The Serial 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

The Serial 20th February 2013 Written Episode, The Serial 20th February 2013 Written Update

Vikrant, Pooja, Billu, Sara and Rohan reach Raj’s house as decided. They break into Raj’s house after getting no response from insides. They all get worried not finding Raj there. Vikrant, Sara, Billu and Rohan go to check if Raj is around somewhere leaving pooja in Raj’s flat.

While all were gone, Pooja reminiscences all her meetings with Raj and cries agonized. After some time Vikrant, Sara, Billu and Rohan returns disappointed. Sara consoles worried pooja while Vikrant calls police and instructs everyone not to touch anything in the room. After inspecting Raj’s room inspector notifies them that they have to come to police station.

In police station, inspector wonders aloud that Raj’s car was parked in parking, and as he left his wallet at home he can’t use public transport. Pooja tells the inspector that only Raj’s camera was missing. Inspector asks about who talked to Raj last time and pooja tells him that when she last time talked to Raj, he was sounding normal, little upset and disturb though but quite normal. Inspector asks why Raj upset was. And Sara says Raj’s marriage was broken due to which he was distressed. Hearing all these, inspector concludes that in such situation suicide in normal scenario and they should prepare their selves to which Pooja runs away from their not able to hear anymore. Inspector assures Vikrant that they will try their best and will inform them if found anything and asks Vikrant to call Raj’s relative to ask about his whereabouts.

Next day, Vikrant updates Karan (Karan was busy shooting outdoor for his film) about the fiasco. Karan also gets worried and Vikrant assures him that he will take care of everything and advises Karan to focus on his work. Vikrant ask Karan to call Raj’s parent but do not tell them anything about Raj to save them from obvious fret. Karan calls Raj’s mother and came to know that they were happily busy in marriage arrangements and Raj didn’t picked up his mother’s calls since 2 days. So, Karan informs the same to Vikrant. Meanwhile, Vikrant tells Billu to call all the people in his contact list to inquire about Raj.

Vikrant receives a call from police station and inspector informs him that they found a camera and a dead body. All five of them go to morgue, where pooja scolds Karan over phone for leaving Raj alone. She specifies him that if they (Karan and Sara) would have listened to her then all this wouldn’t have happened. Karan tries to pacify Pooja all in vein.

Ward boy asks Vikrant to indentify the dead body. Vikrant reassures everyone that Raj will be okay before going to morgue. Pooja get panicked and follows Vikrant surpassing Sara’s all attempts to stop her. Vikrant unveils the dead body and they all sigh in relief as it was not Raj’s body.

Precap: Rohan and his mother talk about Raj’s missing. Pooja tell Sara that if they would have told Raj already then he would have got some time to adjust to which Sara makes Pooja understand that if she would have interfered than Pooja would have been blamed for Raj and Pihu’s break up. Ayesha lets Rohan know that they can’t be friends again.

Update Credit to: SmokySapphira

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