everyone comes to know about Riva and Rivansh.

Ishani: bhai what are u saying your kids ??

Dadi : yes Vansh but your child was dead according to vihan

Ridhima: vihan ?

Vansh told dadi how he found out about Riva and Rivansh . Dadi goes to kids.

Dadi : my grandchildren ( saying so she had tears in her eyes )

He put tilak on there head and they also entered

Dadi : what are there names

Vansh : Riva and Rivansh

Riva : oh hi sakshi’s mamu u r also playing with us they game which god had decided

Vansh understood and nodded yes

Rivansh : thanku

Vansh : why

Riva : because u took me to hospital

Rivansh : and ha don’t need to be to friendly with us we are not u r friends ok

Riva : mumma we are going to stay here .

Vansh : yes Riva

Rivansh : are our mumma I think so Riva asked mumma

Everyone stuffed thier laugh thinking that vansh rai Singhania got a good reply from his own kids

Vansh :(to himself ) he is like me

Ridhima : yes so she is dadi they are are dada chachu and dadi chachi they are Aryan chachu and pari chachi she is ur Ishani bua and he is Angrey phupha and he ( pointing towards vansh ) is ur nothing

Riva and Rivansh touched everyone’s feet and took there blessings.

Vansh : I will show u both ur rooms

They both followed him and then Ridhima also followed them .

Vansh : Ridhima u will stay with me in our room

Ridhima: no

Vansh : yes

Saying so he dragged her into the room and locked the door

Ridhima : what the hell vansh

Vansh pinned her to the wall and caged her in his arms

Vansh : why the hell didn’t u said them that I am their father

Ridhima : because they hate their father u still want me to tell them

Vansh : fine now according to the contact u will have to kiss me.

Ridhima : and who the hell told u that u I will do so

Vansh : ok I will show our kids our intimate photograph’s then u answer them

Ridhima got shocked bad scared bad kissed his cheek.

Vansh : ( smirk ) hug?

Ridhima hugged him

Vansh : and 15 times a day u will have to say I love u vansh

Ridhima πŸ™ grunting her teeths in anger ) I love u Vansh

Saying so she left

Vansh : I will make u mine and will warn the tittle of best father sweetheart .

Saying so he went to kids room

Riva wa having fever since yesterday and they hid this fact from Ridhima because they don’t get to get tensed because she was already stressed about Vansh next move

Vansh came in and saw Riva sleeping and Rivansh went to bathroom he went near her and caressed her head

Vansh : is she hot? Wait she is having fever Ridhima Ridhima

Ridhima : what

Vansh : she is having fever

Ridhima: what let me check

Ahe checked her.

Ridhima: she is having fever because of would we need to get her blood test done

Vansh : fine I will call the doctor to collect the sample.

When doctor came Riva and Rivansh were playing

Vansh : ya doctor u will have to take their blood .

Both : no

Vansh : why

Riva : because today is Thursday

Vansh : so what

Rivansh : on Thursday we don’t touch needle.

Vansh : but why

Riva : mumma told

Ridhima entered

Ridhima : when did I told

Riva : that day

Ridhima : I didn’t told anything like this

Rivansh : that day u told

Ridhima : the thing is that they are afraid of needles

Vansh : ( nodded his head in disbelief ) like mother like childrens.

Ridhima : what did u said

Vansh : nothing

Rivansh : we are not afraid of it the thing is that we don’t like it

Riva : yes

precap : Ahana and Ridhima’s face off kids troubles AhanaΒ 

So guys I have three questions for u all.

1 when will kids come to no about the truth

2 will they accept him

3 what will Ahana do

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