The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 15

And at night :

When everyone came to have their lunch , everyone sat down .

And riddima sat at last corner and when rivan signed to sit after riddima , avni took the place

Rivan (thinking ) : damn , I think not even god , but also family members are not supporting them , hmm , I think the whole bad is in the way of my parents path

Everyone are having their lunch and vansh is staring at riddima , and to take him back to reality , rivan snapped his fingers.

Rivan (whispering) : Mr VR , please keep yourself in control , just few time , and then you can stare at her your whole life , and yah , not only staring but also you can do what you want , so be patient , sabar ka phal bahut meeti hoti hai (the result or fruit of patience will always be sweet) .(naughty smirk)

Vansh (whispering to abhi) : abhi , did you or riddima done something , that made him like this , do he see any love stories or romantic movies , that his talking is like teenage boy .

Abhi (whispering) : we done nothing , but you done something , you became romantic after my sister entered in your life , so ” like father like son ” , as you know , children will always get hobbies , habits and behavior , mostly by their parents , and those are the symptoms , that rivan became like this , you are the one , for which , rivan is like this .

Vansh (whispering) : yaar , you will keep blaming me , or you will continue eating ??

Everyone finish eating and riddima goes and sits at the hale of the house , and vansh decides to talk with her , as rivan instructs but , this time abhi comes and speaks with her They chitchat with each other , like this

Vansh and Rivan get annoyed and leave from their

Rivan : I know you are annoyed , but what can we do , as time is not supporting us at all.

Vansh : yes , time will not support us , we only should do something , and should keep it in our control .

Rivan : but , what can we do ??

Vansh : you are not grown up , you will know when you will grow up , now go and sleep , morning I will say you .

Rivan : I can understand by your actions and words , that you are planning something romantic , Am I right ? Or Am I right ??

Vansh was shell shocked as he said the same dialogue of his .

Vansh : from where did you learn this dialogue ??

Rivan : hmm , I’m Unique Mr VR ,that I will have my own style , I hope you understood , you leave and have some quality time with mom . Good night .

Vansh smiles by his attitude and unique style he has .

(Note : as everyone are excited after seeing precap , now I am coming to that point only , so be patient , as ” sabar ka phal meeti hoti hain ” .)

Later , after chitchatting , riddima goes to her room , and goes near balcony and keeps staring at the moon .

And at that moment vansh secretly enters .

He comes near riddima , who was observing moon and was not noticing vansh .

And abhi and avni came to say something to riddima and at that moment , rivan , who is watching riansh , hit his head with his hand

Rivan came and took them with him and said

Rivan(sarcasm) : yaar , everyone , give some privacy man !! , After getting separated they doesn’t have time to spend with each other , please leave them alone , and make them enjoy their time . Don’t disturb them , tomorrow morning you can speak , and by now , you leave .

Abhi and avni laughed at his words and went to their room .

Now , rivan closed the door of riansh and went smiling and laughing , he gone to his room ,and slept

At riddima’s room balcony :

Riddima was staring at the moon when two cold hands touched her waist , chill went over her spines and nerves , she know whose touch it was , and the person is vansh , he kept his chin on her shoulder .

Vansh : (naughty , romantic & sweet) : SWEETHEART !!!!!

Riddima wanted him to be like this only , but she realised what happened in the past and hitted him softly with her hand elbow and he backed off

Vansh (fake pain) : ouchh sweet heart

Riddima who is concerned for him hot worried and turned back

Riddima (worried) : vansh , are you ok ?? , Anything happened to you ?? , I am sorry .

Vansh who was observing her smiled and pulled her by her waist

(Yeah , guys as it is riansh story , there will be romance , I know you all missed it , but believe me ,I will make sure to give romantic track too)

Riddima (still worried) : vansh !! , It’s not time for any romance , you have pain , come I will apply balm for it

Vansh : (smiling) sweetheart ……. , You are such an innocent and pure soul , that you can’t understand , what is truth , what is false , so what you got betrayed .

Riddima (backing off from his arms) : and you are one in those betrayers .

Vansh : sweetheart , please listen to me , I am not sr fault , the situation made me to do so .

Riddima : vansh , you are broke my trust and my heart , by saying those words , how can I believe you once again ??

Precap : a good news !!!

Stay tuned to know , what will happen next

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