The requisites of an angry love…. (kkb) Part 10

At Pragya’s House,

Pragya was recollecting the way he behaved today. It was unexpected of him to behaving as if he was really her boyfriend!

How can he behave in such a manner? Why was he behaving like that in front of Geeta?

I thought I know about him but still there is a lot to understand about him.

On top of his behaviour, his words on that she is in danger is the most stressful thing to think about.

Until now, he haven’t tell what danger she is in! It’s still bothering her and she wants to do something about it. She feels worried what if anything happens to her then what will be the plight of her sister?

They are living a life without anyone’s support. Being orphans, they have come so far in their life. And at this point, what will happen to her sister if she was left alone.

Now they don’t feel like orphans as they have each other as a family and she really doesn’t want her sister to face any situation that will leave her alone.

While she was thinking all this by looking at their photo on the wall, she heard someone opening her door. She knew it would be her sister, so she asked “Why you never sleep yet Bulbul?” she turned to ask and was shocked to find Abhi there.

Pragya in complete shock, “You? Here?”

Abhi “Haan. I am here and I came to tell you sorry again. I really didn’t mean to be harsh earlier. I know I had been harsh by holding your hand and pulling you out of the restaurant.”

Pragya who was still in shocked widened her eyes.

She couldn’t believe he was here to ask sorry!

Was he really here?? Or am I dreaming?

Abhi” I know it’s inappropriate for me to come at this time. I had no choice. I called you many times and you were not picking up my call. Then what can I do other than coming over here?”

Pragya” This is unbelievable. You came here to say sorry?”

Abhi nods his head as yes and Pragya” Is this Abhishek Prem Mehra or someone else?”

Abhi” It is really me. I can understand your anger. This time your anger is right and I know I am wrong so to rectify my mistake I came here to say sorry.”

Bulbul from outside” Didi!!! Open the door! I want my blanket!!!”

Hearing her voice, Pragya panicked so she asked Abhi to hide under her bed and he did so too.

Pragya opened the door and saw her.

Bulbul” Good night Didi!”

Pragya” Your blanket?”

Bulbul” No Didi, I just remember I put it for washing. It’s okay I have another one at the cabinet in my room.”

Pragya in a hurry said, “Okok. Now you go and sleep as it’s already getting late.”

Bulbul “okay…. But why are you telling as if you want to get rid of me?”

Pragya “What are you saying Bulbul? Why would I want to get rid of you?”

Bulbul “Then why are you looking so tensed? Is everything fine?”

Pragya thinks how can she tell her sister is that Abhi was in her room. She was scared of letting her sister know this as it will make her upset and angry at the same time.

Pragya’s silence made Bulbul ask” Are you hiding anything from me?”

Pragya in a panicking tone” No…. Why would I? No Bulbul!”

Bulbul” Alright. Are you unwell or something?”

Pragya” Haan Bulbul….. Feeling a bit tired and I felt I shouldn’t bother you by showing my tiredness na….. That’s what I am hiding from you.”

Bulbul “Acha……Then go and sleep now. Rest well and take care of yourself! It’s not my request! It’s my order Didi!”

Pragya nods her head as yes and Bulbul says “Go and sleep!”

She goes to lie on her bed and Bulbul murmurs something that is inaudible to Pragya.

Pragya “Did you say something?”

Bulbul “Good night Didi. Now sleep if not I will be here until u sleep.”

Pragya in a scared tone “No! No! I will sleep now.”

She immediately lies on her bed and closes eyes and Bulbul closed the door seeing it.

Abhi comes out and sees Pragya acting to be sleeping.

Abhi “She is gone.”

Pragya opens her eyes and stares at him.

Abhi “I’m sorry but I really can’t find a choice. I really didn’t want you to be angry on me now.”

Pragya whispered “It looks like you are really behaving as my boyfriend by barging into my room.”

Abhi wasn’t expecting those words from her and replied, “No. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to clear things out as you were not in a state of mind to hear me earlier. I said sorry and I am ready to explain why I behave in that way too.”

Pragya “Oh I see… Then you have 10 seconds to tell! After that I will call my sister.”

Abhi “How’s it possible to tell anything in 10 seconds? It’s unfair!”

Pragya “I don’t know all that. You have to tell me if not my sister will come after you.”

Abhi “Alright. If you say so then I have no choice also….”

