The story of love faith and betrayal #riansh episode 10

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In the last episode I saw that last letters are missing form some words but I think that was because of this stupid network issue . I am sorry for that to

Precap : vansh comes to know about Kabir’s evil deeds. Riansh share a dance .

Ridhima : Vansh please let me go .

Vansh : sweetheart we just started dancing .

Ridhima : I have some work . Please Vansh let me go like u did 6 years before .

Vansh : Ridhima I am really sorry for what I did but u have to hear the truth . I was not aware about our child it was not me who talked to u on phone . I didn’t even knew that u called me .please come back to me

Ridhima : do u really think that I would believe what u r saying . Relationships are based on believe and I don’t believe you neither u believe me and for your kind information it was not me who left you . U throwed me out of u r life . U lost all ur rights on me when u gave them to Ahana . I am not ur wife remember that .

Vansh : you are my wife . We are not legally divorced . And u r mrs Ridhima Vansh rai Singhania .

Ridhima : no I am not your wife’s name is mrs Ahana Vansh rai Singhania ( her heart felt the pain of calling some one else vansh wife ) .

Saying so she jerked his hand and went to her room in the hotel vansh followed her and to entered her room and banged the door . Ridhima was thinking about vansh but when he banged the door her thoughts got disturbed .

Ridhima : how dare u closed the door .

Saying so she goes to the door she tries opening it . Vansh was smiling seeing her . She started banging the door and shouting for help .

Vansh : Ridhima there is no use .

Ridhima looked at him suspiciously

FB shows .

Vansh : Angre I would some how make Ridhima enter the room then u lock it from outside and don’t open it till I say u .

FB ends

Vansh is smirking and Ridhima is confused . She again starts banging the door .

Vansh : Ridhima the door won’t open until I want .

Ridhima : what the hell Vansh get us out of hear . Kratu di might be waiting for me .

Vansh : ya I would open it but first u need to sign this .

Ridhima : what is this .

Ridhima reads it

Ridhima ๐Ÿ™ making face ) what I mrs Ridhima Vansh rai Singhania promise to the cout that I would stay by my husband Mr Vansh rai Singhania. I would follow all his orders . I would share bed with him . I would always say good morning to him . I would hug him 10 times a day. I would kiss him 5 times a day . I would go with him wherever he want I would do whatever he says . I would flirt with him . I would spend my most of the time with himย  . I would never be angry and and at him and the last I would not divorce him ever .

She throws the paper and says.

Ridhima : what the hell is this and I would I sign it .( Angrily )

Vansh : ok as u r wish but I promise before leaving this u will have to sign this .

Ridhima : and who told u that . I won’t sign it at any cost.

Vansh : ok sweetheart then be ready cause media will be hear in no time that there would be a news in paper that mr and mrs Vansh Rai Singhania found locked in a hotel room that to together and very close .

Saying so he wents close to Ridhima . He slides her one hand on her waist and other hand intermingling Ridhima’s hand fingers . Angre secretary took their photos from window and messaged vansh.

Angre : boss work done .

Vansh sees the message and leaves Ridhima.

Ridhima : I don’t want to be with u m I am going .

Vansh : sweetheart just have a look at this photos and after that if u want to leave then leave .

Ridhima got shocked seeing this . She could not understand what to .

Vansh : that’s ok sweetheart u r my wife I give u time of 1 week to come up with a solution and after one week come to VR mansion and sign the papers .

Ridhima : no way

Vansh : I am Vansh Rai Singhania and people come into my life by my wish and exits my life by my wish . I am not allowing u to leave my life cause u r my u belong to Vansh Rai Singhania. U r my life and Vansh Rai Singhania will not allow anyone to take his life back not even u Mrs Ridhima Vansh Rai Singhania. ( Obsession can be seen in his eyes )

Ridhima : Vansh u r not doing right . I won’t let this happen .

Saying so she was about to leave but slips for her support she holds Vansh but then he also looses his balance and they fall on bed that to Vansh on Ridhima.

Vansh was enjoying being so close to Ridhima they shared a eye lock .Vanshย  went close to she closed her eyes then vansh softly speaks in her ear .

Vansh : see god and destiny also wants that u should not go away from me .

Ridhima realises their state and pushes Vansh gets up and exits through the door .

Vansh was smiling and seeing her exit .

Meanwhile Kabir came to the party to spy on Ridhima . Vansh gets a call and goes out to talk but accidentally collides with Kabir . Vansh sees Kabir he was fuming in anger seeing him . Kabir got shocked seeing Vansh there

Vansh : what the hell Kabir . What are u doing here .

