The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 6

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Bulbul was at classroom when she was informed to see the Principal.

She didn’t know for what the reason the Principal wants to meet her.

At Principal’s office,

Principal “Bulbul, your study loan had been sanctioned and your guarantor is a well known relative of mine. I am really surprised that he did this favour to you. Do you know him Bulbul?”

Bulbul was clueless of who did this huge favour to her.

Principal “Sorry! I forgot to mention his name. He is Abhi. Abhishek Prem Mehra! Do you know him?”

Bulbul “Abhi? That Angry bird?”

Principal chuckled and said “You are right. It’s very gracious of him to do this gesture.”

Bulbul couldn’t believe Abhi did this for her.

But why? From what he had told her, she remembers vividly that he won’t involve in any of her sister’s matter. Then why was he now doing all this.

Principal” Do thank him for this. For that only I called you Bulbul.”

Bulbul” OK sir. Thank you for informing me.”

He smiled in response and soon Bulbul left his office looking confused of Abhi’s action.

Later after college, she arrived at Abhi’s house.

She was waiting to see him at the living area when one of the servants asked her to go and meet him at the function hall.

She too went there and saw Abhi looking at a floor plan that was on a table there.

Bulbul cleared her throat to convey that she was here.

Abhi “Take a sit. I will talk to you soon.”

Bulbul “Okay…..”

Abhi then came and sat opposite to her.

Abhi “Hi! How are you?”

Bulbul “Fine, how about u?”

Abhi “Fine too. How’s the arrangements here? Do you find it pleasant?”

Bulbul “Yes it’s good. Black and white combination is always classy.”

Abhi “Thanks! This is for my Dadi’s 80th birthday celebrations. Hope she likes it too.”

Bulbul smiles and looks with hesitation to ask what she wanted to ask.

Abhi “By the way, I know why you are here for. It’s about your study loan right?”

Bulbul nods her head and Abhi replies”I just received a call from my uncle as in your Principal.”

Bulbul bracing herself said “Look Mr Abhi, this is too overwhelming. Why do you have to help someone’s sister and that too the someone who followed you and caused disturbance!!”

He smirked and replies “Yes she followed me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t follow her right?”

Bulbul shook her head and found Abhi being unreasonable.

Bulbul “Then why were you emotional that day to warn my sister and asked me to ensure her safety?”

Abhi grins and Bulbul looks confused.

Bulbul “If you are loving her then why not confess it like brave a man?”

Abhi laughs out loud and says “It’s the Joke of the year!!!”

Bulbul sees him continue to laugh and this makes Bulbul furious.

Bulbul “Stop it. You are very bad to laugh on this!”

Abhi “What you ask me to do Ms Bulbul. I just did a favour out of humanity. It can be anyone’s sister. I do this at a regular basis to students who are unable to find a guarantor for their study loans. You can ask your Principal about this. It’s purely coincidence that this year, you happen to be the student that I decide to be guarantor for. Maybe because I already know about your family because of your sister. That’s all! There is no love or any kind of feelings towards your sister and you!”

Bulbul” I am quite convinced of your words….”

Abhi blatantly” Thank you! That’s all right?”

Bulbul” But I still don’t understand one thing….. “

Abhi looks uninterested to clarify anything further.

Bulbul” Why are you then outside my house in the nights?”

Abhi” Me? Outside your house?? Is your eyesight OK or do you want me to recommend to a Doctor to check your eyesight?”

Bulbul laughs at his statement. Abhi” Stop laughing! It’s irritating.”

Bulbul” Look Mr Abhi, It’s very obvious that you miss my sister following you. That’s why you are trying to do whatever ways that can get closer to her. As per your words that day, I have already convinced her not to think about you or do anything that pertains to you. And you know what, she also follows that obediently. But you!!! You are now trying disturb her! It could be unknowingly done by you! After all humans do make mistakes na.”

Abhi raised his voice and said” Shut up!!!!”

Bulbul” I am not scared of your loud voice or anger. Face the reality and confess your love if you miss my sister.”

Abhi” Nonsense!!! Just get out of here!!! Robin!!! Robin!!!”

Robin arrives and as per Abhi’s order he asks Bulbul to leave immediately.

Bulbul grins and leaves. As for Abhi he pushes one of table and shouts loudly.

Bulbul thinks there should be a reason for Abhi’s anger and why was he not agreeing that he misses her sister.

“I have to find out the reason first.” She thought by leaving his house.

Abhi on the other hand, can’t believe how easily he was being caught by Bulbul.

Yes he misses her! He does love her too! But he won’t tell her.

Abhi “How will I tell that I love her when I hate myself for loving her!”

Pragya “What are you doing Mr Abhi?”

Abhi “Ms Pragya, just hold on. I need your help again and please help me.”

Pragya looks shocked as Abhi carries her in his arms.

Abhi smiles inwardly while Pragya gets confused at his actions.

To be continued…….

Sorry for the delay again. Same reason as last time and thanks for reading. Do share your views if possible. Thank you again.

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