The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 19

The Evening :

Riansh said the truth that they are together now to everyone  , so to enjoy , riddima planned a surprise.

Riddima : vansh , rivan , get into the car we will leave now .

RiVan (duo) : but where ?

Riddima : stop shooting questions both of you , now come with me .

Riddima is driving the car

Rivan :
Aaj toh achanak baat hui
Aaj toh badi hi chamatkar hui
Mene kya khuwaab mein dekha woh sach hui
Ab sabhi acchi hui
Aaj mene kya socha woh hi hui


Rivan : finally , you both reunited after a lot of struggle

Riddima :
Hamari yeh pyaar aur mohabbat
Ek acchi ishq ki dastaan
Chaahe mujhe mil jaaye woh lamhon ne
Jis mein ham dono hain ek doosre ki baahon pe
Mein kaha bhi rahaan
Tum hoo mere saare jahaan
Yahaan, wahaan , kahaan ?
Tum bhi meri saath rahaan
Hamari pyaar hai in sabhi ki nishan
Hamari pyaar toh be-intehaan


Vansh : riddima , you don’t think , that more than me you are romantic.

Rivan : for sure

Riddima : stop pulling my legs

She stops the car

Vansh : ab kya hua ?(now what happened)

Riddima :
Aayiye ,aayiye ,  baahar aayiye patidev ji
Aayiye aayiye , neeche aayiye putrdev ji
Ab toh ham apni manzil tak aagayi sir ji


Rivan : but it’s too dark na mom

Riddima : come down rives , it’s surprise isn’t it ?

Rivan : ok

The Duo come down and riddima blindfolds them and then , they go inside , then riddima says to open eyes
They are completely mesmerised .

There’s a bonfire with guitar , there is a small glass house where they can sleep
There are a lot of lightings and flowers tk the trees , there is a table , where they can eat . It’s completely amazing , and there is fresh breeze too.

First they have their lunch , next they come and sit at the bonfire

Riddima : so , how is my surprise ?

RiVan : outstanding !!

Riddima : hmm , at the end I am RSR

Vansh : a mistake , it’s RVR

Riddima : no vansh , it’s RSR

Vansh : riddima , my name starts with V , not S , so it is RVR

Riddima : who said I am talking about you ??

Rivan : what do you mean mom ?

Riddima : it’s Riddima Singh Rathore , not Riddima Vansh Raisinghania .

Vansh : I thought all misunderstandings are cleared , but no , I am totally wrong .

Riddima : you are right vansh , all misunderstandings are cleared but , my revenge is not !

Rivan : it means , mumma is in revenge mode .

Riddima : why not for sure .

Vansh : anyhow , what’s next ?

Riddima : hmm ,play the guitar

Rivan : I will play .

Riddima : rives , let vansh play it , you can play it later .

Vansh : ok , give it .

He takes the guitar .

Vansh : but , before I start , one thing I wanna say to you sweetheart .

Rivan : sweetheart ??!! , Not fair .

Vansh : before you born , I called her so , from starting of our married life .

Riddima (sarcastically) : but doesn’t called sweetly any time , not even now .

Vansh : riddima , pl na , and yah it’s my warning , don’t sleep .

Rivan : but how you know , she will sleep ??

Vansh : because , 4 years back , I played the guitar to her , as she requested me , but when after 15 min of playing guitar  , she slept on my shoulder .

Riddima :(upset and sad) yaar vansh , I felt it like lullaby , as in childhood , mumma used to sing lullabies to me with her sweet voice , and papa used to play guitar to me and maa , and I used to call my papa as handsome hunk and my mom darling
I doesn’t spell it well , but ok I used to call them , after that accident , I lost my memory completely , as I am a baby , but still , till now I will get those flashes .
Of the accident , the special moments , when I sleep , I can hear that guitar music and , that lullabies too I truly miss them.

Tears roll down from her eyes

Rivan : finally , you made my mom cry once again

Vansh : just a second , what do you mean by “again” .

Rivan : she used to cry everyday in her life , remembering her memories with you , I just heard the name , but I don’t know who is it ?

Rivan then leaves from there as riddima says him to leave.

Riddima was crying and was about to leave , but vansh pulls her into his arms, he then hugs her and comforts her , she feels secured and protected in those arms .

Vansh : (worried) sweetheart , don’t cry , I am soo sorry for everything . Because of me you lost your parents , now , you cried because of me , after that kabir , after soo many problems , we became one , but look , again we got separated , but for 4years . I made you cry these 4 years , I am sorry sweety .

Riddima : vansh , please don’t blame yourself , you wanted to protect me and our child , so you doesn’t need to say sorry , (teasing and pulling his legs)
OMG , just a second , you said sorry to me , oh god , am I listening right ? Or wrong , the great vansh raisinghania is saying sorry to me . Seriously , is it true?

He pinches her

Riddima : ouchhh , why did you pinch me ?

Vansh : as you can’t believe , I said sorry .

They hug each other once again , and go to sleep

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