Kabir : Vansh even I can ask u the same . By the way I heard that my x girlfriend ops sorry I am my x bhabhi is here did u meet her .

Hearing his words Vansh was fuming in anger he closed his fist .

Kabir: by the way that Vihan he back stabbed me . He told u everything . I am so sorry bhayya I killed u r child ( joining his hands ) please forgive me ( then he looks at sky ) . My dear nephew may u r soul rest in peace .

Vansh was now more angry hearing about his dead child .

Vansh : Kabir stop .

Kabir : ohh dear daddy u felt the pain the pain I felt when u called my mom as yours . Yes I killed u r killed . I killed him when he was just of four months .

Vansh looses his cool .

Vansh : Kabir the fight was between u n me u shouldn’t have drag my child .

Saying so he punched him .

Vansh : what was his fault . He was not aware about our fight even . He has not even opened his eyes . He was not totally formed .

With each line Vansh punched Kabir. When Kabir was about to hit Vansh Angre cane in between them and took Vansh.

Vansh : Angre that God u came other wise a father would have killed his child’s murderer .

Angre : Vansh bhai please calm down and listen to me . I got some information.

Vansh : hmmm

Angre : Kabir tried to kill u r child butย  he was not successful.

Vansh got shocked .

Vansh : what do you mean Angre ( when Angre said that deep down inside vansh’s heart there was a ray of hope about his child being alive )

He looks Angre with ray of hope in his eyes .

Vansh ๐Ÿ™ to himself ) please bappa I know I never believed in u but when Ridhima was in danger I came to u because I wanted my Ridhima back it was my own selfish motive . I know today also I have my own selfish motive I want my child . When I asked Ridhima back from u I was Vansh Rai Singhania. But today a father is asking his child from u please please…( Saying this he had tears in Vansh’s eyes ) .

Angre : Vansh bhai when Kabir gave Ridhima poison in prasad she did not have it infact it fell . When Ridhima visited doctor . Doctor told her that she and kids are fine .

Vansh : kids?????

Angre : Vansh bhai Ridhima gave birth to twin children a girl n a boy .

Vansh can feel the happiness around him . He can feel the feeling of being a father . He was so happy . Tears of sadness turned into tears of joy . He cannot describe how he was feeling now . It was the best feeling in the world . The feeling of being dad . The feeling of being father to two beautiful souls .

Vansh ๐Ÿ™ to himself ) thanku bappa I promise u that I will find my kids and then never let them go away from me . I will always protect them . I will shower them with all the love and I promise that . My daughter she would be like Ridhima very beautiful and my son would be like me . I will always be the parent who pampers them cause I know Ridhima is the strict one….. Ridhima.

Vansh : Ridhima…why did Ridhima told that my child is dead. I know that she hates but this much that she didn’t even told me about my child . Let it be I know that what I have done to her . I know that I am wrong but I will win u back Ridhima that my promise but before that I need to find where my…. no our kids are .

Angre : bhai I had already told my men’s they will give all the information about your kids in 1 hour but bhai now you need to go in .

Vansh nods and leave

Meanwhile Ridhima was looking for kids she found she goes to the three of them

Ridhima : what are u three

Kids : nothing

Ridhima : ok fine I am going out but stay here

Kabir sees Ridhima with kids and he understood that they are her kids when Ridhima goes from there and Kabir comes there …..

Precap : vansh comes to know the truth but before that Kabir creates a mishap

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  7. Always Kabir creating mishap is very annoying. He would be very happy when he will find that his boy goes to him and his girl to his mrs and he had also confronted them and his boy was super possesive for his sister as he is. He would proud and feel sad because they said to him that they will buy another dad for their mother tonot cry and be happy . I want to see their family moments. Take care. Nice update.

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  8. Amazing episode

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  9. I don’t know what to say but I think Vansh’s way of getting his Riddhima back isn’t right. He should try and convince her in a good way but not blackmailing her or threatening her is not a idea

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      Pleading is not the style of vansh rai Singhania . He is Vansh Rai Singhania he will use his own methods . I am right or am I right ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Vansh its going to take riddhima time to accept you …she suffered alot.๐Ÿ˜”..Alot….
    But im happy he knows jus kids are alive๐Ÿ˜Š….it made me so happy๐Ÿ˜
    …and kabir….why cant kabir be a good person๐Ÿ™„…i just hope he doesnt do something that cant be solved….
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