Pragya smirks and says “Your time starts now.”

Abhi immediately did something which made her stunned in shock.

Pragya “What are you doing?”

Abhi “I can’t tell anything in 10 seconds other than this way.”

Pragya “How dare you make me sit on your lap? Just let me off from your lap if not I will shout!!!”

Abhi holding onto her firmly signals that her sister might turn up here.

Pragya felt tired of trying to move from him as his grip was getting stronger.

Abhi “You have to listen to me as I don’t want you to misunderstand me.”

Pragya “Teek hai! Then tell me!!”

Abhi sighed in relief and says “This Geeta is the same Geeta that I was about to marry but she declined me stating a reason. That’s fine as it is not necessary to like everyone.”

Pragya “It means you are still angry for that and being rude to her?”

Abhi “I was not angry or rude. I was feeling irritated of her presence. She was there to taunt me. I didn’t like that and that made me behave the way you saw me earlier today.”

Pragya “Really?”

Abhi “Yes Pragya. This is the truth. Please believe me.”

Pragya “Fine…..”

Abhi lets her off from his lap and Pragya asks “I don’t understand one thing…. Why do you even have to come all the way to tell this? It is not usual to see you come and say sorry, try to convince me….. What’s all this Mr Abhi?”

Abhi seeing her thought, Maybe it’s love that is making me do all this.

Pragya” Answer me Mr Abhi! Why are you doing all this?”

Abhi” I don’t want to let you be in a misunderstanding of me and that ends up not letting me help you from the danger you have. You have to trust me that I am the only one who can save me from that danger!”

Pragya” What kind of danger is that you are repeating it many times but I am still not been told about it!! Will you tell me at least today?”

Abhi walks further from her and thinks of what to tell now.

Abhi looks through the window and sees a warning on a house ‘Beware of dogs!”

Abhi says “Dogs!”

Pragya “Dogs??”

Abhi gritting his teeth said, “That Dogs are the reason. No matter how much I get rid of them, they try to be a threat to the people around me!”

Pragya sees he is getting furious and asks “Who are they? You can tell me as I can help you in some way too.”

Abhi looking hurt said, “No Pragya! I can handle them myself. I don’t want them to cause you any kind of danger!”

Pragya “Relax. You don’t take too much of tension on this. I know you are able to handle all this.”

She says and gets a cup of water. She asks him to drink it.

Abhi drinking it sees her from the corner of his eyes. He sees her getting worried and thinks his idea is working out.

Abhi passes the cup to her and she says” It’s already late at night so you better get going. We will talk about all this later.”

Abhi” No Pragya! I will tell everything today. It’s my responsibility to tell you!”

Pragya” No Mr Abhi. It’s very late and you have to get home now. What if Dadi finds you missing? She will get worried for you and that will be not nice. We will talk about all this later. Now it is necessary for you to return home.”

Abhi” hmm…. “

Pragya” One more thing, please don’t compare humans with dogs. In fact, in most cases dogs are more loyal than humans.”

She thinks about something and looks worried.

Abhi asks” Are you alright?”

Pragya” Yes Mr Abhi. All is fine.”

Abhi leaves saying bye and thinks about Pragya and her words. He feels something that happened in her life to say those words and look worried. 

After he leaves, she sits on her bed and thinks about her past that still haunts her. 

Pragya’s POV:

After all this years, I am still unable to digest the fact how can someone close to you kill your loved one? If that day didn’t happen in front of my eyes, now my parents would have been alive and everything would have been beautiful in life.

She remembers vividly of her pet dog, Timothy and the way she used to feed him when she was a 10 year old child. 

Thinking about it, she cried silently by holding the pillow close to her chest. 

Abhi through the window, managed to see her crying. 

Abhi thinks definitely there is something that happened in her life which is still bothering her.

He then walks to his car and was in thoughts of Pragya. 

The next day,

Abhi wakes up and still remembers the night with Pragya. He smiles at first before remembering her worried face. 

Abhi “I don’t know what is bothering her. Maybe it could be her past that is bothering her. It is not a good thing to hold onto past as I am a living example of the consequence of holding onto my past. I know mine is necessary as it made me who am I today! But this can’t be happening to all. That too with Pragya this is not possible. She is such a lovely girl and only lovely things will happen in he life.”

Having said that, he felt at this moment itself he have to find out the reason behind why she looked worried.

To be continued……

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